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Soul Companions – By Karen Sawyer

A Review by Colin Whitby

With Soul Companions Karen has brought together people to collectively share their experiences with and beliefs about Spirit. In her introduction Karen describes how she used to think that all spirit guides were ‘dead people’, alive in another dimention ‘somewhere up there’. Through her research for this book she now fully accepts that, dead or alive, every life form has a spirit body and therefore has the potential to be a spirit guide.

Most of the stories in the book were transcribed and written from conversations with the contributors, however some stories were penned by the contributors themselves.

For myself reading the book I found it very easy to pick up and put down, quite important in a busy world sometimes.

Each contribution was relatively short although many were so thought provoking I needed some time to assimilate the information.

I liked Philip Carr-Gomm’s contribution about his guide Nuinn (Ross Nichols) who was responsible for reviving a type of Druidry based on connecting to the earth in a very deep way as a source of spirituality. Without giving too much away Philip is now Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, an organisation that his guide Nuinn was founder.

Dr. Geo Athena Trevarthen describes how she grew up in a Celtic Shamanic tradition, and suggests that the whole idea of having spirit guides is based on the idea that God isn’t done with talking with us yet. There’s always fresh learning and love coming to us from Spirit and from our Spirit guides.

There are so many contributors it is difficult to pick out the most enjoyable reads, suffice to say that there is a view on just about every aspect of spirit and contact, all with an amazing and mind stretching variety of forms. There was one story where the author had trouble with her printer, only to find that the printer has a spirit too, who had been ignored. The moment she acknowledge her printer’s spirit, it began to work well again.

Soul Companions has provided a similar connection to the many people ‘out there’ that this web site was intended to give, showing that there are so many ways to express yourself, no way is right or wrong, it is what suits you in the moment that is important.


An established freelance journalist, Karen Sawyer writes from fresh and esoteric perspectives which awaken others to the intrinsic magic of our world. She lives by the coast in Wales, and organises Soul Companion events, details at .