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Divine Delineation and the SUNrise Within

By Sandra Walter


the animation of Stardust,
the Krysthl garden in bloom,
and the Divine wisdom interface.
And So Are You.


Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

As odd as it may seem to experience separation on the way to Unity consciousness, we do have a large portion of the collective experiencing heightened states of Source consciousness which are brand new. It feels remarkable and requires great inner strength. Our Higher Teams ask that all Lightservers experiencing the new perception, Christ consciousness embodiment and multidimensional merge sequences connect in this Divine mission via the higher planes of consciousness. Unify in your Mastery, beloveds. Be a pure conduit and interface for the Higher Self and Higher realms to flow and thread the Crystalline consciousness into this realm. It does take a good deal of focus.

The incoming waves of light (entering April 23 – 27, flowing into the May Daze) might make you feel floaty, blissy, spacey, disconnected – even more so than before – and we humbly ask you to let it be. Crystalline structures experience reality in a very different way from lower density; that will be apparent to many right now. Old states of consciousness dissolve completely, if you are consciously granting permission for this to occur. It is a conscious choice, moment to moment, and alignment with the New Light is ever–present due to stronger Zero Point dynamics. For those embodying the Christ, your choice has been to let the Higher Selves take over. As the Higher levels take over, the lower self disappears. Simple enough, however the experience requires light-heartedness along the way.

Divine Delineation and the Mid-Christ Crisis

Now that we have encountered the great shattering of the old Self, complete with the kicking and screaming of the lower levels (mind, ego, emotions) over the last decades, we are experiencing the payoff: the Truth.

Whether you are embodying the Christ frequency, or sensing the collective around you who are embodying this, the Shifts in consciousness are powerful and direct in this Now moment. As always, the amplified frequencies bring doubts to the surface, and it is your responsibility to surrender them, process them, bind them out of this realm, clear them, or at least recognize them as aspects of your old Self which no longer resonate with your journey. In the absence of doubt, we are all Source.

Abandoning the old Self is a pure act of trust in the New Light and the New state of beingness. All of the lessons of the past: surrender, trusting the path, divine neutrality, detached compassion – all of these concepts and teachings are now fully embodied as higher states of beingness. These concepts become your beingness, and become purer in form – more direct – as the multidimensional merge rewrites your consciousness.

The inner work, the practices, the methods you utilize to surrender the old Self and activate the New, True multidimensional Self, are centered around the core principle of Self–Realization. You are Source dreaming of itself, and awakening to the New dream already taking place. When the tipping point of Self–as–Source realization occurs, your embodiment of the Christ accelerates. The reorganization of your consciousness in alignment with your higher levels, your multidimensional Self, will speed up – dramatically. This is where we are right now.

The waves of light coming to the planet may test your patience with yourself; both New and Old Self. it is a reflection of the sorting out of realities. As always, it does not serve to look to the external, or judge other journeys, when one is engaging with a path of Christ consciousness.

The current energies play with our belief systems in order to destroy them. Clinging to outdated beliefs, coping mechanisms or self-judgment triggers doubts, fears, and emotions because old platforms are diligently disappearing from your consciousness. Let them go, beloveds. Embrace your journey as it is, right here, right now. Feel it rather than letting the mind be startled by the changes. Drop the awareness elevator from the mind to the Heart. Open the doors at Heart-level and witness the Eden blooming before us.

Use the Higher 5D and beyond awareness to receive support. Gaze right through the 4D flotsam revealed by the veil-lifting and connect with the crystalline beingness. Recognize when you need assistance. Recognize the new creativity. Recognize when you need to disengage. Recognize that you are witness to your own experience, as well as the collective division of realities. Revelation includes the ability to embrace all that you are, even in the face of your own Self–judgment.

Psychological Fallout

For years we have recognized this is Self–judgment day, ultimately leading to Non-judgment, and the energies push that agenda to the forefront of your awareness. We learn to be our True Selves by observing what was and neutralizing it in the Divinity of Truth. As was foretold, the psychological fallout from the Shift is presenting in a strong way as the energetic Gateways for the first waves of embodiment unfold. That is not a future event; it is this passage, right now.

