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What if we remember we are creators?

By Colin Whitby

During our last holiday of 2008 I was walking along a very quiet beach not long after the 11.11.11 portal openings when a very noticeable energy shift had taken place, pondering on how these changes manifested in our world. Now I know many of us working in the energies keep saying these shifts have happened, then life goes on and, if anything, everything seems to be getting worse.

So I wanted to see how things had changed for me energetically. I had been reading about how we all are now creators of our new reality, in fact we always have been, it’s just that we had forgotten. So what if I could remember having created this wonderful moment walking in the winter sun on my favourite beach on this cold November morning.

I stopped walking, sensed into the beach, into the sand, right down to the centre of Gaia, and touched into her heart with my own (I sometimes imagine a hand reaching out of my heart which then touches Gaia’s – it helps direct the energy somehow). Once our hearts were linked and our love was flowing, I then mentally asked Gaia if we could go back to the moment when we both agreed to create this moment when I would be walking on the beach and then think of remembering.

At this point I felt the whole of creation move, I felt the energy of love flow so strongly between myself and Gaia I cried with the ‘remembering’, it was incredible. I had tapped into the very act of creating, albeit a little after the event. I have no way of knowing how long ago we had created this moment, but what if I bring it into the now, what if I create each moment as they happen, what does that feel like? Again the energy flowing with that thought was amazing, I had connected to the knowing of how this works, for an instant I had remembered how to create.

As fleeting as this moment had been I knew it was significant, and following that I tried on many occasions to remember moments, perhaps in the London Underground when it was really crowded, I would ‘remember’ creating with everyone else this rather unlikely moment, and again the energy of remembering would flow freely.

Some time after this I attended a lightworker meeting where again we were being reminded that now, above all else, we must be confident in creating our new world, we must understand that we are creators and not just passive onlookers. So why not remember with a group of likeminded souls? I suggested this to our group and we then did a meditation where I took us back to the moment when we, as creator beings, all got together to create the moment when we decided to remember. Such an amazing love flowed between us, it was like we were touching God in each other as we tapped into the creative force of the source and remembered ourselves as co-creators, just for a few moments.

This is how we will live and be from now on, totally at one, co-creating in a wonderful loving creative energy. It may take a few more rememberings, but eventually we will ‘get it’ and know that we have been doing this all the time, it’s just that now we will be fully conscious and create each moment fully aware of our divinity.

Why not practice remembering? You could start with remembering when you and I decided that it would be great for me to write and then you to read this article, the moment when we both acknowledge the magic of creation and then remembered together the delight of being in this wonderful creative love energy together.


With Love,