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Medicine Dance

A review by Colin Whitby

Medicine20Dance2072dpi.jpgI loved reading Medicine Dance, Marsha takes us on a personal journey with a frank and open style, sharing her innermost feelings and experiences. I doubt I would have understood the subtleties of the Native American sweatlodge, especially the emotions that are felt during these experiences, without Marsha’s matter-of-fact story telling taking me on this journey of discovery with her.

I was also intrigued as her relationship with her friend changed over time and how Marsha’s observations became more detached and objective as her spiritual journey with her mentor Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph) developed.

The story was compelling and easy to read, with many ‘oh yes’ moments to ponder and digest, buy a copy today, you’ll love it!

Marsha Scarbrough is a widely-published journalist who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She has experiential training in dance therapy, Buddhism and martial arts as well as Native American and West African spirituality.