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Blue Diamond Technologies 

In the build up to 10.10.10 and 11.11.11 this year I have had the good fortune to connect with Dan Compton who has been putting together video and music presentations under the Blue Diamond Technologies banner.

Blue Diamond Technologies provide activational computer generated and natural visuals coupled with vibro-acoustically tuned frequencies that take experiencers on journeys that are designed to assist in the realization of who they truly are.

They produce visuals, audio and other products to draw people into their own magical heart space. A place of reverence, joy or peace inviting us deeper into the Great Mystery. Blue Diamond Technologies represents a dimension in time and space of immense love, respect and celebration, bringing new technologies to dance in harmony with planet Earth and it's many life forms.  

Here is the video that Dan and Celia Fenn worked on for 999, you may have already seen the one he did with Saleena Ki for 10.10.10, I posted it last month, just before the event.

'Celia Fenn came across some Blue Diamond Videos and we started talking about dong some video work together.  999 was a quick project done to jibe with one of her energy alerts', says Dan. That alert had one of Saleena's vibrakeys and that is how Dan and Saleena started working together. 10:10 was the result of this connection and the new upcomng 11:11 they are working on now.  

Dan and Celia continue to explore ways to do projects together. Before Celia's Brazil plans changed Dan and his Brazillian wife Rose were going down to Brazil to maybe do sound healing sessions and meet with Celia. They are still going to Brazil but unfortunately won't be able to see Celia there. Rose does work and sessions with scents of knowing and gives Diksa Oneness Blessing along with her art.  

Watch out for the 11.11.11 video, the images and energy that accompany it have been 'engineered' by a number of us who work in the light with Dan.

Visit these sites for more sacred images , chants, yantras, mandalas and beautiful nature scenes into these sound technologies. and You Tube

While Dan has created multiple and diverse businesses, Blue Horizon and Clean and Green Jobs his business, Blue Diamond Technologies, LLC, is the culmination of his life’s education, experience, and work. Blue Diamond Technologies is a place where ancient sciences of the heart meet modern technology.