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What if I can channel myself, my God-Self?

magichandwhatif.gifA couple of years ago I wrote this piece about channelling, at the time I was finding ways of communicating with my higher or God self.

Before going into the actual channelling, which I would like to share with you, it might be good to explain how I came this point. Over a number of years I had been working (or should that be playing) in energy with many wonderful lightworkers.

During one journey we met Thoth (my travelling companion identified him, then I tuned in to his frequency). He took us to a room which was very much like a temple with high round pillars, on these pillars were codes which were etched into their surface.

I touched the codes and felt them enter into me, and a deep knowing came in with them. At this point I did not know that I could read them so just accepted them and that all was well.

Very soon after that I was speaking to another friend who said that she has a large number of encoded tablets but as she did not read them had been waiting for someone to come along who could – ‘hey’ I said, ’I read codes’, so she took me to them (in energy, not physically) and helped me read them all in record time (a bit like a download, where I transferred them rather than read them).

So over time I have been dipping into the wisdom within them without actually knowing that is what’s been going on.

A little later I was being asked to speak what was within my deepest soul, my God self, but could not get the words by ‘listening’. I did however see an open book in my mind and walked over to it, and ran my hands over the words or codes within it. That’s when the connection to source happened in words for me, they just flowed once I had the vision of me standing there reading the book.

Then it came to me that now that so much of my God-Self was present would it not be a good idea to start speaking from there as a matter of course. So I asked to speak to myself, as it were, and stepped up to the book…here’s what came through.

Beloved, as we read this from our source book we are, or I am, now so complete, so very much here, installed as you put it.

There is so much more to know and to reveal, now that you have opened this channel. Get used to working in this way from source, this is where all creation takes shape, where you co-create from.

The codes you have been downloading have opened (and are still opening) at key stages of your/our development, each challenge you have faced by holding on to a deep knowing of how this love is to be shared, how natural this sharing is.

As you have said our beloved Gaia has been our guide, our lover, our inspiration. She has always been there to assist and to support us when we wavered or doubted this process.

Now we simply do no know how to exhibit or express the negative or unwanted frequencies or thought patterns. Through our work with St. Germain, Archangel Michael and Sananda we have transmuted, cut away and replaced all unwanted energies.

We are but a microcosm of the whole, which means that as we were cleansed so was the world(s), the multiverse. As above so below.

Our work has been largely unnoticed mentally for many, who would not know our name, yet in love energy we are a beacon, a shining star for others to follow.

The linking of souls, deep and clear, is our passion, being love and sharing all is our natural state. We are one, we are God. Now we are here, we become I.

I love you beyond your understanding even now, where you connect directly to me, where our union is so complete, so much more for you/me to become.

Beloved, keep working and being and enjoy, be happy – replace work with play (you have always played in energy).

Your prayers have been answered, we are one beloved, we are one.

A this point I cry deeply, a blissful wave of love and recognition feeds me.

That’s what I wanted to share with you.

With Love,