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Vibrakeys by Saleena Ki

By Colin Whitby

reviewvibra.gifWe can all meditate on visual art forms and this very special kind of art has been described as Vibrational Medicine. Vibrational Medicine has been defined as: "That which has a desirable or healing effect on either form or consciousness; body, mind, or spirit." As such, it is clear that Vibrational Medicine can include a broad range ofthings, from the kind of drugs that a doctor might prescribe, to a film or television show which leaves one feeling uplifted, to an inspirational spiritual experience, or to Visual Art which transforms one by coming into contact with it.”

The Vibrakeys most certainly qualify as Vibrational Medicine, as are all forms of visual art which affect those who come into contact with them in a most profound way. Many of them were originally created in response to a request for a tool which would have a certain beneficial effect on either body, mind or spirit. Others were simply works of art which turned out to be much more than that once those around them became familiar with them. And still others were given to humanity through Saleena Ki' as gifts from what she calls "the spiritual realms" in order to assist a struggling humanity to evolve itself towards its fullest and most glorious potential

We have a number of these beautiful works in our house, and they certainly do carry a particular energy, why not give them a try?