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Have you seen our interviews with Saleena Ki?

Vibrakeys: Keys to our New Cosmology

In our first interview Vibrakeys: Keys to our New Cosmology Saleena described herself first as a storyteller, then visionary artist and Star-being, who is currently stationed in Paradise living in Hawaii which is living in breath and water. Saleena and I have been working with each other for many years, yet we live the other side of the Earth to each other. As far as energy is concerned, however, this distance has been no barrier and our journeys together have been many and varied and great fun. We began our conversation with how she came to design and produce the Vibrakeys.

The Sublime Health Project

The following month we returned to our conversation and talked about the Sublime Health Project, which is offered in the form of a Vibrakey, and the ongoing development of the process of healing and help that runs alongside it. Initially a number of us ‘signed up’ to take part in the first ‘phase’ of this project and have been posting our feedback on a Skype chat we all share.