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An Interview with Michael White

By Colin Whitby


Last month I bought Michael's new book 'The Promised Key' and have been tuning in to his weekly teleconferences where a group of us are bringing in some really wonderful energy and codes.


Recordings of the conference call activations are available on his new website The Promised Key where anyone can join with free subscription.


This month Michael has kindly agreed to an interview with us to give us a little more information about himself and to describe how he came to write the book. 




When did you first become aware that you are able to communicate with spirit and how would you describe how this communication works for you?


To some extent I have enjoyed contact with Spirit throughout my life. I can even remember being with the angels before birth and being shown a preview of the life ahead, though for a period of time between the ages of 7 and 17, my awareness of Spirit was closed down so that I could see how most people experience the world. In my 17th year I began to rediscover Spirit communication and made a decision to develop my skills as a channel. I knew that channelling would be an important part of my life, but that was not the first spiritual ability that I developed.



Just before my 19th birthday I had a mystical experience of reconnection with the universe as a holographic whole during which I was shown a vision that I would one day write The Promised Key. I could feel millions of people reading the book in the future and awakening into the same experience of oneness and wholeness with the unified field that I felt during the mystical experience. After that I began to have out-of-body experiences every time I would lie down to sleep. The body would go into a deeply relaxed state while my consciousness would lift right up out of the body. I could go anywhere! I explored the unseen for several years before I finally started channelling spiritual guides in the physical. I think the guides wanted me to learn how to go into their realm first before they taught me how to channel in mine.



While some of these abilities activated through psychic openings, I also had to develop them through practice and meditation. It took time and patience. Now I am able to ask questions and get answers quite easily. I hear the messages telepathically and feel them in the body. I have built a strong rapport with my spiritual teachers and guides on the inner plane, though I also understand how Spirit communication works scientifically. These different layers of reality are connected together through superstrings. When your brain hemispheres are synched, you can more easily experience a conscious relationship to the living energy of superstrings. The real key to this awareness is to transcend dualistic thinking. The angels and Ascended Masters that guide me have no duality in their consciousness. How can your brainfield reflect the consciousness of such beings if there is no resonance?


Spirit communication is becoming easier and easier now because of the presence of a multidimensional resonance field that is part of our multidimensional DNA. I predict that there will soon be a much greater mainstream interest in learning techniques of Spirit communication that I will gladly help teach.


Have these abilities dramatically impacted your life or do you see them as just extensions of your natural abilities (i.e. normal)?


I think our sense of what is normal will shift a lot in the coming years, especially with all of these ‘awake’ young people being born and coming of age. Yes, having such abilities has changed my life dramatically because I am able to get answers to my questions about what is going on in the world that do not depend on me being able to physically witness what I need to perceive. And yes, these are also quite natural abilities that more and more people are learning to access. The more people develop these natural abilities the easier it gets for others to learn and develop them, because they can learn from a well-established field of group consciousness. I seek to share these abilities and all the strengths I have developed with a global community field, just as I sometimes draw upon the strengths of others within the field for divine service.


These abilities are becoming more normal and there are more and more people available both physically and telepathically that can teach those who wish to join the evolution of human consciousness. My spirit guides do tell me that I have exceeded their expectations with my use of these abilities. I help a lot of people telepathically and during my time out of the body by being present with those who need help making good decisions. I am a guide.


Just the other night for example, I went out of body to be in Gaza with some of the people who were in pain or who had lost their homes and become refugees. I was guided to beam love to some of these people as they were letting go, to calm their hearts and help them surrender to the changes. We, the new species of humans, practice holding people in the field of love and peace, helping people to change their resonance and align with the matrix of humanity’s new multidimensional DNA.


We call this “wholeding the field” with people, as we are holding them in a field of wholeness until they become reconnected with the whole. Notice that the two letters you need to change holding into ‘wholeding’ is ‘we’. We are one holographic whole, and as people choose to identify with the whole of humanity, they will experience an evolutionary shift as the resonance of their DNA aligns within a collective matrix of memory and cocreative energy. The word code I have just described is an example from The Promised Key of how our language is shifting to reflect the functionality of the new DNA with the living technology of sacred language.


It is quite an extraordinary contrast to have on the planet, when you have the old species of humans blowing each other up and raining death from the skies, while the new species is present telepathically with everyone who chooses to engage the evolutionary shift in the midst of these changes. The old species argues over who owns a piece of land, while the new species can spiritually travel the hologram of the universe in a state of oneness with the body of the Earth. The old species projects an illusion of superiority over others and manipulates to steal power, while the new species views all of us as equals and seeks to build a field of cocreation through sharing power and resources through trust in a oneness plan of Creation that is all inclusive and leaves no one behind.