If you have chosen service to the New Light, it will be vital to deal with your own psychological fallout – the strangeness or struggles as the lower levels (ego, mind, emotions, physical) get the cosmic boot. Recognize you are not alone in this process, ever. Many in the collective are flowing with these embodiments, Wayshowing simply by breathing in the expansion and being okay with whatever presents; taking on these higher states of consciousness on behalf of the whole. We created a space for others to step into, whenever they are ready. It is a phase to be confronted with – and accept – the strangeness, the sensations, the interaction with the higher realms who are radically present as the veils disappear.

The Multidimensional Merge Sequences

For those who have been experiencing the multidimensional merge sequences over the last five months, the waves of light coming in will intensify your experience of the multidimensional Self. That is not a concept or belief, it is an experience. Clarity takes on a new meaning; you are now capable of surveying the landscape of the New Paradigm, the Solar Cosmic Christ perspective, and the choices available in the highest interests of all concerned.

In the beginning of these merge sequences, the amount of light intelligence, visions, messages, and details may have seemed overwhelming. Interaction with higher levels of your Divine Team – the higher orders of light serving the pure and true Ascension – became more accessible. We learned to be comfortable with the enormity of these encounters, so the concept of Mighty I AM reaches into the physical experience of this realm.

Integrating this new awareness continues to be the primary challenge, since we are currently walking between worlds. The silence, the stillness will be very enticing during this phase, and it is important to honor your experience. Understand that the experience – your personal lifestream experience – is valuable to the higher realms. This is brand new, and we have the eyes of the Galaxy upon us. This is why many of you are experiencing a new level of HUmility, devotion, or deeply spiritual sensations. We merge with that natural Creator State of beingness; unconditional LoveLight intelligence.

As you consciously merge with other dimensions more often, you will notice purer and truer experiences of Unity consciousness. It also rapidly opens the pineal-heart complex for communication. Let these telepathic interactions flow; the exchange of heart-based perception allows for the higher realms to adjust the energies and highest possibilities accordingly. The current embodiments of the Christ have opened an interface – a literal In this world but not of it – for the accelerations of 2015.

It may feel different from what was expected; there is an ease, a grace, a great disappearing of lower realities. The higher levels of light consistently collapse old torus fields which held timeline experiences in place. It frightens some people, and it is absolutely their right to experience fear. For those embracing the experience, this Now moment is absolutely fascinating. Honor it, share it with Source, share it with your Higher levels. Share it telepathically and energetically with the collective. Send these new experiences through the grid systems and through the grid of awakened HUman hearts. It will make the journey easier for others who follow this path.

Watch the SUN – and the SUN within

The Solar aspect rising within Divine HUman hearts lifted the ceiling for the collective experience. Yes, waves of photonic light engulf the planet, light filaments strike the planet, magnetic anomalies disturb the physical, energies and evolutionary frequencies will come, regardless of the collective level of consciousness. However, the collective highest level is rising exponentially.

We repeat this for your benefit: You are the open door beloveds. You allowed non-judgment and discernment to become your way of being. You unified with the planet, the grid systems and the Crystalline grid in order to serve in this way. You are the Stargate portals. You are the SUN-servers bringing forth the light into this realm through your Solar heart centers. We have thousands of Stargate HUmans all over this planet who are receiving the New Light and radiating it through the collective, the planet, the kingdoms and elementals. That was the plan, and now we experience the unfoldment of that plan right through the physical. Enjoy it, beloveds. enjoy the effortlessness of pure beingness.

The Ascension is now, the event is now, and the higher realities reflect that Truth. Attune your perception to the Divine vibration. Take refuge and rest in the vibration of Source within your Heart. This is an incredible passage, stay fascinated through the accelerations, beloveds. Don’t be intimidated by the intensity of your experience. Don’t look to the external for validation of your Truth. Learn and integrate quickly, because there is so. much. more. available to us, right here, right now.

