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Something to think about.

By Gill Whitby


There are times in our lives when we all need ‘Something to think about’, something outside ourselves that can help to put us back in touch with our beliefs in a gentle, reflective, loving way.

This is a special little book with a big message. The writer and illustrator present us with the wonder of everyday life. They remind us that within the hustle and bustle of the world today there is time to stop, listen and find peace and joy. They have thought about what they want the reader to think about and it works!

I found one or two of the poems uncomfortably familiar, others such as ‘Letting Go’ a coming home. With its thought provoking words, lovely artwork and breathtaking simplicity this is a book to return to again and again.

Thank you.


Learning to Fly

Give me wings to fly
so that I can rise above these trivial worries.

Help me to get a real perspective on what is going on around me and not be simply drawn in to the unimportant things that I get so precious about.

Let me see things as others do – help me to understand their world first instead of trying to make it like mine.

As I circle overhead let me breathe and pause before I say anything else.

Let me absorb your peace that passes all understanding and slowly feel the difference of the pause,

the break in the ping- pong conversation,

the opportunity to pull back from the heat and let your love break in.

And then I come back down.

It’s only been seconds up there, no one saw but you have enabled me to move beyond where I was and now I can help everyone else move on as I behave differently.

O God, can I keep those wings now?