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Doorway to Destiny: Divinity Made Manifest

By Lauren C. Gorgo

Happy Astro New Year!

We are officially inside the long awaited, supercharged portal precipitated by the equinox/new (super) moon/solar eclipse combo…what has been heralded by the star beings as THE defining moment of 2015.

On the way to this moment, so much has changed within us that it’s somewhat eerie.   We have disconnected so fully from 3D life that it’s been feeling very Sandra Bullock in Gravity lately…free floating around in our own universe, spiraling wildly out of control at times, with no concept of time/space and left only with our thoughts. 8O

In addition to the deafening silence are those fading people, places & situations that still uphold our 3D past.  So much of the old world and those who still participate in it now seem very away…sadly, even some of those who we love dearly but can’t really relate to any longer.  Yet, we know that our time has officially come to make peace with our past, see the blessings in our pain, and let go of any remaining grievances.

There’s a distinct feeling of finality in the air, an emptiness that can be filled with grief at times as we mourn the loss of so much struggle, and those people we struggled with along the way. At other times there is great gratitude for all the roles we’ve played, lessons we’ve learned, and even a hint of anticipation mixed with anxiety and perhaps a dash of trepidation about where and how our birth will be delivered on the other side of the eclipses.

Note that in those melancholy moments it’s also common to have passing thoughts or even fears about death, because, well…we are literally dying while alive.  This is why we’ve had to let go of all earthly attachment to arrive here because we literally & proverbially can’t take it with us…to the new world.  And it has never been more apparent than now that we have nothing left to hold onto.

Because this is an ending of such epic proportion, we have been lingering in a quasi-suspended state since 11-11, but especially as the energies of the new year started to build toward this particular set of rare and unprecedented celestial events.   This ongoing Jello-like state of suspension is different from any other void I have experienced to date…it is not a place of pondering past or future, of longing, or even discontentment. It just IS…empty.

And yes, it has been very challenging to navigate because we neither have our footing in the old world or the new world, whereas for the last 3 years (since the famed 12-21-12) we have been accustomed to having a foot in BOTH worlds.  We have gotten so used to the 1 step forward, 2 step back formula for lightbody integration that it’s foreign to be literally no-where. But from what I am told, there’s no more going back to the old and so I guess we just sit…suspended…patiently waiting for the perfect set of cosmic events to trigger the exact celestial combination to unlock the door to our destiny. Incidentally, I am told that this cosmic combination is currently coming into exactness….and as it does, we will reconnect to our joy again, albeit at a deeper/higher, more embodied level.

We are emerging in a reality where LOVE leads, divinity guides, and purified resonance rules…

It’s apparent that we have been completely unpinned from business as usual because nothing feels the same or remotely familiar anymore…yet very little has been tugging at our heartstrings either. Our old lives, those things that used to nourish us no longer fill up our LOVE cups…yet, we look ahead thru the spiraling vortex of the upcoming gateway and wonder what exactly is going to take the place of those once fitting puzzle pieces of the past?

The answer to that is: nothing and everything.

If you are approaching this life-altering portal with nothing but your authentic Self in tow, then you are ready to open to everything that your soul Self desires to create and experience in this new world we are being born into.  If you have been reduced to your lowest common denominator, purified to the perfection of your own LOVE, then you are readying to turn inside out…to bring your LOVE on the road, and share it with the world.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what that looks like…in fact, that’s your best case scenario.  This gateway requires an enormous amount of trust but it isn’t something that you, or I, or any of us can screw up. There is nothing left to do but stand in the utmost faith of our higher power.  The watered down truth is that we are emerging in a reality where our LOVE leads, where our divinity guides, where our purified resonance rules.  What this will look like may seem unimaginable in this moment, but the truth is that on the highest level we have already created it. Now we get to experience it in form.

Speaking of which…if you still have things to complete, to wrap up, consider these next 4 weeks the last call to finalize your past before boarding the spaceship to your future.  We have been given ample time/space to resolve our 3D life…seemingly e n d l e s s  opportunities to let go of what no longer serves…but from what I have been gleaning, the window is closing for those ready to receive the new world. Read: this is a final-letting-go-of-all-human-attachment-period…if you have any polarity left to balance out, hop to it.

