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An Interview with Tom T. Moore

By Colin Whitby

You may have read the earlier article by Tom or my own example of how using Most Benevolent Outcomes has worked for me. In our interview this month we are very fortunate to have a chance to find out a little more about Tom and how he came to use and write about The Gentle Way.

Colin:- Thanks very much your time today Tom, perhaps a good place to start our conversation would be for you to describe when you first became aware of your guardian angel and how this communication developed

Tom:- You have to appreciate that I am always looking for new things, one day whilst reading the Dallas Morning News a local astrologer was predicting that the Dallas Cowboys would not go to the Super Bowl that year, but they would go the following year, and at that time they had never gone, so that was quite something.

So I tore the article out and put it in my desk drawer as I had never read anything like that, and at the end of the season I pulled out the article and sure enough the team had not progressed to the Super Bowl. At that time I owned a small tour company and I reserved 300 seats to Miami a year in advance, and everybody thought that was funny, but a year later they did go to the Super Bowl and I became the first tour operator to run a trip there (and I made a lot of money).

About 14 years ago I was reading a magazine, the Sedona Journal of Emergence  and in the magazine they have a lot of channelled writing; one of the guys I liked to read was a man by the name of Robert Shapiro. One day I read one of his channels and he said that you can request Benevolent Outcomes, so I thought I’d give them a try and started experimenting.

At the time I didn’t have anything to go on except that one sentence, so I started requesting Benevolent Outcomes for the smallest of things, like parking spaces in front of the Post Office or outside a busy restaurant;  it worked perfectly. Eventually I got to know Robert Shapiro and he channelled an Indian shaman from the 1600’s by the name of ‘Reveals the Mysteries’.  One time I asked if it was my soul purpose to help Robert, and I was told no, which I thought was strange at the time.

In July 2005 my wife and I went to Sedona in Arizona to a seminar called “Increasing your Physic Abilities” put on by Dick Sutphen. Dick is a Master Hypnotist and has one of the greatest voices you’ll ever hear. He would put us under three or four times a day after which we would feel stoned, as we’d have been in an altered state so many times.

On the second day he gave us the chance to learn automatic writing so I thought it might be a good time to get in touch with ‘Reveals the Mysteries.’ So rather than doing the automatic writing I asked ‘Reveals the Mysteries are you there?’ and he said ‘Yes I am Tom’, so I though Wow, this is great!

Then I asked why I was the only one out there requesting Benevolent Outcomes, and he said ‘you are an Indian Shaman living at the same time as I am and your name is Still Water, and you have decided to re-incarnate into the 20th and 21st century in order to re-introduce people to the Gentle Way’.  He then told me I am here to write a book; I thought this was odd as I’m a business kind of guy, I distribute movies and TV programs, and I thought I’d be doing this until I retired, so this was something of a surprise. So that’s how it all started.  Robert Shapiro was the one whose soul contract was to remind me of what I was supposed to do.

Colin:- When you look back at these things and see how they all piece together it is kind of miraculous. So was the Gentle Way a particular philosophy or is it a result of asking for Benevolent Outcomes.

Tom:- Well that’s what Reveals the Mysteries calls it, The Gentle Way, and it really fits because you do wind up having a more gentle, easier and less stressful life. So requesting Benevolent Outcomes is just a more gentle way of life. As I was requesting Benevolent Outcomes I began to become more aware of things that were happening around me, how some of the outcomes were so intricate and how the pieces fell into place.

As an example, in the first book The Gentle Way, I wrote that I was sued for one Million Dollars because a TV network client of mine, a small Spanish TV network, did not adhere to their contract and wound up being sued by some producers down in Mexico. I had an attorney friend in Arkansas who was not permitted to work in Texas, but he answered all the pleadings that went on for over a year for free under my signature. Finally the attorney for the prosecution contacted me and advised that he was going to ask the court to force me to have an attorney, which could have proven to be quite difficult and costly.

