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"What's Next?"

A Note From Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

First of all, WELCOME to the New World Beloveds. We did it! We held enough Light and Love, Intention and Alignment, to make it happen. We used our love and our deepest desires to become revolutionary humans, evolutionary humans, and to reach the point where we now have the understanding of what it takes to live as Gods in Human Form.

We watched a gazillion videos, listened to even more Teleseminars, took a class or three and, determined to move into our hearts where we belong…. to give this “Living as God “in human form experience a spin.

Together, and apart, along with  support from below us, around us, and above us, who helped us part the veils, melt down archaic human templates, break out of force-fields that held us hostage, believe in God, believe in ourselves, believe in possibility, strengthen our Light Bodies, understand our Solar Bodies, and line up with every Galactic alignment we could, we did it. We birthed The New World and the miraculous Divine Human. Now what?

Now we learn to take our next steps gently, consciously, lovingly, wisely, compassionately, giving deep consideration as to how we will unfold the life we prefer.

It’s not going to be a cake-walk Beloveds, but what I know is if we keep the glue intact that held us together to get this far, we will go farther than we, or perhaps the entirety of Cosmic Consciousness ever thought possible, and why not, why stop here?

I feel a little reprieve would do us all a bit of good, along with some nurturing and receiving. And then, without working at it, live and love our creative expressions out loud. And while we’re at it, let’s see how creative we can get when it comes to loving ourselves and each other so much that “we’ll never set up another circumstance to betray ourselves or each other, again.”

Let’s just see how many more dimensions we can move up using love as the ladder and our untapped magnificence as support for the climb.

My students, in “Living As God: The Evolutionary Experience,” call us Godlings, and we are, as we get strong and sure-footed, and full-hearted enough in this New World to live as Thoroughbred Gods in a world that never was, until we birthed it!

I am honored to start this new journey with each and every one of you, as is The World Puja Network.

God Bless You All!!!


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