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The Paradise Codes with Suzanna Kennedy

This month we have a recorded interview with Suzanna Kennedy who you may know from our earlier conversation and her articles, she also offers the Divine Human Upgrade which we have featured here on the Magic of Being for some time. I was lucky enough to meet Suzanna in Glastonbury last year during her Paradise Code tour when she visited France and the UK.

This month she has kindly agreed to take part in our first recorded interview to talk about the Paradise Codes. These codes are really powerful and even during the interview I could feel and sense them, although I would be challenged to describe them, so why not listen to the recording as Suzanna tells us more about The Paradise Codes.

MP3 File

The recording lasts 30 minutes. Press the play button to listen now (on line), or dowload the MP3 file to listen later (off line).

If you would like to know more about Suzanna or contact her about the interview, please visit her web site.

As this is the first time we have published a recorded interview I would be interested in your feedback. How did that work for you? Is this something we should do regularly? Did you miss being able to read the interview or was it more convenient?

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You can read our previous Interview with Suzanna where she talked about her Divine Human Upgrade.