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Volcanos and Earthquakes - The Ascension of the Earth

Article through Free Spirit (Children of the Sun)

The increase in tectonic activity is a sign of the Earth cleansing
itself of blockages. At the same time it is a wake up call for humanity
to raise consciousness through developing compassion and love,
as well as restoring its connection to nature.

The Earth is now entering a very intense transformation process. It is obvious to see that tectonic activity has markedly increased over the last few years. However, rather than retreating from this fact in fear, it may actually be helpful to address what is happening, what it means for us, and how we can adapt to the changes.

Understanding change enables us to adapt more easily. If we continue with our lives, and ignore the messages from the Earth, we risk being caught unprepared for the changes.

The Earth is an energetic entity with an auric matrix that can hold a certain amount of energy. The alignment with the Galactic Centre allows energy from higher dimensions to surge through our Solar System. This process lasts ten years, and this happens every 26,000 years. The higher dimensional energy seeks to re-balance and re-energise the parts of the Earth's matrix that have become depleted. Ultimately this process is healing and restorative for the Earth.

As this higher dimensional energy surges through the Earth's matrix ,it encounters energetic blockages. Some are natural and some are caused by the activities of man. These blockages are transformed and released in the form of an earthquake or volcanic eruption. It's simply the Earth letting off tension.

Our consciousness directly affects the vibration of the Earth. This cleansing and purification cycle we are now experiencing will restore human consciousness to a much more vibrant and aware place. However, during the transitions, the old consciousness must be released, and hence the teaching behind all this tectonic activity, is that we need to do our releasing too. The outer world is a mirror, and if more of us do our inner purification and adjust to the new consciousness, the corresponding outer reality will change and the Earth will make the transition in a smoother manner.

It is the Law of the Universe that planetary bodies and sentient beings ascend. Understanding the process of ascension releases fear and enables us to integrate the higher consciousness. The Earth is moving out of purely physical matter and is beginning to embody metaphysical higher vibratory realities into its matrix. This will then accelerate our consciousness. If we are open to the changes, and are able to release those things that impede our ascension without resisting, the experience can be joyful and liberating.

What we will see is an increase in earthquakes and tectonics, and yes some people may be lost in the process. But the message is not about spreading fear of an approaching doomsday, because this is not the case. Rather, it is a transitory process and a teaching. When people are lost in natural disasters, it enables the arising of compassion in the heart of humanity which then raises our consciousness. Some land masses may give way, or new ones appear. There may be some tsunamis as the Earth adjusts to the new energies. But fear not, and trust that all is happening as it needs to so the new consciousness can birth on the Earth. Whatever manifests, may we see it as a teacher.

We can draw lessons from what is happening. A relatively small volcano has stopped many flights from operating. Nature ultimately is in charge, and the invitation here is to respect its power and learn deeply to live in tune with the Earth. If we continue to live with disregard for the our sacred planet, then we draw in more difficult experiences to bring about the healing. Everything outside of ourselves, including the turbulence of the Earth and weather systems, is an outward reflection of our own consciousness, and thus we are the cause of most of what we are seeing in outer world occurrence.

We can either choose to remain in fear and denial, or we can opt for a more conscious choice of collectively transforming human consciousness, acknowledging the issues we face and bringing about a harmonious integration with the new energies. In this, we remain strong during the transitions, and the severity of any future tectonic events is mitigated. The more karma we can heal and resolve now, the less we will have to clear through the suffering of an earthquake or other natural disaster. We can transform our karmas before they bear fruit, and thus avoid the necessity of future suffering.

Our sun is also ascending into a higher vibratory reality, resulting in an increase in solar flares and explosions. However disruptive or threatening these events may seem, the sun is actually radiating out hyper-energetic vibrations from higher dimensions that are activating the blueprint for a multidimensional body. Our sun is changing to reflect our inner experience. As we find within ourselves the spiritual light and the higher planes of existence, the outer reality changes and the sun becomes a multidimensional star. Once it does so, it will emanate new vibrations that will accelerate our consciousness to the point where we will become light enough to ascend out of matter and become immortals.

On an individual level, if we surrender to the process, trust in the Universe, and open our hearts to the higher possibilities, then we enable ourselves to experience a smooth and illuminated passage through this unique time in human history.

Each of us can assist the Earth now, by taking a responsibility for
raising our own consciousness, and assisting others to do the same.

Article through Free Spirit
Children of the Sun, United Kingdom