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The 11:11 Code

A review by Hayley Wynne

111120Code2072dpi_93_140.jpgIt wasn’t the association with numbers or synchronicity which attracted me to reading this book, but the reference to past-life connections within a Spanish convent! So part of me wanted to know more!

I loved Hilary’s writing style; which was easy going. I felt as if I was experiencing this Spanish adventure with her; in celebrating or marvelling at the highs and also painfully sharing in the lows; of which there were a fair few!

I enjoyed it so much, that it was read in two sessions; a really unusual feat for me!

What I found really interesting was the fact that some of her friends who visited the convent had past connections with it, but just like Hilary, had to ‘work through’ some past experiences in order to be able to move on in their lives.

The only note I would include is that Hilary’s distrust of the Catholic Church is quite prominent within her writing.

I must share with you that any part numbers had previously played in my life, with the exception of the number on my front door or counting magpies(!) was completely oblivious to me prior to reading Hilary’s work!

The purchase of a convent on the basis of certain number patterns being present may seem bizarre to many but when put into context, it is acceptable as to why it was done; Hilary’s work shows that, if you didn’t believe it prior to reading of her experience, then everything in life happens for a reason. Since reading the 11:11 Code, I’m frantically searching for number connections and signs on a daily basis!

I would recommend this book to others (and have done!); without giving anything away about the ‘plot’ if that’s the right terminology, there are references to several famous paintings; Hilary’s writing encouraged me to take a closer look to see if I came to the same conclusions!