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Indian Head Massage

By Colin Whitby

headmassage.gifOver the last three years Gill and myself have been visiting our friend Myra who gives us a wonderful Indian Head massage, a very special treat we give ourselves every two weeks or so. We have found them really beneficial so if you have not tried one yet, why not find a local practitioner and give it a try, it usually takes about half an hour.

During the massage Myra plays us relaxing music and our favourite music is on a CD from New World Music which is has been especially composed for Indian Head Massage. Just recently we bought one of the CD’s ourselves, and the effect is amazing, we could be back there having our relaxing massage, just by listening to the music.

The CD is one of many from New World Music, which has been a source of some lovely relaxing and moving music for us over the years (we have been buying from them since before CD’s came along!).

Now it is possible to sample short excerpts from the CDs on-line, to make sure it is just right for your mood. The Indian Head Massage CD consists of music specially composed and performed by Llewellyn.

Happy listening,