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Voices from our Galaxy - review by Colin Whitby

reviewgalaxy.jpgDuring our conversation before and after her interview Elaine mentioned her book Voices from our Galaxy and asked if I would like to review it. As ET contact was one of my favourite topics I jumped at the chance.

The first part of the book describes Elaine’s early experiences with Star Beings and from the very start I’m hooked. Her wonderfully descriptive language brings to life these early contacts and the joy and love that accompanied each one is tangible.

The thing that comes over very clearly is that this could have happened to anyone, and I think that many of us might have tended to tuck these experiences away and not mention them for fear of derision. Happily Elaine has both written about and drawn these beings; more about that later.

Part one of the book is an excellent introduction to Elaine and how these ‘sightings’ occurred, how they were woven into her ordinary and at the same time extraordinary life. From the very first page she describes her earliest recollection of ET contact where, as a child, she saw a woman ride a beam of light from a ‘star ship’ who hovered outside her bedroom window to give a gift of courage.

There are many more examples of contact woven into this autobiographical section of the book and this really sets the context for the second part.

However for me the most interesting part of the book was to come, where Elaine and her friend Ann have recorded conversations with a number of beings from different parts of our Galaxy. Elaine can see the beings clearly and has painted a number of them so that we can see them and relate to them when then are speaking.

We hear from a Sirian being who begins by talking about the Andromedan Council which meets regularly and has 136 representatives from all parts of the galaxy. There is an Elder who presides over these sessions and seven other beings of great standing who help him mediate on some of the issues that are brought before the Council.

As I am reading this I can feel the energy of the Council and am immediately taken there. I ask who I am there and feel very close to the Elder and a number of those in the outer circle. I feel rather than see the beings, and the feeling in the council is one of deep love, there is such calm and a feeling of wellbeing that comes from this group.

The Sirian being then went on to explain to Elaine and Ann the way the various representatives interact with those of us on Earth. The council is described as the authority that Star Beings wishing to make contact with us on Earth should go through for permission.

I feel we should not think of this group of beings as anything outside of ourselves, presiding over us and deciding what happens to us. I believe we are participating and often are the decision makers, for we are also represented on the council. Just as I felt I was present there, I believe we are all taking part in our destiny through other aspects of our consciousness (even though many of us do not know and have no conscious recollection).

Here is an excerpt from the book to whet your appetite:-

Chapter 5. The Journey goes on...

Try as I might, my mind would not be still. Thoughts about the day, the shopping list, the children and anything else you could think of, persisted incessantly and would not leave me alone. This struggling with my mind had gone on for weeks, and I was beginning to feel depressed and alone in my endeavour to link with my guides and get anywhere.

This night things came to a head and reaching into the turmoil of my racing mind, I began to call to them asking, ‘Where are you? Why can’t I reach you? I don’t believe you’re really there!’

Within a few moments my internal vision just opened up like a television screen, and a clear blue sky like the brightest of sunny days appeared. Suddenly, up popped a cherub in the clouds, on a rose garlanded swing complete with tiny golden wings and smiling rosy face; then came another, and finally a third! How they laughed and played with each other! Fascinated, I watched the scene unfold, and there, appearing out of the blue, came a huge bank of snowy white clouds. Then the clouds began to part in true cinematic style like a Busby Berkley musical. Time slowed to a standstill and I sat transfixed as a white marble staircase formed, curving and unfolding upwards into the heavens beyond. I watched mesmerised and in awe as magnificently shining Angels dressed in the most delicate colours began to appear on either side of the staircase, some blowing golden horns, some singing.

Then All Powerful golden haired Seraphim with dazzling white wings came in, emanating pure strength and radiant light. I was transported to another world as this vision became my world and captivated my very soul. The music I was hearing was beyond belief. A heavenly choir of Angelic Beings was singing to me alone, ringing out the most exquisite harmonies in graceful unison. Tears began to roll down my cheeks as a feeling of humility overtook me.

As if this were not enough, a sudden blinding white light appeared at the foot of the stairs, and out of the shining rays stepped………

Elaine also hears from a Lyran, an Arcturian and an Andromedan who give us many insights into how they live and why they have come to the Earth at this time.

If you read the book you may be interested in reading more, if so Elaine continues her story at, where you can also subscribe to her latest book.