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An Interview with Lisa Hart

By Colin Whitby

This month our interview is with Lisa Hart who contacted us after reading our interview with Kamla Deva who told us about her passion for Colour Light Therapy. Here Lisa tells us how using Colour Light Therapy can change and touch young people’s lives and make a difference in the world.

Colin: - Lisa you mentioned that you are using Colour Light Therapy in a school in St. John’s Wood in London, how did that come about? Are you a teacher there or have you set up a special relationship with the school so that the children feel comfortable approaching you?

Lisa: - I started working at a school in St. Johns Wood as a Colour Light Therapist 5 years ago. It’s something I’ve set up part time at the school which involves the students making an appointment with me for treatments. The students know me as a Colour Light Therapist and Life Coach. It’s a safe place for children to share their feelings confidentially.

Colin:- That’s interesting, how did that come about?

Lisa:- I treated the Head Teacher and the Deputy Head. They were enlightened and impressed and wanted me to treat some of the teenagers to help with the stress of exams and stress at home. The Head Teacher thought that bringing Colour Light Therapy into the school would calm teenagers down and help raise their self esteem.

Colin:- What a great opportunity to be able to offer this kind of service at such an early age, to get them interested in this kind of work.

Lisa:- Yes. I feel touched knowing the Colour Light has helped them to grow and change their lives. Especially the GCSE students who tend to struggle with the stress of the exams. In a short period of time, their state of mind has changed; they have become calmer and have a sense of self belief, which was not apparent before starting the session.

Colin:- Have you noticed that more children are coming to see you now, has word got around and they have more confidence that you will be able to help?

Lisa:- Of course. In any school, word gets around relatively quickly and I have been noticing a rise in the number of students making appointments as they are confident I will be able to help.

Colin:- That sounds really good, perhaps it might expand out into other schools if word gets around, let’s hope this interview will help. It’s so nice you have that the heads of the school have recognised that it will help the children.

Lisa:­- I would be delighted to help children in other schools. I’m grateful that the Heads of the school believe and have faith in me.

Colin:-  Is it like many similar healing therapies where it may help people shift energies or emotions that were stuck, and reveal some unresolved issues?

Lisa:- All healing is different  and every healer is unique. I work in my own way, which is to facilitate the client’s issues. If the client wants to shift energy and release old patterns, with my knowledge and intuition I can point out the blocks and stuck energy, and help them move forward.

Colin:- So this is where your other skills would come into play such as your life coaching?

Lisa:- Life coaching is different from Colour Therapy, when I see someone for Life Coaching I normally don’t use Colour. Life Coaching involves the person sitting down and working together mainly with the mind.

Colin:­- When you are in the school, are the children allowed to come out of their classes to see you or  can they just attend during break times.

Lisa:- Quite often the children will have free time between lessons, and they will come and tell me how much time they have and ask if they can see me. Sometimes if it is urgent a teacher will arrange for a student to come and see me in lesson time.

Colin:- It’s wonderful you are able to introduce children to these kind of healing therapies so early in their lives. I notice that you have a number of other therapies and methods that you are trained in, so presumably that means that you can use the light therapy in conjunction with other techniques?

Lisa:- I don’t use other therapies with Colour Light, each one is individual. I wouldn’t want to combine different therapies together as it can have a reverse effect on that person.  

Colin: - Have you been doing this kind of healing for some time now?

Lisa:- I’ve been doing the Colour Light Therapy and Tachyon for about three years now, and Life Coaching and NLP for the last 10 years.

Colin:- So with the school work, presumably they are funding you for your work there?

Lisa:-  Yes they are.

Colin:- That’s quite a step forward for a school to take this kind of step. I suppose with colour therapy it’s not intrusive so the level of perceived risk is quite low for them.

Lisa: Colour Light is very gentle and I can only go as far as the person is willing to in relation to their healing journey.

Colin:­- Are there specific colours that help with particular issues, like if someone is feeling fearful for example?

Lisa:- If the client is feeling fearful or anxious then I apply yellow light to the fear zone area of the body.

Colin:- Do you treat traditional illnesses like Rheumatism, have you had success with these?

Lisa:- I have treated various people for rheumatism. I use the pain treatment which works very well.

Colin:- Do you use the same light treatment method as that described by Kamla in her interview?

Lisa:-  Yes, I use the same method as Kamla as she was my teacher.

Colin:- Do you think that it is important what colour clothing people wear, can it affect them?

Lisa:- It depends on the person, as everyone sees colour in their own, individual way. I personally think that if you wear a bright colour e.g. yellow, you feel and look both, happy and positive. Equally if you were to wear grey, you may feel and look miserable. I have discovered when I wear bright colours e.g. purple, turquoise or yellow, my energy is lifted, so yes, I do believe it can affect a person.

Colin:- Well it's been great to hear about a unique application of the Colour Light Therpay Lisa, thanks very much for getting in touch and sharing this with us.

Lisa Hart is a Life Coach and Colour Light Therapist working with teenagers in a State school in St John’s Wood, London. She is also an NLP Practitioner and Reiki Healer.

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