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Know That You Are Loved

By Philena Bruce

www.o-books.comAs soon as we received this book both my wife and I found a great deal of comfort and easy to read advice from Philena. She uses her everyday examples to illustrate what can be difficult areas, with humour and humility.

We have entirely different reading habits, yet this book reached us both, which says a great deal for Philena’s ability to communicate to a wide variety of audiences. I would certainly recommend this book as it has something for everyone.

With love,


Here’s a message from Philena from the introduction:-

My own healing path has been a thirty-year-long adventure filled with trial and error. Standing on the edge of sanity trying to find my way to ‘normal’, I had low self-esteem, felt that no one cared about me and that I was hated by the world. Along the way, particularly in the early years, I discovered many different ways of healing that transformed my life and those of my clients, well beyond my expectations.

I discovered that the vital key to living a happy, fulfilled life was to know that I was unconditionally loved by God, the Universe, the Planet. I know that many people may not be quite ready to take on this belief, as I could not in the early years. Thus you may find it easier to start with one of my other healing methods.

Part I of this book shows you ways to change your life to live in a more fulfilled way. These are methods which anyone can apply with a little perseverance and the desire to live a happier, more successful life. In Part II, I describe the most successful methods of healing which I have practised on myself and my clients, most of which are simple enough to use yourself. If I were to teach you one thing only, it would be the fundamental truth that you are unconditionally loved.

May the Goddess bless you and transform you into the beautiful butterfly you truly are.

Philena Bruce