As long ago as 2006 you were predicting a time when truth would be difficult to hide, would you say we have reached that time?


Yes. We have moved into an exciting time where there will be many disclosures and a lot of healing. The beginning of the Obama Administration symbolically reflects a more honest and inclusive approach to the process of choosing the future. There has been a change in humanity’s resonance through Obama’s election that will support much of what has been hidden to come to the surface. That does not mean that the new administration will be the source of these disclosures, rather it is through a large collective field of trust in our shared power to cocreate with each other that more and more people will want to join the circle of one humanity. There will come a time when no one will want to be left out of the circle and will confess whatever has been withheld from others that should have been shared. The way of the future is honest communication. It is how human beings will come to join with an emerging telepathic community of global friends.


It is also important to understand that lies and secrets can only flourish in an environment of denial. We have been living in a culture of denial. This is a vast subject, but to put it simply, we have been in denial of our oneness and our responsibility to care for all life. As we turn and face the true contents of our being, we will discover who we are as cocreators. When we deny our oneness, we create layers of separation, like veils of dissonance between us energetically, which allow us to get away with lying to each other and keeping secrets, but it is hard to get away with lying or withholding information from a community of people who hold you in oneness and can feel everything that is in your field.


People are going to learn from the growing presence of group consciousness that when you lie to people you separate yourself from the greater part of what we are as a field of love and universal consciousness. People who exclude others exclude themselves. So there are many behaviours that will become a thing of the past as humanity fully awakens. I believe we can evolve beyond the level of consciousness that lies and manipulates for personal gain.


I have already sensed a number of people that were part of the Bush Administration that have been waiting for that administration to come to an end, and for the shift that has happened, so they can come out and speak truth about the things they have seen on the inside that appalled them. I think we are going to be hearing from some of these people soon, and some of what they have to say will be shocking for many.


When did you first become interested in peace and in the underlying energetic principles involved?


In 1999, after a visit to Israel, I experienced a visitation from the Angels of Peace who appeared to me in a vision and asked me to become involved in peace building activities. They began to teach me about the coming opportunities for humanity to shift into peace consciousness globally. On the first anniversary of 9-11, the angels came to me again and inspired me to begin writing a series of messages for the Internet. This resulted in a global meditation that helped activate the birth of the Global Peace Council. This was the name the angels gave to the global collective of human beings who had aligned with the intention of forming a human container for the resonance of universal peace in human consciousness.


We became aligned with each other through a simple affirmation in group consciousness, “Let Peace Begin with Me.” This was the affirmation shared by millions of people to build peace in the world by starting from within ourselves and taking responsibility for the resonance of conflict that we project onto the world, whether that is expressed through attitudes, beliefs, prejudices or unresolved conflict with our families or within our community.


By our intentions to hold the field of peace consciousness and transform conflict from within, we established a coherent field that became like a support system for our efforts to build the resonance of peace in the world. It was not too long after this activation that the campaign for the Department of Peace started and I have been involved with that ever since.


Within the new field of global peace consciousness, many projects of non-violent conflict resolution and peace building have developed, like vital organs in an emerging global body of collective intelligence. What interests me so much in all of these peace related activities is that they reflect the potential of a world were war is a thing of the past. Just as we have developed a technology for war, we now have a technology for peace. I hope to be reporting on some of these new peace building activities through my website in the not too distant future.


How would you describe an energy portal, particularly with regard to the work you have been engaged in with Iraq and Iran?


Think of the Earth as a living biocomputer where information is stored in biological forms. In order to understand how this biocomputer works, we must evolve to understand that DNA is more than just a chemical structure inside of living cells. DNA is a coded resonance field and aspects of that resonance field extend beyond the physical structure of the biological form to encompass cycles of time on every scale imaginable. There are many forms and vibratory levels of this coded resonance field that exist independently of any molecular structure. The molecular structure of DNA was designed to complement the memory matrix of the universe.


The Earth has many portals like the ones in Iran and Iraq and they are part of forms of DNA that are larger than the span of modern recorded history. The portals are exchange points for living information that connect the circuits of time and memory together through many dimensions. There is energy there that can be a tremendous resource of good for those who know how to tap into it, but the interconnectivity of consciousness through the portals can also be exploited. Iraq represents a key location where many cycles of time and potentials for humanity’s future are converging. My work has involved decoding what our choices are so we can align with a code of choice that will allow us to enter the Promised Age of Peace.


