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The New Visionaries

The New Visionaries
Evolutionary Leadership for a Vibrant World
By Soleira Green

By Colin Whitby

soleirabook.gifIf you buy this book you will find that we have already featured two of Soleira’s New Visionaries for our first edition, which is the kind of synchronistic happening that is becoming the norm these days. We had approached Neil and Jane quite separately for The Magic of Being only to find them featured in Soleira’s book too, which shows that this network is growing and connecting quite naturally, something which we will see much more of in the future. I loved reading this book, as it reminded me of so much of Soleira’s work that she has shared over the last few years, and introduced some exciting people who are living their truths.

I find that Soleira’s own introduction says it all:-

Welcome to the work of new visionaries… people who invent everything anew for the co-creation of a vibrant new world. This book is an adventure into the leading edge of leadership today. No other leadership work I know covers the exciting terrain of connective, transformative, evolutionary leadership. From here, the world opens up its gateways to a vibrant, creative reality and we are filled with the immense and wondrous power of potentiality. We dive with great glee into visionary adventures that occur with the ease, grace and playfulness that connective leadership offers.

This is the kind of language that Soleira uses to great effect throughout the book to engage and inform us on this amazing journey we are travelling – I do hope you decide to join us and become a New Visionary.