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An Interview with Sherrie Dillard

by Colin Whitby

I reviewed Sherrie's book The Miracle Workers Handbook last month and was so touched by the energy, and the connection to Mother Mary that comes through the pages, that I asked Sherrie if she would like to do an interview for The Magic of Being.

Luckly for us she agreed, I hope you enjoy.

With Love,


Colin:- In your book The Miracle Workers Handbook you describe how Mother Mary came into your life despite your having had very little involvement with her in your early years. When was it that you first began to feel connected to Mary?

Sherrie:- I was brought up in a primarily Catholic neighbourhood, although I was not a Catholic. The first recollection I have of Mary is seeing her as a statue on the top of a big Catholic church in my home town. I would ride my bike up there and be kind of drawn to stare up at her, and have an experience that I could not explain, but that felt very good so I just kept doing it. When you are a child it really doesn’t matter if something is in your imagination or real, everything is real if you can feel it. This would be my first clear recollection of the feeling ‘this is Mary’. 

Sometime later I was working on a farm in upper New York state helping to plant vegetables in a garden for the poor in New York City. We would take all the vegetables down to the city to give to the homeless. The people who started the farm and did the core of the work there were very devoted to Mary, and this was the first time I had come to know people who relied on her to keep the farm going and to keep the money coming in. At that time I was a little resistant, I was a young hippy kind of girl and Mary didn’t seem hip, but I was open to new things and let her seep into my consciousness.

I remember walking up the hill to the cabin where I lived one evening and whilst looking over a field to the side I felt and saw Mary’s energy in a tangible three dimensional form. I can’t really put it into words but she was clearly there. At the time I thought it was because I was somewhere (the farm) where she was present, so I didn’t really think any more of it. That was probably my very first mystical experience of her in a way that makes your hair stand up on your arms, you feel the electricity and feel that life is forever different now. It makes you want to cry and to be happy at the same time and wonder where do I go from here?

I lived with that for a while and my wanting to be closer to Mary certainly deepened. Since then the constant feeling of her presence has been with me, I don’t know why most of the time, even now.

Colin:- When did you then decide to write a book structured around the life events of Mary which were linked to the seven levels of manifestation?

Sherrie:- I had already published two books,’ Discover Your Psychic Type’ and ‘Love and Intuition’, and they were doing well. My life overall was going very well, I was in a relationship, I had a nice home and then incredibly abruptly it all changed. The bottom kind of fell out and I found myself alone, but I knew there was some kind of purpose, that my life was being diverted for some reason. It was so clear that there was something else I was supposed to be doing but I didn’t know what it was.

I started walking at 5.30 every morning with my dogs and during one of those walks I became aware that I was supposed to be writing about Mary. Although I did not know exactly what I was going to write I just knew it was time. So every morning on my walk I would ask Mary ‘what do I write today’. I would then receive a very clear and concise complete download of information.  I would get home write notes about it, then after work seeing clients I would get back to it and fill in the spaces. The next day I would get another download and then go home and write again.

I didn’t know the steps until this happened and I didn’t know what I was writing or where it was going. It was not logical and cerebral, it was intuitive and given to me.

Colin:-  I found the act of reviewing was not a usual read and review, it was very much an experience, feeling the downloads so to speak. The book imparts such a powerful and accessible message, and carries Mary’s energy of love throughout.

Sherrie:- Yes, it really is a download although I can’t take credit for that at all. I went to the Yucatan for a week or so in the middle of writing the book, I was in a primitive hut right on the water with no electricity. I would go out on the beach and feel overwhelmed with Mary’s energy. It was sometimes so strong I couldn’t integrate it.  I would have to back off some as the energy was so immense. I was better able to handle all of what I was receiving there as there were no distractions, no computer, no television, no radio, no phones, just me and the beach for a week or so. A lot of her energies came in at that time and I could really ground them.

Colin:- You describe how Mary’s energy can be both nurturing and challenging, lovingly finding those places within us that need to be reviewed or cleared. Did you find this clearing process working for yourself as you wrote the book?

Sherrie:- . I learned the steps as I was writing the book. I was living the steps every day and integrating them and working with them at the same time.

Colin:- In each chapter you encourage the reader to consider repeating a prayer to Mary, asking her to come close. This was a very potent time for me as a reader, where I could feel her energy very clearly. Is this something you practice every day?

Sherrie:- Yes my mornings are still devoted to Mary.  It’s interesting that at one time I thought I would get back to normal once I had written the book. Yet I can still feel her energy with me most of the time. For a while I was not really pulling it in but eventually I allowed myself to completely absorb her energy. 