I walked out of my back yard to drop off my garbage, and at the same time my neighbour was there who I knew was an attorney, so I asked him if he knew anyone who works out of Houston, Texas. He said that his nephew was an attorney down there and he gave me his details. The odd thing is I never normally see this guy, so this was quite unusual for me to catch him.

I contacted his nephew and he agreed to represent me, and finally the mediation was scheduled in Houston.  He was not sure if I would have to end up paying something after all. So I said for him not to worry as I had asked for a Most Benevolent Outcome; at the end of the mediation I wound up paying nothing.  The network had to pay over $400,000 to settle.

That shows the intricate ways of how the MBO’s work, how my neighbour turns up in the alley, how he has a nephew who is working in Houston who just happens to be working for the most influential U.S. attorney in Mexico. All these things just ‘happened’ absolutely perfectly.

Colin:- I’ve only just started using the MBO’s following posting your article and can confirm they do work. We had a meeting recently and one particular person was coming along who we knew would be difficult and could potentially prevent agreement being reached. On the day I asked for the Most Benevolent Outcome for myself and all those involved and for the results to surprise everyone, and it turned out he was delayed on the motorway and could not attend, so the meeting went well and we gained agreement.

Tom:- Isn’t it amazing the way it works? Also at the time I was becoming aware I noticed using MBO’s was raising my vibrational level.  I never thought I would be able to communicate with any kind of spirit telepathically, especially with someone who is alive and living in the 1600’s. I went from there to being able to communicate with any being who would want to communicate with me.

I continued with these communications in what I call “active meditations,” which is something I teach in workshops. Anyone can do it, and some people pick it up right away, although for most people it is something like riding a bike, or learning a new language; you do need to spend some time on it.

When I first started with these conversations with spirit I was around 30% accurate, and as I practiced the active meditations I knew I was getting a little better each time. When I would ask if I am getting better I would keep getting the message, “Practice, practice, practice.”

Even today Theo tells me to continue my practice because coming up after 2012 he’ll be able to speak to me in the middle of the day, with not too much of a problem.

Colin:- Yes there does seem to be a general view that our telepathic abilities are going to improve, but for myself I have a way to go before I can hear full sentences, I just get single words most of the time. My Guardian Angel gets my attention through numbers, so I see 11:11 on my digital clock or maybe 333 on a number plate on a car, that kind of thing.

Tom:- With numbers, as I have been travelling all these years, I would notice that my room numbers in hotels would always add up to 5, so I would always know that was Theo saying hello. So I would know was getting room numbers like 104 or 302, they sort of let you know that way that they are around. I have found that numbers and names are the hardest thing for me to get in my active meditations, and I’m still working on that.

Colin:- Yes I have difficulty with names too, although I am very lucky to have friends who can hear clearly and they will tell me what is going on when we meditate together. Once I have a picture or hear the words I can see and feel the situation much easier, I do tend to be able to feel energy rather than see or hear. Interestingly I have only just become aware of my Guardian Angel over the last two years, after a friend painted her for me. I do get the impression that she is highly entertained by my Most Benevolent Outcome requests, like she’s thinking ‘at last, he’s finally got it’.

Tom:- We’re making progress. In my weekly newsletter that is coming up next week I was asking Theo on behalf of one of my readers, if using MBO’s erases Karma. He said no, but it makes it a lot easier. So the analogy he used would be if you came up to a brick wall, the wall now becomes a mound of rubble; it’s still there but it is now possible to climb over.

So you still have the challenges that you have set up in your soul contract but they are much easier to go past or get through than they would have been.

Colin:-  One of the things I noticed, and you mentioned this in an example in your new book The Gentle Way II, is that you no longer feel fear. I was thinking of the example you used of when you went into an operation a lot calmer and a lot more relaxed because you are confident that the most benevolent outcome will happen.

Tom:- Just after I published the book I was due to go to speak at a big book fair in Washington DC and down to Houston to speak at a church.  But I had such a cough and I couldn’t figure it out as I didn’t have a runny nose or cold symptoms. Normally I would just ride it out, but as I had these appointments I decided to go to my doctor to get an inhaler or something.

