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What if everything is just fine?

magichandwhatif.gifThank you Universe for magically bringing me to realise that I am, and always have been, in exactly the right place.

Not long ago I set the intention that I would work for an Authentic company (see our interview with Neil Crofts), that I would work with people who share my values and, more to the point, who work energetically to bring about change in a sympathetic and caring way. Imagine my surprise when I realised I am already working for that firm.

On the face of it we are a large IT/business consulting firm with the usual focus on productivity and cost reduction for ourselves and our clients. Our behaviours to date would suggest we are heading in the same direction as any other technically focused company.

Then I attended a course run by one of our senior executives which made me realise a revolution was under way, the course was called Deep Democracy, and it is for many a life changing event.

"Deep Democracy has its roots in Arnold Mindell’s Process Orientated Psychology. Its scientific concepts and principals have been demystified in order to make it relevant and applicable to the layperson. This process has taken over fifteen years of intensive work by psychologists Myrna Lewis and her late husband Greg Lewis.

The work commenced in South Africa just after the transition from apartheid to the New South Africa, when Myrna and Greg were asked by a large utility company to facilitate change within a 5 000 employee strong division. Accustomed to the old, prejudiced way of functioning, the division needed help in becoming aligned with a different way of operating. Three years down the line Deep Democracy was recognised for enabling people to resolve their racial tension and work together through decision-making processes.

From this tension-filled soil, Deep Democracy has grown, and continues to evolve. Over the past decade Deep Democracy’s principles and methods have been used successfully in many countries from Ireland to India and in a variety of contexts from businesses to schools.

It has been used as a method for conflict resolution and mediation, organisational change and development, community development, leadership training and facilitation of group processes. It stands testament to the power of inclusion and diversity in real and sustained change".

It is an ‘energy’ based process that describes the ‘group consciousness’ and shows how to resolve conflict, particularly when we use voting as our democratic decision tool.

So amazingly I do work for a company who’s values and training include teaching our consultants how group consciousness works, and how to resolve deeply ingrained behaviours. In doing so we become more conscious of ourselves because the more successful we become as facilitators, the less ego we will bring.

So how great is that? What if you are exactly where you are supposed to be too?

How could you not be?

With Love,