I feel I am like a portal for her energy, some days her energy is for me, perhaps to build my own energy levels or to help clear something. Other days I feel like a lighthouse. I can feel many Angels and I can feel Mary’s energy moving through me going out to the world. I don’t know where it’s going most of the time. I just know its happening. I think that those reading the book are also being used as portals of light.  Particularly during this new era beginning in 2012 which I feel is very significant for a shift into divine feminine energy.

I feel Mary’s energy is creating Miracles, grace and the paradigm of how we need to be living right now, and there are people coming forward like you who have had an experience of it and are accepting that this is what we are here to do.

Colin:- Much of the work I have been doing up until this year has been around balancing the masculine and feminine energies, but at the Jesus/Mary Magdalene level, the relationship between the two energies. This year however I have been drawn to the Mother energy, the divine feminine, and I think many people have been getting into the nurturing energy of the Mother, which is where I feel Mary. You use a similar language throughout your book, that of feeling Mary, do you ever see images of her?

Sherrie:- Lately I would say she appears as a translucent colour blue with other colours that shift in and out, but mainly blue.  I had a client recently who was having nightmares. She also kept seeing blue energy and couldn’t understand why. I suggested it was probably Mary’s energy present to help her. I have had many clients and people who have read the book tell me the same thing. She comes to me in a particular shade, a really clear blue. I also see Mary as a translucent outline of light.

Colin:- I think with The Miracle Workers Handbook you have managed to create a workbook without it really feeling like one. I’ve read quite a number of books that describe the 7 steps to some enlightened state, but often they feel like instruction manuals. What you have created is very energetically charged and I’m sure your readers will ‘get it’ if you like.

Sherrie:- Yes and ‘get it’ like I did and maybe like you did. I think anyone who reads the book with an open mind and an open heart will experience a shift, it acts somehow like an energy vortex. When I started to get the information for the book I felt like a portal had opened and the energy was just flowing in. Now that I have integrated it more that portal is with me all of the time and pulls energy in and disperses it outwardly.

I’ve heard from more people about this book than I have the others, less people have bought this book yet proportionately more people have been in touch. The experiences that they have been having with Mary since reading the book are amazing.

Until now Mary has not been overly popular, not like Magdalene or Archangel Michael, but I think her energy is really coming into being now, not just with me, I think it is just happening.

Colin:- We like to language and shape things to gain an understanding and I think Mary has offered us a very easy and comfortable way of accessing this energy.

Sherrie:- Yes very comfortable.

Colin:-  There were a few challenging moments during the energetic clearings, whilst working through the book, like when you come up against this very pure energy something has got to go. Have you had feedback from other readers around the impact the book is having?

Sherrie:- I feel that the divine masculine has been predominantly our paradigm for spirituality, no matter what religion or spiritual practice you might be involved in. As you know we are all male and female, so I’m not talking about men. The divine male energy is assertive, clears the way and dissolves the ego construct. We have reached a balance point, where the thinning of ego on the super conscious level both in the celestial and the earthly realms, can now support the divine feminine to come in and emerge through us.

I bring this up because some of the ways we have cleared and shifted in the past were based on that assertive energy of letting the ego drop away, but in a difficult way. Perhaps because the ego doesn’t let go lightly, there’s always a little bit of a kick back with it. However to answer your question I think much of the clearing is going to be done in a far more gentle way. Co-creative grace is allowing us to graciously receive.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges in it, for me it was to bring more of my spirituality into my life (not that I wasn’t before, but I have been holding some back). So I’ve committed to new levels of depth, and that dualism is slipping away too.

Colin:- I’d like to thank you for such a wonderful experience in reading the book, and now speaking with you, and to Mary for being present, even as I write these questions.

With a lifelong devotion and dedication to be of service, Sherrie has worked with diverse populations in unique settings. Along with her work as a professional intuitive she has helped to house and feed the poor and homeless in New York City, and in San Jose and San Francisco, CA. She has built simple water systems in Indian villages in the mountains of southern Mexico and Guatemala and created art therapy programs in treatment centres for troubled youth in North Carolina and Georgia.

Sherrie's love of service combined with her intuitive ability has catapulted her intuitive practice around the globe. She has given over 50,000 readings worldwide.

Sherrie holds a B.S. in Psychology and an M.Div. in New Thought pastoral counselling. She has taught intuition development classes at Duke University, Miraval Resort and in Europe, Costa Rica and Mexico. Her passion for the fusion of intuition, spirituality and conscious self-growth has made her a popular speaker and teacher at retreats and conferences both nationally and internationally.