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Conscious Audio Blog

Here’s something new from Shazna Jai, it's her new blog ‘Conscious Audio’ which will be posted every week and be only 30 mins long, which makes it easy to listen to on ipod or online, and will help to show people actual experiences how to use their consciousness in choices everyday, through simple sharings and techniques. Each blog will be different and have topical issues every week, so do bookmark the site and check in, it will be available every wednesday morning.

‘Being unconscious growing up, no matter how good or bad your upbringing was, created you.  When we hold on to that we don't grow and we become our patterns and beliefs.  This is what many of us are facing right now as the energy of consciousness is asking us to look squarely in the face of who we thought we were’, she says.

One of Shazna’s Conscious Audio Blogs asks this question to bring up, recognize and allow for acceptance of old patterns to be brought into the light.  Today's energy which is moving very fast and a very high vibration allows us to accept ourselves and others for who we are today, if we can slow down enough to realize it.

Be Present, breathe and allow energy to flow through you and create who you are in this very moment.  Click this link to listen to Shazna and Pamelah talk this one through, it's spontaneous consciousness.  It'll make your day!

Here’s a note from Shazna

Source asked me to start blogging.  After a few days of prompting, I agreed and realized I wanted to invite someone to do this with me because Source said it would be an audio, done weekly and my heart said to me 'nows the time to practice community'.  Quickly I got the message to invite Pamelah Landers who I met last year at Wesak in Mt. Shasta and have become good friends as well as we have worked with each other, and, know each other's work intimately.

Here is more about her: In 1992 she received her Certified Hand Analyst degree and a Graduate degree in 1993 from the International Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA).  In 2004 she had read over 6000 pairs of hands and became a Master Hand Analyst. Now it’s into 9000 pairs of unique hand designs.  She is also one of approximately 100 active full time Hand Analysts worldwide in English speaking countries.  The first graduate to publish a book: Your Heart is In Your Hands: Your Love/Communication Style. Next she wrote, Gift Markings, Your Hands’ Extra Potential Talent, in 2005. Her third book, Creative Expression: What Your Hands Say About the Artist in You was completed in 2006.  All available on her website