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When I loved myself Enough

By Kim McMillen With Alison McMillen

By Gill Whitby


This unique little book was written by a woman who one day realised that her innermost thoughts and opinions were valid and worth recording. When Kim died her daughter Alison decided to put these thoughts and opinions into print as a tribute to her mother’s life. I for one am so glad that she did.

In recent years I have kept Kim’s book by my bedside and every night I randomly pick one thought to read and think about. Kim McMillen has helped me through some difficult times, made me laugh, wonder and cry with the beauty of her words, for example:-

“When I loved myself enough

I would sometimes wake in the night to music playing within me”

I feel her close to me, a friend offering support, guidance and a few laughs along the way. I suppose when I loved myself enough Kim’s little book found me.

Thank you,