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The 13th Step by Jude Currivan. PhD

By Colin Whitby

13thstep.jpgWhen I asked Jude for an interview earlier this year it was purely on the basis that I had taken part in one of the activations she had lead at Avebury (England) in 2003, which turned out to be the turning of the Master key, the culmination of 12 journeys that she has now brought together in her new book The 13th Step.

The 23rd December 2003 heralded a very significant energy shift for me and it felt like I had just met some old and very close friends (yet had met everyone for the first time only briefly that day). Much of what Jude talks about is ‘turning up’ and that is just what I had done that day.

The synchronistic element here is that we had scheduled our interview months ahead, when the launch of her book had yet to be finalised, and yet here we were talking just days away from the launch. I was lucky enough to meet Jude again at the book launch and could feel the wonderful energies of the group again.

From the beginning of the book I could see how our journeys, whilst physically different, have been running in parallel over time. For each of the events described in the book I have a similar but different experience of the energies that Jude describes. Each of us is treading our own path but we are all linked in some way to the overall raising of the energies, and we occasionally cross paths or’ turn up’ at each other’s events.

Since the very first time I had been to Avebury I have been attracted to this ancient site and just love the energy there. I have also been working with people in Hawaii and the UK with the Lemurian energy and earlier this year with the Elohim to bring in this next wave. So as I read The 13th Step there were many ‘oh yes’ moments where Jude describes working with these energies on her journeys, and how she was guided with her group to the 12 Soular Disc activations around the world.

The book takes us on these exciting journeys, from Abydos in Egypt, to Table Mountain in South Africa, from Rawak in Western China to Akutan Island in Alaska, each opening bringing a new learning and new personal discoveries for those on the journeys. Then, after the turning of the Master Key on the 23rd December 2003, Jude became aware that the journeys had not ended there, but rather they had just entered a new phase.

Although Jude had completed the first draft of this book in the summer of 2004 she was not able to gain enthusiasm for publishing it until after she had published her first two books, The Wave and The 8th Chakra. It seems that her next journey, The 13th Step, was to be the last chapter and this took place between March and October 2006.

So the book ends where it started, at the beginning of another odyssey, as Jude describes in the interview “I had thought at that time, quite naturally, that the journeys were complete and it was only early last year that a further message came through for a 13th Journey, whose purpose was about healing schisms between the 3 faiths of the bible, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

This 13th Journey took us to three countries and we were guided to start at Harran in Turkey last March at the time of the solar eclipse, which is where the patriarch Abraham began his journey and where the 3 religions have their beginnings”.

I loved reading this book because it describes and confirms so much of the energy work we have been doing over the years; often all we need to see or hear is that someone else is out there doing this stuff (I run our of words sometimes and ‘stuff’ seems to describe it all just fine). Now we can step forward and speak openly of our work, and how it relates to the ‘reality’ we find ourselves in.

To finish here’s a short excerpt from the book, which for me sums it all up nicely:-

The path to our inner and outer freedom is one that has been trodden by all legendary and spiritual soular heroes, It is a path that each of us, travelling companions all, can now undertake.

And we have the support of all the realms of the Cosmos as we take our faltering steps towards our cosmic destiny.

The global journey in search of our collective destiny – not only that of humanity, but also of Gaia and our entire Soular System – reveal the age-old understanding of this path:-

 Accept responsibility for our choices
 Choose love rather than fear
 In-to-great light and shadow and see beyond their polarities
 Consciously align with the flow of the Cosmos
 Live in the now
 Respect the conscious Cosmos and all its realms
 Intuitively listen to our higher selves
 Express loving truth
 Discern rather than judge
 Honour all experience without condemning, condoning or colluding
 Enact the golden rule in thought, speech and action
 Embody the em-powerment of cosmic service

To finish with Jude’s own words ‘If we are willing to have eyes to see and ears to hear the subtle – and sometimes not so subtle – messages of our higher guidance, every one of us can realise that we are a soular hero’.