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Intention really does work 

By Lynne McTaggart

Despite the many successful intention experiments I've carried and the research that supports my book The Intention Experiment, many people remain sceptical.  Some think that intention is nothing more than wishful thinking, or that they've tried it and it doesn't work for them.

I understand their scepticism - and perhaps you share it too - but I know that it works.  I know because I've witnessed extraordinary healings that have taken place, literally overnight, at one of my workshops.

So, with my recent one in Holland, I got someone to film it.  

As with all my workshops, I taught the participants the special brain-training techniques I've researched and developed that enable people to become masters of intention. 

On this video, you'll meet Heddy, a woman with such pain in her joints she had highly restricted movement awake with her pain gone.  Charles, who suffered with a terrible dry and scratchy throat, had his condition vanish overnight. Brenda, told she couldn't have a baby for 20 years, used intention techniques and proved the doctors wrong.

My very best

Lynne McTaggart

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Lynne McTaggart is the award-winning author of five books, including the international bestselling sensations The Field and The Intention Experiment.

She is an internationally recognized spokesperson on the science of spirituality.

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