In love, light and service,

Creative Evolution

About Sandra Walter

Sandra Walter is a Wayshower, Ascension Guide and Gatekeeper in Service to the New Light. As an Interdimensional Liaison, Sandra provides messages, articles, and videos focused on the Shift, and the deeply transformational Ascension Path online training class. Sandra lives in Mount Shasta, California.


Your Starseed Presence

Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here connecting with you through the energy of these words. Words carry the energy of meaning as uniquely translated by your beliefs and programs. We find your words extremely limiting in offering expanded awareness of your true multidimensional existence.

You do not have words to illustrate many of the concepts and truths available to you as a divine, multidimensional being in human form. However since this is the tool that is available and which carries our energy, we use it to invite you to expand again and again.

When we say that you are beings of light, we realize that you have heard this concept many times, yet it might still sound a bit far out to you. It is, however, the truth. As we have expressed before, every cell, as well as your DNA, emits biophotons of light. Imagine that your very skin is like natural solar panels and the energies and frequencies given by the sun, moon and stars continually recharge your aliveness.

The electromagnetic emissions from your cells can now be measured with your modern instrumentation. We realize that you experience yourself as this solid and dense physical form.
That is what this experience is about, to recognize that you have a physical vehicle, yet you are a starbeing.  You are the essence of light energy that happens to be vibrating at a low frequency which gives you the sense of being solid.

Your real state of existence is a being of light energy. Yet while you are focused on the physical aspect, you are always offering your personal energy signature to all you encounter. Remember, your personal energy signature is influenced by what you have experienced, what you have been taught and what you have been led to believe as well as by the state of your emotions.  

As you become aware that you are more than your physical form, consider that you might be a true member of the Galactic family and a starseed being.  When you begin to accept this as a real possibility, and understand who you truly are, you begin to expand into your starseed presence. 

When you consciously, on purpose, begin to release any limited beliefs and patterns you have acquired, when you clear your emotional storage, when you stop repeating your non-supportive stories, you begin elevating yourself to the higher dimensions. As you begin to refine your energy signature, you vibrate at a higher and purer form of the light spectrum, you begin to own and express yourself as a being of bio-luminosity, a being of light, a true starseed being.

As your frequencies and vibrations increase, the other dimensions become more available to your awareness.  Of course this is the goal, is it not?

Your planet is in flux, it is shifting as well, moving to the higher dimensions. You are the active part of this occurring, for you are anchoring more and more conscious light vibrations within the very cells of your physical form. 

You are a powerful being of manifestation. Your thoughts, words and emotional focus impact the   quantum field. You are interfacing with this energy field in each moment. You are entrained and
resonate with this unified field. So when you begin to expand your light quota and hold your focused intentions from a higher level of consciousness, you begin interfacing with the 4th and 5th dimensions of light consciousness.

You are here to anchor your starseed awareness into this reality. When you move your focused attention from the imposed limitations of the 3rd dimension, you begin to remember and open up to your awesome abilities and gifts.

Every situation and every perceived problem now occurring on your planet can and will be resolved with solutions generated from the higher realms of truth. Throughout your history there have been those who have tapped into these higher realms and created music which continues to inspire, art that continues to trigger emotions, and inventions that have changed the course of your history.

So it is a matter of you knowing that you also have the ability and can tap into these higher states of consciousness, realizing that there will be a flow of inspiration and solutions that will be downloaded so to speak.  Play with this possibility; allow your imagination to travel to a place where the answers will be revealed. Trust the process. Practice and allow for this to unfold.

When you allow yourself to step outside your limited, perceived reality, you open the doors to unlimited awesome abilities. When you can acknowledge yourself as a powerful creator of your reality, you can begin to make the necessary shifts in attitudes that will change the very reality you are experiencing.

We are inviting you to play big. We are inviting you to own your power to make a difference in your personal life experience as well as the world events. You are invited to own this truth.

