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An Interview with Colin Whitby

First Broadcast by Dr Suzanne Lie on BBS Radio

On Friday 19th November Suzanne Lie and I discussed The Arcturian Ascension Process on BBS Radio as part of Sue's  Awakening with Suzanne Lie program.

We know Sue from her postings  as Dr. Suzan Caroll with her Planetary Ascension updates and her channelings from the Arcturians and I was delighted when she asked me to take part in an interview for her new radio program.

I first become aware of the Arcturians after reading a channeling many years ago, I’m not sure exactly when. At that time we ‘humans’ were being encouraged to open our hearts and the Artcurians were offering to help, all we had to do was ask. This is when I became aware of a technique I’ve used to open up ever since, and it is particularly useful when helping someone else open.

I visualise myself standing in front of an Arcturian (I don’t have a visual image of them, just an energy) then I ‘unzip’ the front of my body, from the top of my head right down to my legs. As I feel myself open up my dense body ‘peels’ off and my lighter body is revealed. At that point I can feel the love of my ‘helper’ and we ‘merge’ our energies together, a blissful experience. I have found this works well when introducing someone else to these energies, we do not need to mention the Arcturians unless both are happy with the idea, but the energy exchange between two humans is just as tangible and loving. For me I feel we are not separate from these wonderful beings, they are part of us and we are part of them. I hope you enjoy listening about about them here.

We also discuss how this relationship has developed over the years, and how I came to link again with the Arcturian team (the A team I call them) when I took part in the Sublime Health Project using Saleena Ki's Vibrakeys.

During the interview I lead a mediation which takes us to the centre of the Arcturian Heart where we connect to the heart of the One. I do hope you find time to listen, the energy is exquisite. I have posted the recording here, which you can either listen to on-line, or download to your computer and listen anytime.