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The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton PhD

By Colin Whitby

biology-belief.gifBruce takes us on a journey into the strange and fascinating world of micro-biology to illustrate his discoveries around how thought can (and does) impact every aspect of our lives.

We travel with him on his own personal discoveries which show us that it can be challenging to follow our instincts rather than follow conventional thinking, proving the world is round when everyone else thinks it is flat.

I loved the examples he sites of how thought or belief can impact how we heal, something that as a healer I have often pondered. Why is it that patient ‘a’ can experience a full and miraculous recovery when patient ‘b’ , with the same problems and treatment, does not recover or improve.

In one of the stories a surgeon decided to test which of his techniques helped his patients the most. He routinely carried out knee operations to relieve joint problems, using two different techniques together. Which of these was the most effective, did he need to use them both? He decided to carry out three controlled tests, one with the first technique, the second with the other, and a third without doing any surgery at all (he simulated the operation).

The results surprised and confused him. All the patients reported improvements, even those who had no effective treatment. Their trust or belief in him and his methods appears to have played more than a small part in their recovery, it was fundamental to their healing.

If you have an interest in how the biology of belief impacts our lives this is an excellent read, it’s not too technical for those of us who are not micro-biologists and gives an insight into some of the new thinking going on in the medical world.

The book is now available in paperback, having been published by Cygnus books in the UK