Remember, your focused intention will manifest. So begin to embrace yourself as a divine co- creator of this reality. Elevate and evolve your thinking, discard any limited beliefs. Allow yourself to play with the possibilities. Imagine that you are unlimited and as an unlimited, divine starbeing, what would you create? 

Your focused intention does affect your reality. Imagine that your focused intentions are capable of changing the very molecular structure of matter.  It is the highly coherent frequencies of your light awareness that gives this focus its power to transform.

It is this personal awakening that is occurring in the hearts and minds of humanity that will transform this planet.  Realize that energy of thought can and will alter the reality that is the focus. When you begin to reach the frequencies of the higher dimensions and allow yourself to receive and download solutions to the current situations, you are actively bringing more conscious light awareness to the whole.

We are honored to remind you of your true power to create, your true connection with the stars. We celebrate your starseed awareness. We celebrate you stepping into this truth with deep gratitude for your personal work and service that you continue to offer to humanity from your divine presence in partnership with your physical focus.  We are always available by your request. the 'team'

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Make Your Leap of Faith into New Paradigms

By Jennifer Hoffman

Do you feel, at this time, that you are reviewing old lessons, and seeing the past repeating in your life? Are these part of lessons you thought you finished and they are appearing again? Do you feel as though you are moving backwards instead of forwards? This is an important time for humanity, as you move through the close of one paradigm and the opening of another. The shift into new energies has been gradual until now, and each experience you see from the past is an opportunity to make it ‘more than’ what you have had before. You do not have to change everything, just add one more level of energy that makes it ‘more than’ the past, which brings you into a new paradigm and that is your leap of faith.

Every energetic frequency can be shifted at this time, and the energy of every experience is being reviewed, calibrated, and there is a choice for transformation and ascension, or to repeat the karmic cycle. If it feels tedious it is because you are bringing all of your experiences forward into a single moment, as you brought forward all of your karma into this lifetime, knowing that this would be the opportunity to transform those experiences. You are facing the final step into new ways of being. This is your ‘leap of faith’, the leaving behind of what you have known, which is based on the past and karma, and ascending into creation. The past is making its final appearance so you can make choices to be in that energy or to have an experience that is a leap of faith to move from the known experience of the past into the unknown potential of the present.

With each new level of frequency and vibration you experience, you are being presented with opportunities to review past decisions and choices, through a repetition of experience, so you can choose between the past and the present, the old paradigm and a different one. It is not a process of moving backwards, but one of reviewing your energy and the paradigms and dimensions you occupy, recognizing patterns that can be changed in order to create energy that fits within higher dimensional structures. Changing paradigms is a leap of faith that moves you from what you know to the unknown, it is a step forward that begins with a backward step.

Energy moves in a dynamic flow that continuously moves forward, and never moves backwards.  If you feel that the past is replaying in your life it is because you are using the energy from an old paradigm to re-create the past. You can now learn to live in a new moment in the present but that requires a transformation, which is the path of ascension. You ascend from the old paradigm into a new one, from the past into an energetic step above it.

The challenges that many of you are having right now are repetitions of past experiences, brought to you so that you can make new and different choices. If you have chosen fear in the past, you now have an opportunity to choose from the point of love or courage.  If your past choices have included anger, drama and chaos, you will now have an opportunity to choose peace and joy.  There is never a time when the Universe moves ‘backwards;’ that is your perception of  the situation.  Even as you shift to higher vibrations, you will still have to experience this dimension, to live among the people with whom you share your lives. These experiences are merely an opportunity to introduce new frequencies and to offer new energetic connections that they can choose to embrace or not.

This is a time of great change and you are evolving and ascending, even though it may not appear that way at times. There is nothing that you are doing that is wrong or a mistake. Each choice that you make is the right choice for you, at the time that you make it. When you are ready to make a different choice, you make it at that time. Be patient with yourselves as you are experiencing tremendous levels of soul integration, each one opening new energetic portals of potential.

