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The Golden Light Project

By Renata Ash

Renata & Steven AshMy husband and I have been working in the field of healing and personal development for a long time and at the beginning of this year we were guided to use the expertise that we have gained through our work with and research into the human energy field to develop the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT. This is a 13 day online programme for global and personal healing and transformation that we offer free of charge at every equinox and solstice right up to winter solstice 2012.

The reason behind the GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT is the raising of human consciousness by helping enough individuals to raise their personal vibration and release the energetic blocks and resistance that keep them from manifesting their highest potential.

At our first GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT at the beginning of this year we calibrated the collective consciousness of the group that participated, using Dr. David Hawkins' method.

We found that the rise in consciousness was significant (from level 300 to level 950 over 13 days!) and this prompted the decision to keep offering this programme to as many people as possible, so that eventually we can reach a significantly high number to make a serious contribution to changing the consciousness on the planet.

The GOLDEN LIGHT PROJECT 3 is starting on 7 June.

Renata Ash was born in Austria and trained in medicine and numerous alternative therapies, amongst them biodynamic psychotherapy, clinical aromatherapy, Vocal Awareness, PSYCH-K and various forms of energy medicine and shamanic healing. She is an internationally renowned healer, musician and teacher specialising in spiritual psychotherapy and the mind-body connection. 

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