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No Name No Number

By Hilary H Carter

A Review by Colin Whitby 

Some time ago we interviewed Hilary after her first book The 11.11 Code was published (see An Interview with Hilary Carter). I was wondering why I could not remember much about the original book when I remembered it was reviewed by Hayley Wynne at the time.

So for me this was my first journey with Hilary and I would echo Hayley’s comments, Hilary’s writing style is easy and perfectly paced. Right from the beginning we are wondering, with her, why she has bought this old convent in a region in France that she vowed never to return. One aspect of this book is her honesty and openness,  she shares her deepest feelings and fears with us as she travels her path, which is chosen by her higher self using numbers (particularly 11:11). 

Even knowing that Hilary uses numbers (and seeing evidence of them appearing on her Facebook pages) I was amazed just how frequently they appear and how often Hilary makes her life choices by them. Only this week she read one of my posts on Facebook at 22.33 (it just keeps happening!).

In ‘No Name No Number’ Hilary travels the world following the numerical prompts of her soul, sometimes with confidence and sometimes wondering if that particular 11 was a strong enough signal, as they were often hidden to the untrained eye.

Her journey leads her to connect with the Children of the Sun, a group that I too have been involved in. In fact it was during an 11:11:11 ceremony that I met some of my Children of the Sun friends for the first time. It’s wonderful to see how we weave together, sometimes without knowing that is what we are doing.

I really enjoyed reading ‘No Name No Number’ and I’m sure you will too.

With Love,