We are still in the throes of last minute cleansing, but we are being urged to jump on those lingering details still in need of resolution nonetheless. We need to push thru in order to be as OPEN & de-cluttered for what’s up ahead so that we can purely manifest WAY beyond any be-lie-fs or expectations about what’s possible.  That’s always the blessing of eclipses.

It is made clear to me that the solar eclipse/new moon event we just moved thru is a simultaneous ending/beginning of inconceivable proportion, one that we have been working overtime to embody since the last eclipse series in October of 2014.  This means that this eclipse season could be our literal breakout point…the point by which we finally and completely break free from all our old ways of BEing, those ways that prevented us from owning our authentic nature, kept us from feeling at Home in our bodies and in the world.  

During the many weeks of suspension between worlds we have had the space and perspective to really observe the smallness of our worn-out (3D) selves & lives…those limitations we honored that kept us tethered so tightly to our humanity that we forgot our divinity. And yes, each of us has been thru the perfect amount of extreme unpleasantness in order to get to this place on our path, but now is the time to move beyond it all…to rip off the rest of the Band-aid in order to truly see and experience the healing that has actually taken place beneath the surface.

We know now that we were really never broken or wounded, but that we were only playing very small so that we could slowly activate, acclimate and embody our very large roles. The Pleiadian High Council and the Spiritual Hierarchy tell me that this moment, this very sacred passageway we are in right now, is what it has all been for.  

We have been prepared (purified) beyond all be-lie-f and via every layer of our being…including the physical…to now walk thru the doorway to our ultimate destiny.

For many, this is the end of the end.

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Wholeness in the New Reality

by Owen K Waters

Wholeness is integrity without the "shoulds." Integrity, according to the dictionary, can mean wholeness, but it can also be interpreted in a way that carries a lot of baggage. This add-on baggage includes self-defeating concepts like "should," "try to," and "high" standards. All of these concepts are facets of Old Reality consciousness.

The frequency of consciousness in the New Reality is heart-centered. Unconditional love comes naturally; you need only let it flow through your heart and allow that energy to be who you are.

When you shift to the higher consciousness of the New Reality, the universe reorganizes itself around you to reflect that higher reality. Externally-imposed rules are replaced by internal, love-based choices.

To become whole is to become harmoniously fully-functional. In such a reality, you treat yourself and others with unconditional love and care. To care less than that for yourself, or less than that for others, would mean being less than whole.

The keyword of the Old Reality was separation. The keyword for the New Reality is integrity or integration, as in a sense of wholeness. An integrated self does not have opposing parts which foster a loss of self-love and self-acceptance.

The Old Reality's view of integrity was defined by people who didn't want to be whole, and didn't want you to be whole. By separating people's beliefs into opposing, self-defeating parts, there was always room for someone "superior" to be in charge and therefore maintain the social order of that time.

In the New Reality, however, the frequency of consciousness is different. When you allow yourself to be in tune with the New Reality, you no longer strive to be separate from others, nor strive to maintain opposing, separative points of view within yourself.

The New Reality is heart-based. When you see fear for the hollow illusion that it is, and allow your heart chakra to open to everyone in your life, then your actions are determined by your unconditional love for others around you and, equally, for yourself. When your heart opens up to loving yourself as much as anyone else, then you want the best for yourself, just as much as any parent wants the best for their child.

The Old Reality sees love of self as an egocentric problem. The New Reality recognizes that, if Infinite Being is infinite love, then perhaps it's time to get in tune with the greater reality and wholly respect yourself. Besides, a heart-based reality is not an egocentric level of consciousness. It exists at a different frequency. To be specific, fourth-density rather than the old third-density.

Wholeness comes with a chakra shift, a shift of focus from the third to the fourth chakra, from the solar plexus to the heart. The fourth chakra channels heart-based, unconditional love.

With the shift to love energy comes wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

The shift to love is one big step in the direction of who you are, and who we all are. Remember, deep down inside...

We are all Infinite Being.

About Owen K Waters

Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential. For over fifty years, he has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision. As co-founder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy, he offers spiritual seekers a clear understanding and mastery of the spiritual principles of life.


Projection of Your Consciousness

Peggy Black and the ‘team’

We are here to support you remembering the future. These are exciting times as well as challenging times for your planet. There is an enormous increase of cosmic energy activities preparing humanity for a powerful turning point. You are shifting from set programs, patterns and templates to a more holistic intuitive partnership and interaction with the quantum field, often referred to as the unified field. The intense galactic energies bathing your planet are activating changes in your very DNA. Humanity is in an intense process of evolution.  

