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New Vibrakeys Website

Introducing the all new Vibrakeys Web Site -

After two years of updating every Vibrakey, re-designing & gathering all the best together to create the new Vibrakey website; it is ready!

Vibrakeys are Energetic Formulas for a New Way of Living. Vibrational Patterns to help us co-create our New Earth as Sanctuary with a New Expanded Reality.

What Are They?

Saleena Ki explains 'Vibrakeys are forms of visual art which affect those who come into contact with them in a most profound way.

Many of them were originally created in response to a request for a tool which would have a certain beneficial effect on either body, mind or spirit.

Others were simply works of art which turned out to be much more than that once those around them became familiar with them.

And still others were given to humanity as gifts from what I will call "the spiritual realms" in order to assist a struggling humanity to evolve itself towards its fullest & most glorious potential.

See Vibrakey Evolution for the story of how they have evolved through four phases, or generations'.