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The Miracle Workers Handbook

Seven Levels of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary

By Sherrie Dillard

A Review by Colin Whitby

Having sent through the request for a preview copy of The Miracle Workers Handbook on the spur of the moment I was a little uncertain I had chosen well. After that initial spontaneous act I looked again at the title and the cover picture and wondered if I had just ordered a weighty theological treatise about Mother Mary. Well nothing could be further from that initial thought, as this book proved to be nothing short of a miracle in itself.

At the time of the book’s arrival in the post I had been working with two of my dearest friends, Saleena Ki and her sister Mary Angelico, on a combined work they had been co-creating  together Gifts from the Divine Femi9. We had been connecting through Skype on and off for a few days, and were about to share some connections and link-in with Mother Mary’s energy.

The magical moment was when I described to them the first chapters of this amazing book, and how it was bringing me much closer to Mary, and how her energy was now flowing inside me. We were able to share this together very tangibly, even across each side of the Atlantic, as both ladies had also been opening to Mary, but in a very different way. A paragraph stood out for me and I shared it with them:-

“Do not let Mary's gentle, kindly compassion and love fool you. A dynamic aspect of the divine feminine, she carries into this world of finite limited thinking a transformative renewal of spirit. She comes to wake you to your true being, to shake the established view of what is possible and as she reveals herself to you you will come to know who you really are"

When we all came together, the timing of receiving the book and that original impulse, made it clear that it was no mistake my having The Miracle Workers Handbook to review.

It is these small yet very impactful synchronistic events that Sherrie describes in the book. She asks us to invite Mary into our lives and then look for miracles, see them and acknowledge them.

Mary is a down to earth celestial being who is concerned with the everyway issues, concerns and circumstances. Not overly mystical, Mary comes to assist you in co-creating what you need and desire in the here and how. She brings heaven to earth and makes it possible for each one of us to rise out of the material laws and allow divine power to manifest through us.”

Each chapter of the book follows one of the stages of Mary’s life from receiving the message from Gabriel, right through to giving birth to the baby Jesus. At the end of each chapter there is a summary and a prayer, which again I found really powerful. Here is the affirmation at the end of chapter 6: Birth in the Manger.

“I let go of my expectations and preconceived idea of what a miracle is and how it will come into my life.

I notice miracles as they make their way into my daily life.

Miracles are a manifestation of divine love.

There are no big or small miracles. They are all equal and speak to the need of the moment.

I cannot judge miracles on human terms. I tune within and my heart and spirit confirms the divine presence.

The divine sends messengers of wisdom and love my way. I pay attention to chance encounters with others.

I share miracles with the world.”

I found this process very close to my own experience of the divine feminine coming into my life, and I recognised Mary’s gentle nurturing energy and love as she moved into my own energy fields. As someone who ‘feels’ energy this was a wonderful experience, and as I progressed through the book, the love and the feeling of connectedness increased. By the end of the book I was totally immersed in Mary’s loving energy and experiencing Miracles in my own life. She invited me to be fully present, and I took on her challenge; it has been a divine experience for sure.

If you decide to buy this book you will most certainly experience this for yourself, for your time will have come. Will you take up the challenge?

With Love,


Sherrie Dillard, M.Div. is a professional psychic-medium, New Thought counsellor and the author of two books, the best-selling Discover Your Psychic Type, and Love and Intuition, both published by Llewellyn Worldwide.