Each shift in awareness invites new frequencies and a new leap of faith into different dimensions of being. Remember to practice detachment and be the observer, avoiding judgment of any situation so it can unfold into the full range of its choices. Then you can see things as they are, without the filters of your emotions, beliefs, and perceptions, so that you can remember that you are powerful, in control, and the creator of your reality in all of its dimensions, realities, opportunities, and potentials. Embrace your leap of faith and trust that it will lead you to the joy, love, peace, and abundance that you desire.


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The New Earth Is Here. Are you Ready to dance?

Lunar eclipse April 4th 2015 - By Charmian Redwood


What a momentous time this is, we are passing through a portal which will bring us into the fulfillment of all of our potential as Living Masters in human form. The energy which entered the planet on March 21st 2015 at the time of the solar eclipse and the spring equinox was a giant wave of golden light from the Great Central Sun. If you can imagine the amount of energy it takes to awaken the life force in a dormant seed, that is what was brought to Earth at that time. I saw the Earth herself as one gigantic seed surrounded in a halo of golden light, the light brought forth the shoot that had been waiting within and out of it came the New Earth.

The week since then has been a time of shedding, releasing and cleansing as we prepare the ground for the new shoot to burst forth in our lives. Any situation whether it be  relationship, friendship, occupation, living situation that is not supporting your new role as Living Masters needs to be re-evaluated, re-negotiated or re-leased.

Old programs that we have carried of self- denial, self-negation or lack of self worth need to be released right now. So many of you may have been experiencing physical symptoms, colds, flu, gastric disturbances or emotional ones, grief, depression, hopelessness. Don't worry or be attached to these emotions, just know that it is old stuff being released and let it go. Anything that is unresolved between you and others, let it go with forgiveness and move on.

If people are in conflict with you they are simply showing you something in yourself that needs to be reclaimed or released, it is time to re-evaluate everything in your life and ask" Is this helping me to be all that I can be?" If not get it out. You only experience what you allow.

Someone is waiting to meet you and it is your own magnificent God Self.

With the Lunar eclipse coming  at Easter right at the time of the Resurrection it is time to plant your own seeds for your new  life. Now you have cleared the weeds, prepared the soil with self love and self appreciation take time to imagine the seeds which you wish to plant in your garden.

It is your garden, you are the gardener. What do you want to plant? What needs to be weeded out?

Imagine for a moment that you are already living your dream life in the New Earth. What does it look like? One by one take a seed in your hand, infuse it with your intention and your deepest heart's desire and then plant it in the bed you have so lovingly prepared.

Make a hole, put in the seed, cover it with soil and pat it down. Then water it and walk away. Let the sun and the rain do their work and before long all of your seeds will grow into beautiful plants. You have done the hard work, you have prepared the ground, now simply sit in the sun and wait for your garden to grow.

Blessings to you all, beloved Masters of Light.
Copyright © Charmian Redwood 2015, All rights reserved.

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"The END of Contracts" - April 2015

 By Emmanuel Dagher,

My beautiful friend, it’s such a blessing for me to connect with you in this way. As always, on behalf of all humanity, thank you for choosing to be dedicated to your inner expansion and your journey to Divine remembrance.

It’s because of your willingness to align with your Truest Self that the consciousness of the world is rising so quickly.

If March felt like a ridiculously challenging time for you, you were not alone. Many people felt like they were being pushed to their breaking point, to the point where even all the spiritual tools they had learned seemed to have lost their magic.

Breaking Down for the Breakthrough

To our Spirit, nothing is ever broken. Nothing needs to be healed, because at the core of each of us, there resides only pristine wholeness and perfection.

When we speak of a breakdown, it actually refers to the dismantling effect that occurs in the experience of the mind, when it feels like it has reached a tipping point where even it knows change has to happen.

This tipping point can feel very uncomfortable at times, which is an indicator that some type of internal shift is happening.

The mind is not the biggest fan of change, because it has been conditioned to register change as something that will take it away from the identity it has created for itself.