You are always interfacing, interacting, merging with this quantum field. You are responding to these increased celestial vibrations, as it should be. The goal is an awakened, enlightened humanity.

There will always be those who resist any type of change, even when it is offered in the very energy field where they live and move and have their experience. Then there are those who invite, embrace and celebrate the expanded change in consciousness being offered.

You are anchoring this new awareness, seeding and strengthening this future reality. Each conscious action, each shift in perception, each time you release a limited pattern or behavior, you are doing your transformational work.

You are beginning to realize that you are this quantum energy. You are becoming aware that this quantum field is responding to what you offer. This neutral vibration field is awaiting your input and your vibrational interaction.

It is consciousness that created your physical form; it was, and is being, created from this field of all possibilities. Part of your awakening and your personal empowerment is to recognize and own this truth.  The energy and vibrations of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intentions are responsible for informing this quantum field of who you are. Your physical form is a creation and projection of your consciousness.

Allow yourself to imagine for a moment, that by recognizing this personal power, you can begin to shift what is occurring within your body. Realize that you are made up of thousand and thousands of energy atoms moving at lightning speeds responding to your given patterns and beliefs.

Your nervous system has recorded and stored all you have experienced and all that you have observed.
Your pattern of creating your physical form moment to moment is taken care of at a deep subconscious level.  Since this pattern or blueprint is in place and you never challenge the outcome, physical limitations continue to be a part of what you experience. 

Remember you are a flow of intelligent energy. However, you have been programmed to accept incredible limitations. The matrix of limitation that holds this planet and humanity in a tight grip of powerlessness is being revealed. More and more individuals are awakening to the truth that they create their reality and contribute to the collective reality.

Things are shifting and we celebrate that truth with you, honoring and acknowledging this truth because it is you who are making these shifts real. This wave of consciousness bathing every aspect of your world is being anchored by beings like yourself.

Let us focus now on your physical form and the incredible unlimited possibilities that are yours to claim. Imagine that your DNA receives and transmits energy directly from the unified/quantum field of all possibilities.

Your mind is a part of the unified field; matter and energy are a part of that field as well. So there is a dance and exchange of vibrations that is occurring at all times.

Imagine that your DNA is receptive and listening to your words and thoughts and translating your emotional vibrations into messages sent and received by each cell of the body. Ask yourself what messages are you sending to the master codes of your body. Realize that your cells and DNA, which hold all memories, patterns and codes, are replaced continuously over time.  

You have the opportunity to reprogram and start fresh.  You have the ability to open a portal of awareness that allows you to interface and connect with the consciousness of your own body. Every cell has consciousness and responds to the nature of the vibrations that bathe it. Shift those vibrations and your cells will respond in a different manner.

Remember it is the energetic blueprint which has been handed down from generation to generation that has created the physical form in its limited capacity.  This energetic blueprint will hold these patterns and boundaries in place. 

However, this is just a 3D reality and since you are a multidimensional conscious being, you can now begin to shift these limitations and step into the place of recreating your physical form as it begins to adjust and adapt to more and more cosmic light vibrations. You can upgrade to your unlimited potential. There is a physical transmutation taking place as your physical form is shifting.

As you begin to know this truth for yourself, you invite these shifts to accelerate. Every cell in your physical body is made to absorb tremendous amounts of cosmic light vibration. Welcome this realization.

Imagine each cell receiving more and more light which allows that cell to operate in divine integrity at its more efficient best. Your sunshine activates your DNA. The DNA switches are turned off or on and even re-synchronized within the cells of the body by these celestial frequencies and celestial gifts.  Embrace this awareness as it activates a higher level of consciousness throughout your DNA and your entire body.

Begin to soften your beliefs around what you think is possible; pretend if necessary until you can hold a new reality in place. Your body is just a printout of your consciousness. As you anchor more consciousness there is more light activation. This awareness is what ascension is all about. This must become your truth at the deepest level of your awareness.

The more you can know yourself as a field of intelligent energy and light, and then begin to connect in a deeper way with all aspects of your physical body, the more you will engage in the healing of your form. 

