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What if we are the tree of life?

By Colin Whitby

In a recent meditation my friends and I saw a river flowing out of a giant crystal (which was floating in mid-air, somewhere way out in space). We felt that this river contained all potential for creation, and since then I have been calling it the ‘river of infinite potential’ (obviously). We then saw a tree with its roots going down into this stream of potential, drawing up infinite possibilities into its heartwood. At this point we felt that the tree’s heart and our own hearts were one and the same and combined we were the heart of creation.

This creative force was then converted into ‘fruit’ by our intention, whatever we wanted to create would manifest from this tree of creation out of this intent. One said he would create a money tree and instantly we saw and felt the abundance flow out of the river, through the roots of our tree, then our hearts eventually to blossom as an abundant fruit, in this case money. So your Mother told you money does not grow on trees – well on this one it does!

Obviously the river and the tree are metaphors for our own creative ability, but it was interesting the way we used these images to co-ordinate our co-creation. To feel part of the tree and feel the roots of our intention draw from creation itself, in this case the river of infinite potential. The other part of this visualisation that was very tangible for me was the taking of the fruit from the tree itself. Once we had decided what we would like to ‘grow’ we then confidently took it from the tree, not worrying about how it will manifest in our lives, but knowing for sure that it will (and maybe sooner than we think).

We then looked around we saw our tree as part of a wood, where similar trees were co-creating our environment of abundance, each complementing the other, giving and receiving love energy which was flowing effortlessly and magically.

Here we had discovered how using this image can be very powerful when used in a group situation (or even when you sit alone and create for yourself). Simply see the river flowing beneath you, feel your tree’s roots drawing from the river’s creative potential. Now intend what you would like to create, feel its potential flow through your heart and up to the branches and see it materialise as a fruit. Now reach out and pick the fruits and feel the flow of creative love in your heart, know that this is for the benefit of all, and that you are truly creator beings. Remember to be grateful for the creation when it arrives and thank yourself and your fellow creators for the miracle that you are.

So what if this is the tree of creation and what if we are all trees of life, together co-creating our world?

By the way, this is already happening, you are the creative force in your life, so why not actively create that which your soul desires, go into your own heart ‘wood’ and experiment and play, there’s never been a better time to be with the flow of creation.

With Love,