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Silent Voices of The Soul

By Robin Leigh Vella

A review by Colin Whitby

http://www.o-books.comI loved reading Silent Voices of the Soul, it was a light touch into what can sometimes be a somewhat technical or complex subject. Robin has created an easy to understand landscape by offering examples from her own life, which for me made this a very readable and enjoyable book.

There is one particular chapter that I was taken by, called Energy (one of my favourite subjects) and rather than ramble on about it I’d like to put a short excerpt here to give a you a flavour of Robin’s writing style:-

Imagine:-  Everything in the universe has been set to music. What, exactly, would we hear? Would our thoughts sound like a symphony, or a grade school band warming up in the gym? Would our mood sound like wind chimes dancing in a soft, steady breeze, or fingernails dragging across a blackboard? What would our hopes sound like? What would our fears sound like? What would our life sound like?

There is ‘music’ in everything, everywhere – vibrations we sense, whether or not we can hear them. We may not call it by name, but we know it well – energy: the life force of all that is. Always subject to change, its forms are innumerable. It is a thought, a word, a drop of water, the tumultuous sea, the first scent of rain after a harsh, long winter, spontaneous laughter, the serenity of silence, a rainbow shrouded in mist against the post-storm sky...Anything and everything is energy.

Like everything in the universe, we carry within us our own unique vibration – the song Spirit sings from the depths of our soul. This energy is our essence – our true identity. It is the light within us that holds the truth of who we are.

This wove a wonderful matrix of energy for me as I felt my soul reaching out of the words to touch me gently and remind me to listen, to look, to feel, and to know. How amazing that words have such power.

I’d recommend this book to anyone and everyone, as you listen to your own special ‘musical’ composition created just for you, by your own soul awakening.

With Love,


Robin Leigh Vella is a spiritual healer, transformation guide and channel, who teaches self-empowerment through awareness. For more than fifteen years, she has been showing people how to see the physical world in a metaphysical way. Clairaudient and clairsentient since childhood, Robin left the corporate realm to put her spiritual gifts into practice. In 1992, she began working as a psychic. By 1996, she was counseling clients from all over the world.

Today, Robin shows people how to recognize the spiritual messages that are all around them–how to see everyday life through Spirit's eyes.