You are being supported by the realms of love and light, by the celestial ones, and by the masters of form. You are capable and unlimited. You are invited to claim your personal power to transform any misqualified energies however they manifest in your body. We have focused on your physical body today, however, the principle of the quantum field reflecting your input applies to everything.

We are available, along with all those in the celestial realms that you choose to invite, to support your expanded awareness as you begin to release all that is limiting.  Remember you are making a difference every time you clear and transform some limited behavior or belief. Remember you are making a difference every time you invite more light consciousness into your reality and activities.

You are doing a great job. Allow yourself to be acknowledged for all the personal challenges that you have shifted and uplifted. We embrace you with our gratitude. the ‘team’  

©2015 Peggy Black All Right Reserved.

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The Ultimate Meditation

by Owen K Waters

Peace can sometimes be so far away, and inner bliss… even farther away. Take the time now to spend some real quality time by going within. Find that sense of peace that lies within. Visit the place where inner bliss dwells and waits patiently for your return.

Let yourself unwind and compose yourself for a few precious moments of peace. Remember that your mind is much more far-reaching than your physical brain. Your mind, as consciousness, is nonphysical, while your brain is just the physical translator of your consciousness.

Your mind, therefore, always has the ability to tell your brain;

“Shsh! It’s meditation time!”

Focus your mind away from the clutter of day-to-day living and turn your attention inwards to the peaceful core of your inner being. Then think of the deepest possible state of consciousness.

And what could that state be?

It is the state of consciousness known as Infinite Being. The word Infinite reflects the idea of ultimate, while the word Being refers to a state of awareness, rather than a doing activity. Infinite Being is infinite consciousness without a focus upon any specific activity.

Infinite Being doesn’t have to do anything, it already is everything.

It is important to appreciate that the state of Infinite Being is not “out there” somewhere external to us. Infinite Being encompasses all consciousness, including all manifestation. We are that consciousness, as is everything else in existence.

The Most Powerful Affirmation

In meditation practices, affirmations are often used to focus the mind. By simply repeating the words, “I am,” you affirm your true nature as consciousness. In the case of the Infinite Being meditation, we affirm our innermost identity as the ultimate, infinite consciousness.

The affirmation “I am Infinite Being” is the most powerful affirmation possible within the English language.

The phrase “I am Infinite Being” is an affirmation of your oneness with the ultimate potential, the source of all life, the consciousness from which all life sprang. You are one with that universal consciousness. Everything in manifestation is one with that universal consciousness. Now is the time to consciously affirm your ultimate potential. It may take courage to begin with, but the results are more than worth the effort.

If you find issues arising, such as a feeling of unworthiness in your alignment with the ‘All That Is,’ with Infinite Being, just let those thoughts go, then gently bring your mind back into focus upon the affirmation. You do not have to justify the words, or settle any internal argument about them, just because of some prior conditioning as to how someone said you “should” think in this life. Think independently, think infinitely, and you will connect with the consciousness of your ultimate potential.

Have the inner discipline to stay with the affirmation and let any issues fade away unchallenged. Your inner self knows the meaning of the words and resonates in joy with their exact and literal truth. Every time you make this affirmation, you become more connected with Infinite Being. Any lesser thoughts are then healed within the light of greater truth.

Find a quiet space to sit down for a few minutes, close your eyes, and start looking for the quiet space within. To keep your brain occupied with the task at hand, focus your attention on the slow, even flow of your breath as it passes in and out of your nostrils.

As you breathe each in-breath, mentally repeat the affirmation “I am Infinite Being.”

On the out-breath, simply allow your attention to follow the flow of air from your nostrils. To induce an immediate calming effect, allow each out-breath to take longer than each in-breath.

Life energy, also known as etheric energy, is conditioned primarily within the human spinal column. From there it is distributed to the rest of the body via the subtle nervous system. Most key functions in the human body owe their operation primarily to the supply of etheric life energy, rather than to the supply of electrical energy. Etheric energy, like consciousness, is non-physical and yet it is behind all life.

To help enhance the natural flow of life energy within your spine while performing this meditation it is preferable to sit upright in an erect chair. As you progress with this meditation, the natural flow of life energy within your spine will become enhanced, bringing an enlivened awareness to your consciousness.

When distracting thoughts arise – which they will – treat them with patience and understanding. Put each distracting thought aside so that you can continue with the Infinite Being meditation. If a thought seems important or urgent, then it will be sure to return later, after your meditation session has finished.

