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Wow, what a ride!

By Colin Whitby

This month has been so full of expectation with so many activities to choose that it was difficult to know where to start and when to stop. For me I have been connecting with some amazing people and taking part in many group meditations. So many in fact that I think I overloaded my system! 

I am usually so enthusiastic with blissing out on the energy that I overload my system and then sit for a week while my body recovers. This used to be a regular occurrence but recently I noticed that I could take on much more of this new light energy without getting a kick back from my earth suit; I must have thought I was invincible.

Since the 24th December, after the last of the wonderful meditations I had downloaded and the beautiful conclusion to the 'Children of the Sun' Rites of Passage, my body finally slowed it all down as if to say ‘OK enough already’.

Now, as I come out of the ‘cold’ so to speak, I find my energy (my God self) is very present, I feel my atoms vibrating at this new higher love frequency and am perceiving the world from a totally new place. This sits well with the article from Sue Lie, Point of Perception, where she describes how we can change our point of perception to see and feel the world differently.

So far I have been able to recreate the energy from the highest point of the 21/22/23 December meditations within seconds by simply going into my atoms (taking my perception there) and sensing into God. In the past I would look outside myself, somewhere just in front of me, to feel into God, to be aware of his/her presence.

Now I go inside, right into my cells, and then into my particles; and there very powerfully present is God. I automatically went there as I thought this, so immediately I typed those words I was sitting in the most beautiful blissful state, the love pouring in and out of me so powerfully I could hardly type. Read those words again and perhaps you will be able to sense into that feeling too.

So what next? I think Maureen Moss has summed it up beautifully in her article "What's Next?", ‘Now we learn to take our next steps gently, consciously, lovingly, wisely, compassionately, giving deep consideration as to how we will unfold the life we prefer’.

The most significant thing for me is to think and be all I can be in order to create the world I/we want to live in and share. To be this much love, to claim this power and then co-create enthusiastically with like-minded souls who are now magically attracted to this energy with me.

This is truly the time to 'Magically Be' – the ‘Magic of Being’ is here, it’s what we do.

With love,