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The Magician Unveiled


By Colin Whitby

Last year I changed the format of the web site to reflect some of the changing energies that were coming through in May and June, and also to be able to respond more quickly to news that came through mid-edition, to create a kind of ‘stop press’ section.

Initially this was to accommodate some of the new material that was coming through from Saleena and Marimar about the Whales and the work we were doing there. As part of this I asked Saleena to design me a new Banner as the old one did not fit properly and no longer supported the ‘new’ feel I was looking for.

She quickly realised that in order to find the right energy for the banner she would need to do a Soul Portrait of me. This would be to draw out the Magician (or Magi) part of me, that part that inspired the Magic of Being in the first place. So I asked my daughter Jo and her friend Celine to take some photos of me for Saleena to use. The one used was taken by Celine (thank you).

This has been a collaborative process which has involved many stages of development. I’d like to share some of that with you so that you can see what goes into a Soul Portrait. Some of it will be conversational, as we have been communicating through Skype chat (a very useful tool for this kind of work).

If you have read our interview with Saleena you will know that she communicates with many different ‘beings’ from just about everywhere, so the conversation reflects their input (over time I have been ‘hearing’ from our friends too, although my speciality is feeling their energy).

Saleena: To begin with, the photo was of the ordinary "undercover" agent, of the magi, of magic on the street, in his street clothes. No one would guess his hidden identity.... especially his unsuspecting daughter and her friend who were taking the photos....


Then the metamorphosis begins....

He melts the old clothes to reveal his Magi robes, made of the fabric of space, full of tesseracts and wrinkles in time and space. Stars and moons and galaxies reside within him... for he is a time traveller; a Pilot. His specialty is Spheres, here - here is one just for you! The light of ‘home’ beams continually into his diamond heart, generating the full spectrum rainbow light....

Speaking of spheres, one of his favorites is Earth. He loves our Mother Earth so very, very much. As a weaver, he watches over her and weaves the new crystalline, golden flame/ blue fire codes into the waters, into the rainbow light, and he helps her to raise her vibrations. Her golden crystalline emanations now prove his success.

He straddles realities and cradles the earth...weaving, weaving, weaving..... The Crab and the Bull are his best friends and they support him with their love. Look at the Arcturian Corridor opening now... inviting him in, inviting you in..... (the star at the top right side is Arcturus)

He has taken the new human design inside and now radiates the golden light...(see VK09)

Saleena: I can feel the power emanating out of you .... wow!

Do you see the connection to Sirius, to the Great Council of Ahkus, to the Cryst consciousness in its highest order....? The Chryst... Christ... Crystal connection....

Colin: Yes - it's being activated by this acknowledgement of all that I am, seeing it for the first time is helping.. so much power from the portrait..

Saleena: There is much more to a soul portrait than just a graphic rendition... usually a channelling comes with or along with it... like this one... so I am asking if there is anything else? Any part of you wants to share? Any of your guides?

Saleena: Yes, please, I am shama-lu, I am the Magi. I am intent to bring myself forward in a discreet and powerful way, into the earth plane and expanding into the whole of creation. Without igniting my Earth self we are lacking wholeness. All the tools and energies are now aligning. It is part of the frequencies your beloved Arcturian team is giving you now (this is the same team we are working with that hosts the VK37 Sublime Health Project) ...swallow me whole beloved Colin... for we are one!

Take me inside that we might completely merge... the Pilot, the Sirian, the Arcturian, the Dragon, the Weaver, the Christed One, he who strokes Mother Earth's cheek and makes love to her, he who rides through the universe as one with all... he who stands before time as Elemental Creator... merge now....

There are words you must let flow from your consciousness. They are key codes to activate this merging.... There are three. Write them for you will be asked to bring them to a council meeting and there you will know what to do with them. Make a Mandala and within it will emerge the three codes.

I went off and drew the Mandala, quite a simple affair, but just about as soon as I started I was getting the words ‘Golden Star Being’ in my head.


The next day:-

Colin: The first words that came through, and stayed with me, were 'Golden Star Being' . Later I also got 'white' but not so clearly.. The Mandala ended up being a rainbow web based on a 10 pointed star..

As I journey: I Am with the council, they said Golden Star Being was fine, Galactic would also have worked. They, the council, flowed into me and the Magi codes are now switching on.. permission granted...

I called the mandala 'Enter the Magi ' and am now opening more, the Arcturian team are helping. I noticed a similarity of form from my Mandala and the Sublime Health Vibrakey, the Arcturian team have been using parts of the design to bring this part of me forward. I can feel their/our combined heart.

Saleena: okay, Are the words ‘Golden Star Being ‘ the three key code words? They are saying Yes. Did he complete the council meeting? Council: Yes.

Saleena: Then what am I to do with his key code words? Council: Turn them gold and imprint them into his chest.... we will show you exactly where. Then you will turn them to a small percent where the energy is there yet they do not show to the common eye.

Colin: I felt the council move inside me, but am not sure which council, can we ask who they are and how they are connected to my Magi self?

Saleena: There seems to be three beings standing there....

Colin: Council - We are part of a larger group of souls and are here to assist in your assimilation of your Magi self, as you call him. This is the Magical part of yourself you have been feeling for some time now, and who has been inspiring your activities, particularly with the web site.

We are a group from mixed backgrounds, so one reason why you cannot fix a place for us is that we are from many places, just as you are. We are multi-dimensional beings and reside in many dimensions.

You were guided to reach out when you came to a particular point in your journey and when the external conditions were optimum, such as the 21st June Solstice. Much work has been going on both within your energetic fields and without, to make this transition happen 'magically'.

Saleena: Name of Council and Purpose?

Colin: I am getting The Galactic Frequency Council of Galactic Starfleet Command, they were channelled by Catherine Richardson and I featured her book last month.

Council: 'Yes, that's right, no coincidence that you read about us there'.

Colin: From Catherine’s book - "We work outside of time. We work in a dimension not yet identified. There are many entities and energies with which and with whom we work. We work with the Christ. We work with Krishna. We work with Allah. We work with the Buddha. We work with God. All aspects of the same energy."

At this point Saleena sends through the Portrait before the codes are embedded.

Saleena: I’m sending you the version with the codes on top before they melt in....

Amazing your portrait is being created as it happens to you... wonderful!

Colin: That's deep, thank you - love the codes.

Saleena: Now they are sinking into you.... under the shirt..... deeper in.....They are a signature in your soul now.... that can be read. This seems to be a graduation in your school of magic....

At this point we could feel that the portrait was complete and was ready to be shared. Here’s the final version.

Feedback so far has been amazing, I do hope you like it,

With Love,