There are those who understand how to embrace change. We may know them as people who constantly reinvent themselves to become an even greater version of who they were the day before.

How are these people able to embrace change so easily? We all know someone like this in our lives. Take a moment to reflect on this person. You may notice that they may be someone whom you’d consider to be more of a “free spirit.”

The reason these people are able to embrace change more easily, is because they “think” more with their hearts than with their mind.

The Spirit is fueled and excited by change. It thrives on change. Those butterfly feelings that we feel inside when something “big” is about to happen in our lives, is our Spirit dancing with excitement, letting us know that a great shift is about to happen.

However, the mind, you may have noticed, registers the butterfly feelings in the stomach as nerves or fear, because it simply is not understanding what’s happening.

So when that happens, just let your mind know that those feelings are a confirmation that your Spirit is getting ready to create a wonderful experience for you, and for that reason … it no longer has to be afraid anymore.

The energies that came in with March have been nudging us to go way beyond our comfort zone. If we weren’t aware that this was happening, we may have found ourselves feeling lost, confused, and at a point of experiencing some sort of emotional, mental, or physical breakdown.

Remember, a breakdown is just another term for “the dismantling of limiting patterns that no longer serve our highest and greatest good.” It’s the experience of no longer being able to find comfort in those limiting patterns.

A breakdown can actually be one of the most spiritual experiences we can have, because it gives us time to reassess our lives and create a new reality for ourselves.

It’s what we allow ourselves to learn from the breakdown that shapes what the next chapter of our lives will look like.

What’s causing these breakdowns?

The Contracts Expire

A big reason why everything seemed so challenging in March, was because many of the old karmic, energetic, verbal, sensual, and even written contracts, oaths, and vows we have consciously and subconsciously made have expired.

Here are some things that might be showing up as result of the expiration of contracts:

  1. We’re being called to release a marriage or romantic partner.
  2. We’re being called to move.
  3. We’re being called to let go of our current job, project, or other business ventures.
  4. We’re ready to align with new friends and release others.
  5. We’re not fully clear on our purpose.
  6. We’re experiencing a loss of appetite.
  7. We’re experiencing unexpected feelings of loss, sadness, and grief.
  8. We’re feeling more emotional than usual.
  9. We may have experienced the transition of a loved one.
  10. We’re finding ourselves trying to please others in order to “keep” them in our lives (a tendency we’d thought we had overcome, due to all the spiritual work we’ve done around that issue)

If you are someone who has experienced any of these things, you are most likely experiencing what’s known as a Divine Completion.

The Divine Completion

A Divine Completion is a sacred time in our lives that signifies profound closure. It is the end of an old chapter, and the beginning of a new one.

Divine Completion is not about getting rid of anything or anyone from our lives with force. It’s not about fixing anything.

It’s actually about understanding that we have come to a point in our lives where certain contracts, vows, and obligations we’ve had with certain people, places, experiences, and ourselves, have been fulfilled.

A Divine Completion mean that we have chosen to not run away or avoid something that felt uncomfortable or scary to us, but rather that we have faced whatever challenges needed to be faced full-on. We have learned our lessons, and are no longer in need of recreating that experience in our lives.

Divine Completion can even occur among Soul family members, and Soul mates. These seem to be the hardest for most, especially because we can remember feeling so connected to these beautiful Spirits at one point.

When a completion happens on a Soul level, a compassionate love still remains. If anything less than compassion still remains, completion has not yet fully been achieved.

If you are someone who is experiencing a Divine Completion at this time, know that I am fully holding the space for your integration process to be smooth, gentle, and rewarding.

The amazing thing is that times like this really help us put everything into perspective, and allow us to appreciate the daily blessings in our lives.

Also, once a completion happens and the integration has been made, a fresh new day greets us with its sweet embrace, opening us up to miraculous new possibilities.

The month of April will bring a much lighter and more joyful energy, where these new possibilities can flourish.

As always, I’m profoundly grateful for you, and I look forward to connecting with you here again soon.

Till next time,


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