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What if we have graduated from the creator academy?

- and are now fully qualified reality co-creators?

By Colin Whitby

If you have been following the various articles and interviews over these last few months you will notice a common theme, that the energies these days are more intense, our emotional and karmic clearings are far deeper than before, and our new creative skills are coming on line in a rapid yet seemingly haphazard kind of way (it is all perfect in the moment of course, it just seems chaotic to our current way of thinking).

Many of our regular contributors have been relating their own ‘dark night of the soul’ and at the same time have attempted to articulate the amazing and often blissful connections with the new energies that are now entering our world, and helping us shape our new reality.

We are continually reminded that our thoughts directly influence the reality in which we live, and for me this has never been more noticeable. Now the gap between a thought and its manifestation is really short, sometimes hours, sometimes minutes and more recently just seconds. This time last year I would have said weeks or months.

Many articles alert us to yet another portal opening, or a lunar/solar alignment, where more opportunities for expansion are available should we choose, and sure enough many of us feel the impact of them quite intensely. One event in particular that has had us all running around one way or another was July 7th 2009 (the Solar Storms) – For some these events have enabled us to connect to the most wonderful blissful energies, working in ways that we have previously dreamed of, but so far have been beyond us. Others have reported the darkest moments of their lives yet, where the deepest clearings have been experienced (another side effect of these very high vibrations).

Either way the indications are that things are speeding up and that we need to start thinking like creator beings, knowing that we are most assuredly creating our own reality.

Recently I wrote a piece about using Mandalas after having read June-Elleni Laine’s book ‘Mandala – The Art of Creating Future’, and the most significant question to answer was ‘what would I like to create?’ I had already accepted I can create, so given that, what would I like? Perhaps this is something we should all take a few moments to ponder, as our creations are materialising so much quicker now, it seems only sensible to think those thoughts whose outcomes are situations we actually desire.

As we become more and more aware of our multi-dimensional capabilities, and of the special skills we bring to the creation team (that’s all of us), it is important we maintain our integrity, our connection to our highest selves, and we can do this by simply creating from the heart.

One thing I have learned over these last years is how to notice if my vibration has increased or decreased, where I am either in my heart space, or have drifted off frequency. Consider how you feel when you enter a room where nothing is being said, but where an argument is in full swing, you can cut the atmosphere with a knife. It is also possible to feel an energy that is comfortable and inviting, think of a concert or a speech that has moved you, everyone feels the emotion at the same time. This is the collective energy moving, either up or down in vibration.

What if we all decided that we’d rather live in a world where the underlying vibration was as high as we could possibly make it, where everyone felt the joy and love that this kind of vibration carries, where we are all in agreement, what if this is how we create, together, now.

My feeling is that we have graduated, or are in the process of graduating, from the finest Earth/Creator Academy, we have the highest qualifications from the most prestigious college, and we have now fully embodied our higher selves, and are becoming Earth Angels (as Karen Bishop has been calling us).

So let’s start now, this minute, this second, and create the reality we all desire, lets flex our creator muscles, now we are fully qualified and we have the scars to prove it; there is no time like the present, in fact there is only the present moment… so why not do it, now?

With Love,