There are a number of ways to enhance your meditation experience. One is to reserve a small space, such as the corner of a quiet room, where only meditation is conducted. That space then becomes more conducive to a meditation environment. A small table or surface can be covered with items that you connect with spiritual practice. Candles and incense are especially useful as they provide some initial focus for the senses.

It also helps to always use the same chair, one that is constructed primarily of a non-metallic material. Metal chairs attract etheric life energy away from you, which is great for the chair, but not so good for the meditation session.

A small clock completes your setting, and clean, light clothing, reserved especially for meditation, further enhances the atmosphere. A shower or bath before meditation is very valuable, as water is a powerful cleanser. If, for example, you have just come home from a hectic day at work, then your energy body will be filled with the distractions of the day, stored in etheric energy form.

The water that cleanses you in a shower or bath not only cleanses you of physical impurities, but, more importantly, it also cleanses the etheric energy impurities that do not belong in your energy body.

The reason that water is such an effective energy cleanser lies in its chemical composition. Water consists of H2O – hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is not just a chemical that the body needs. Its greater role is to carry life-giving, etheric energy. When you shower, your etheric body is being washed with the water’s flow of cleansing, etheric energy.

Make Spirituality Your Number One Priority

The best investment of your time each day is to spend 20 minutes in meditation. Make the time for this to happen. Make it the day’s first priority. The easiest habit to adopt is one which makes up the first activity of the day. Making it a routine will also reinforce the effects of the meditation.

If you are hungry to the point of distraction before a meditation session, then have some light refreshment, such as fruit or juice. Conversely, a full stomach after a heavy meal will have a deadening effect upon the higher possibilities of your meditation session, so plan to eat any large meals at least two hours ahead.

The Aims of the Infinite Being Meditation

  • To quiet your daily brain activity by focusing on rhythmic activities that induce a spiritual focus.
  • To affirm your connection to the highest possible state of awareness.
  • To charge your system with additional life energy through controlled breathing.
  • To create a Being Space, where your consciousness can move easily into the experience of your inner state of being.

The Complete Infinite Being Meditation Technique

  1. Take a few moments to completely relax your physical body. Sit in an upright chair with your eyes closed, then clench your feet, toes and leg muscles. Release the tension and let your feet and legs relax completely. Do the same clench-and-release process for your stomach, chest and back; then your arms and hands; then your neck and face.
  2. In preparation, take three deep breaths and exhale each one completely.
  3. Now focus your attention on the slow, even flow of breath as it passes in and out of your nostrils.
  4. As you breathe each in-breath, mentally repeat the affirmation, “I am Infinite Being.”
  5. On the out-breath, allow your attention to follow the flow of air from your nostrils. To induce an immediate calming effect, slow each out-breath and allow it to take up to twice as long as each in-breath.
  6. To make a space for your consciousness to dip into the experience of being, pause at the end of the out-breath. Hold the breath out of your body until you feel the need to inhale again. This will typically be for around three seconds, sometimes less. When you are in this motionless quiet space, don’t think, just be. Subtle impressions may arise from your inner self in this Being Space. The end of each breathing cycle is your personal communion space with your inner being. Ignore surface mental noise – words and feelings that jump into your attention – and maintain your focus upon the quiet inner space and subtle impressions of higher consciousness. Nothing loud comes from your inner being. Focus your awareness upon your inner silence. With practice, this is a time when great insights and inspiration quietly dawn upon your awareness.
  7. Repeat this cycle of breathing and being for 20 minutes.


The affirmation “I am Infinite Being” is the most powerful affirmation possible within the English language.

An effective meditation technique opens the door to more inspiration, love and creativity into your life.

Happy surfing upon the realms of spiritual awareness!

Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped millions of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential.


Seed All Celestial Energies

Peggy Black and the 'team'

We are here to support and encourage you as the magnificent beings of light consciousness that you are. We realize that your main focus is in your physical reality; however, we continue to remind you that you are energy packets of light. You are divine consciousness in a unique physical form. You are here on this planet at this time to lay the foundation of a new world.

When you look out at all that is occurring that is life diminishing, we know that you can become discouraged, despondent and even depressed. We want to remind you of your personal power to create. When you allow yourself to drop into the frequencies and vibrations of mass consciousness, you will always feel the denseness and the despair.

