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Genius Flow, Conscious Alchemy and Pure Presence

By Colin Whitby

There have been a number of major shifts for me this month which have largely come about through taking part in on-line teleseminars. They have been running together sometimes clashing but, due to the wonders of modern technology, I was able to catch up by downloading the overlapping sessions. 


The Genius Writer’s Course

I had thought of writing a book now that I have retired from what I used to call my day job so I signed up for the Genius Writer’s course offered by Soleira and Santari Green. Whilst the course was about writing it was also about connecting to that part of us that really wants to be expressed, our core or source, and how to best access the energy that flows when we do connect.

Soleira asked us to write something whilst in the Genius Flow, then to read it out on the call. The energy was really strong but there was more to come. We were then asked to access the part that would change the world, that would shift our entire consciousness, that unique part of us that when expressed would really cause a paradigm shift in awareness.

I read the piece I had written again, but from the awesome part of me that would help shift the planet’s consciousness in a completely new way. Although the words were the same my voice changed, it was like I was speaking from another place (which I was of course). Everyone on the course experienced something similar. This is the magic of Soleira’s approach, she can take you beyond your current understanding to reach into that magical energy that we all share.

Focus Fest and Power Fest

Magic was also flowing during September and October as my higher self wanted me to notice something, and for me this is how our higher selves arrange things for us (we just have to notice and take action). When The Magic of Being had a bit of a facelift some years ago I had a soul portrait done for me by Saleena Ki, the energy from this formed part of the header but also gave some insight into what I described at the time as my Golden Star Being.

Then on Facebook I saw Meredith Murphy’s advert for her focus fest and there as a centre point of her post was the image of the two spheres, my star being’s trade mark if you will. I contacted Meredith and asked her to link it back to the article and subsequently joined the 21 day Fest (which is what I see now was what my higher self wanted all along).

The energy of the Focus Fest and the later Pure Presence Fest was awesome, a much used expression I know but it describes it perfectly. One of the most amazing energies coming through was that of the dragon. In many ways this was the energy that tied all of these events together and I feel this is where my attention is being drawn over the next few months (how to express it and share it).

Peggy Black and the Team

Some time ago I had a session with Peggy Black and her wonderful multi-dimensional team. I hadn’t heard her speak for some time (although she is a regular contributor to our e-zine) so jumped at a chance to join her in a recent interview broadcast about Conscious Alchemy on the day of the full moon (awesome comes to mind again).

Through a kaleidoscopic lens of Oneness, learn practical tools to access the quantum field, aligning consciousness to create a rich and fulfilling life. Explore being a conscious alchemist... transforming our planet.

(It’s still available if you want to listen or download - password: ambient)

It was during a conversation with Saleena about a joint venture we are working on that she reminded me of something the Team said in my interview with Peggy.

The Team described how I am able to go into the Quantum Field and draw from it in a way that activates people, creating an energy field that activates dormant seeds (DNA strands) that enable them to grow. The energy I feel as I write these words confirms that this is a way forward for me, I’m currently working on a way to share this and again this is work in progress, look out for more details very soon.

A Step Change in Awareness

I know that many of these seeds were sown for me over a number of years but these last two months have seen a step change in my acceptance and clearing of anything that might have been preventing their expression and growth.

At a recent lightworker’s meeting we were told that we were already masters in embodiment, we had already become our higher selves, we now just need to accept and claim our power. The same message came through Meredith’s sessions, it was all about stepping confidently into our power, our Genius Flow.

Many of the posts on The Magic of Being have also been describing these energy flows, and there are more to come, the only thing constant at the moment is that things are changing (for the better). I asked Saleena to tap into the energies and reflect them in a new banner for the site and our Facebook and Twitter pages, they now carry the dragon energy (and much more), all sparkling with this new flow.

With Love,