Your new mini-book ‘The Promise Key’ has just been published, how was this co-created and what is the thinking/message behind the book?


On a 3D human level, this book was very much a cocreation between myself and my partner Susan Jackson. When I started receiving the information for the book, the field of the book connected us energetically and sparked a unique partnership between us. She held the field of the divine feminine energy behind the book as I was writing it and qualified everything that came through with love and devotion to the core purpose of the messages--to enlighten humanity. In the beginning, this devotion was expressed partly through her sponsorship of my work, but Spirit soon revealed to us that we had worked together as transducers in many lifetimes to bring revelation onto the planet by holding a balanced field of masculine and feminine energy through many dimensions of reality. She forms the key container through love and alignment with the core frequency of the Earth, while I channel the words and the structure of the book.


From another dimensional perspective, the book was created outside the structure of time and contains the code for a unique timeline that humanity is poised to enter. It is designed to present and demonstrate the code of choices we made to transcend the challenges of this century and avoid being led astray, so we can make the evolutionary leap that is our destiny. Part of it is written from the perspective of our future selves, who have come back to tell us “How We Did It”, which is the title to Chapter 2.


The book was formed in a field of cocreation held by many spiritual resources that came to me to cocreate with history through the field of the book, which is part of our new multidimensional DNA. The millions of people who will read this book and be transformed by it were also present with me as an audience of souls to help cocreate the form of the book. It as very much a cocreation with the readers through simultaneous time, where I was putting words to a revelation that would begin to unfold within human consciousness during the time that the book would be released. The book was designed by our collective higherself to catalyze a new global conversation about the holographic nature of language and reality. It was also designed to introduce the universal language of light into mainstream consciousness.


I feel blessed by the opportunity to be the scribe for a book that speaks to the heart of what I hold in my spiritual vision of humanity, that all are created as equals. The message of equality is part of the core resonance of the book, but the way this equality reveals itself is fascinating. We see through the revelations of the book that equality is the key to restoring the functioning of humanity’s multidimensional DNA, as well as the full functioning of the human brain. We have all heard about how anywhere from 75 to 90 % of our brain potential is dormant, and this book delivers the key to the future of brain evolution.


Among the many forces that came to cocreate with the book it contains contributions from a lineage of scientific prophets or bringers of light, the most notable of which is Einstein. The Spirit of Einstein came to me to complete the revelation that began with E=mc². The cocreation I experienced with the Spirit of Einstein is one of the main subjects of the Introduction to The Promised Key, which contains chapters 1-11 plus some additional commentary. These first 11 chapters are a book of its own, designed to seed the revelations of the whole 101-chapter book into human consciousness and to start a conversation that will serve as a container for the other codes that will be released when the whole book comes out in the second half of 2009.


I think people will be really surprised, delighted and inspired to experience these energies from Einstein and the humanity of the collective future, not to mention the fact that this new information could send shockwaves through the scientific community. The hidden code that Einstein reveals to us in his equation E=mc², and the fact that it predicts the next scientific revelation as a collective awakening in our time is big news! Many people have held the field for the birth of a new knowledge system that is being unlocked by this hidden code. I am a little worried that my phone will soon be ringing off the hook and there will be bags and bags of mail to deal with once this news gets out. I have held this discovery sacred for two and a half years now with my partner Susan until the time was right to release it, and now, at last, it is time.


I can safely say that I understand how the universe works holographically now, and the relationship between DNA, superstrings and the cosmology of Creation through the intelligent design within this hidden code. There are new revelations from the unified field pouring in all the time, and that is what we can look forward to; that everyone will be able to get their own telepathic downloads from this emerging field. The living intelligent field of group consciousness is able to tailor a holographic teaching for each person’s frame of reference conceptually, so even if you don’t understand the way I have languaged parts of the revelation, there is a doorway into the revelation for everyone that will help people plug into this new field of consciousness. Once you understand your living relationship to the field, the field will teach you all the things that books cannot. Whether you process or take in information more through your right brain or your left brain, the unique design of this book will help bring your brainfield into balance with an emerging holographic whole.


We are moving into an exciting time, when many mysteries will be unveiled, and I feel excited to be on the leading edge of communicating the news of where this shift is going and how we can engage it consciously. Einstein has given us the key to awakening our inner Einstein, and that is part of the gift of the book “The Promised Key”.



Thank you Michael for spending this time with us.

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