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor expecting to get something to clear my lungs and he checked me out and advised me he wasn’t going to give me an inhaler, instead he sent me downstairs (into the local hospital) to check in for congestive heart failure.

So I said, “That’s great, at least I have on some clean undies today” and it ended up that they had to do three procedures on me, two to get me out of the hospital and a third one about a year later which meant I no longer needed to take any medicine for my heart.

Each time I had one of these procedures I would be absolutely calm, no fear whatsoever, because I would request a benevolent outcome for each procedure.

Colin:- Yes and as you say it builds so that you have a calmer way of being so to speak, perhaps it is as a result of the raising of your vibration, once you have made MBO’s a habit you are constantly in a higher vibration. One of the great things that struck me was how easy it is to understand, and by the number of people who you have commenting on your web site, it’s reaching a great many people.

Tom:- That’s right and the second book really came about because people would ask ‘how would I say this for this’ and I would respond with suggestions, but hey this is not rocket science, you can make these things up yourself.

People were also sending me in really unique stories, often using benevolent outcomes in ways I would never have thought of. So I was being asked for a book where the use of benevolent outcomes were grouped under one heading , like a reference book. So you will find stories from people under headings like Weddings, Shortening Waiting lines, On the Freeway that kind of thing, so that’s how I assembled the book for people to be able to use as a kind of reference book.

Colin:-  Well it certainly reads very well, and it’s great to hear so many success stories from people. One thing that I noticed was you describe a different way of asking for help for yourself, and another for when asking for help for other people. One was a ‘request’, and one was the ‘ask’, how do you understand the difference between these two methods?

Tom:- I was told that when I request benevolent outcomes for other people a whole different set of angels take care of all the requests for everyone in the world all at the same time, and there’s about a million of these angels. Our Guardian Angels are golden light beings who can take care of thousands of people in all of their lives at the same time. However this second set of angels are not golden light beings but they are able to handle the prayer requests from people all over the world, so when you are requesting a benevolent outcome for someone else you are tapping into those angels and not your own guardian angel.

Well when I was told this I said there didn’t seem to be much of a difference between ‘ask’ and ‘request’, and I was told ‘go read a dictionary’.  So I did and they are a little different.

This kind of evolved from living prayers, so I came up with a way to say these benevolent prayers for other people which is ‘I ask any and all beings...’ Now when you do that you are not limiting it just to one kind of being, it could be people, it could be dogs or cats, for example if someone was buried in the rubble of say Haiti or Chile, you say ‘I ask any and all beings...’ because it could be a dog or a bird that brings attention to the rescuers that there is somebody under that rubble.

Colin:- Another thing you describe in the book is that sometimes we do not always get what we expect, but that whatever it is, it is always for the good of all. So when it is a benevolent outcome it is taking other things into consideration that you may not be aware of.

Tom:- And the confidence comes from requesting benevolent outcomes over and over again, and for mundane things like the train ride into London or to get a seat on the tube (London Underground), so as you see it working you gain that trust so that when something does not seem to go the way you expect .

I give the example in my life where for years I and a friend in Paris had the rights for some books by an English writer by the name of Cheney who had written some spy novels set in World War 2 and we were trying to put together some financing to put the first two of his books on film as spy movies.

The strangest things would happen when I thought we had the finance lined up; we went all over the world to work on the finance and each time it would fall apart. Finally I asked Theo why I did not receive a benevolent outcome for doing those movies and I was told that it was not my soul contract; if I had gone down that path I would not have been able to write these books and to reach all the hundreds of thousands of people who I would eventually reach in this way.

The thing about requesting benevolent outcomes is that it keeps you on your soul contract, even though you may think you are supposed to be doing something else, yet there is something better that you are supposed to do.

Colin:- Well Tom thank you so much for talking with me today, I’m sure everyone will be keen to read your books and make a start using benevolent outcomes themselves.

Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO and speaker.  His books, The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels (ISBN # 1-891824-60-0, Light Technology) and The Gentle Way II: The Story Continues give many more suggestions for requesting Benevolent Outcomes.  Visit his website at  

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