So we invite you to lift your personal vibrations and shift your viewpoint of what is occurring on the screen of this dimension. Remember, every time you make a personal shift, every time you heal or uplift some aspect within yourself, you are adding that shift or healing energy to the collective.  We continue to repeat this message as many times as possible in as many different ways as possible so that you may claim your personal power to shift your reality and the world around you. 

You are an important aspect in the collective consciousness. You might feel insignificant or small or unimportant, however we are here to remind you of your true magnificence. Your thoughts, words and actions are always influencing the quantum field of neutral energy.

This neutral energy, this quantum energy, is awaiting your impression. By your very observation of events, you truly influence the event itself. Your scientists have proven that energy will become a wave or a particle depending on the observer.

What you focus upon, you strengthen. Whatever you push against, you strengthen. Whatever you worry about, you strengthen.  Whatever you judge, you strengthen.  Now is the time to empower yourself. Know this truth. You have been taught to use your co-creative ability upside down and backwards.

You continue to create the very things you do not want. Remember, energy follows thought. So begin to watch what you are focused upon. Where is your attention? To what do you give your mental time and emotional vibration?

If you continue to worry about your finances, your health, your relationships or the state of the world, you are adding your most creative, powerful  frequencies and vibrations to the neutral field of quantum energy that will match and manifest them every time.

Now imagine the collective consciousness focused on an issue, a judgment, a fear, or prejudice. Imagine how strong that collective energy is in the creation of the very thing the collective is opposed to, afraid of, or judging.

We are inviting you to be the shift. We are here to inspire you with confidence that you are the promise of the change. You are the alchemist to transform the lead of unconscious life diminishing actions into the golden vibrations of harmony and life sustaining probabilities.

When you hear news of horrendous events and your first reaction is one of horror, fear and even rage, you and the collective individuals who are aware of your awesome ability to influence all that occurs on your planet do your best to make a conscious shift in how you can view this event differently.  We realize we are asking you to behave in a manner that is different from how you have been trained and taught. 

It is going to take a major commitment on your part to become this conscious alchemist. Your behavior, reactions and your state of being are embedded in your connection and entanglement with the collective matrix.

Your religions and your educations have not taught you of your true celestial nature. You are a magnificent multidimensional divine being of consciousness. You are an active part of the divine mind, manifesting your thoughts and emotional vibrations into this dense reality and timeframe.

Everyone on your planet is a part of this divine mind. However, from our observation most are still swimming in the energy pool of limitation, feeling powerless and unable to change or shift any part of this reality.

The energy and dynamics on your planet are out of balance. Most individuals have lost their true connection to the non-physical realms, their connection with the consciousness of nature and of all living things. Your planet Earth is conscious, as are all living things.

Begin to telepathically, heart-connectedly send your love and gratitude to everything and everyone, especially the people and the places of most conflict.

 Begin to see and envision your air and water clean, begin to envision clean sustainable energy for all. Begin to see and call forth well-being and health for everyone. Begin to manifest with your words and thoughts financial ease for all. Be the co-creator and anchor of political and world leaders that have the best intentions and actions for the people. Hold the vision for peace on earth.

Seed all celestial energies and gifts with your best visions and intentions. Call upon all the divine beings in the non-physical realms of love and light to be in partnership with you in this awesome endeavor. Remember you are powerful beyond measure. It is a matter of you claiming this truth and acting from this incredible place of connection and entanglement.

Energy in the collective matrix is always connected. When you know this as your truth, your thoughts and intentions trigger the shift and transformation within others, no matter where they are physically. Send healing light and love to all, especially those who do the most harm.

It takes great will and commitment, as well as honoring your true nature as a being of light, to begin to be the shift, to think 'outside the box,' to hold, call forth, envision and anchor a new existence, a new experience. You are here to offer and secure this foundation. Your numbers are increasing as more and more individuals realize that they absolutely, literally, actually have the ability to bring about the shift to humanity.

We are honored that you hear our words and you are doing this work and service. Know that the realms of truth, love and light are ever available to support and assist you in this adventure.  We acknowledge you for the courage and fortitude to be in a physical form with all the challenges that are presented. Know that you are loved, know that you are seen and most of all know that you are appreciated. the 'team'

©2015 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address:  FREE 88 messages available

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