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Practicing Conscious Living and Dying

A review by Colin Whitby

Practicing20Conscious20Living2072dpi.jpgInitially I was a little put off by the title of this book, Practising Conscious Living and Dying, perhaps my own issues with dying were surfacing as I scanned the cover?

Inside, however, I found Annamaria had assembled a broad spectrum of individual stories and experiences that were expressed in a very sensitive and caring way.

I found the most touching of all was Annamaria’s own story of her mother’s death, it was so real and emotional for me too, and I felt my own mother and father come in to help me heal the grief of their passing.

For many years I’ve believed in the afterlife, in fact now I’m convinced of the ‘before and after life’ because I was able to ‘feel’ the first moments of my own existence when coming into this world through my parents at the moment of conception.

I felt this so clearly once I had connected to the grief of their loss, and I’m so grateful to Annamaria for that insight.

This is a lovely book, but make sure you have your handkerchief at the ready, you may need it.

Annamaria Hemingway is a Ph.D. candidate and currently writing her dissertation on The Near-Death Experience: A Mythic Model for Conscious Living and Dying. She also writes articles for various magazines and her work is primarily concerned with all aspects of conscious living and dying.