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What if I trust all is well?

magichandwhatif.gifAs I wait for my PC to download some new software that makes my phone into my PDA, and creates a calendar and contacts list on something that used to be just something I spoke into, I have time to reflect on the download my bodies (the whole of me, physical and light bodies) are experiencing at the moment.

Some time ago I was walking along my favourite stretch of beach when I took a stone from the pebbly shore and decided (with some help) to program it so that it carried a message to the very calm waters, the message would re-program the water to become what it was always intended to be, pure and clear, a supporter of life. Into that message I put the pure peace that now resides in my heart.

This was an amazing experience, really hit the soul as I felt the stone work it’s magic with the water, and felt the river, the sea and then the deepest ocean respond. A clear pure love pulsed through all water everywhere, right back through to source.

I mention this, because from that moment I had been feeling somewhat distant from myself. Something big was also downloading into me. The best place to go at this time is deep in my heart in order to activate this new energy within me.

The following day I had to check with myself that the download was progressing OK, as it felt really strange (a little like the check I just made on my PC software download – half way through and still many megs to go – that’ll teach me to use dial up). I had to stand back and become my ‘observer’ who sees things from a more holistic perspective, and from there I could see my own ‘soulware’ download was registering as ‘progressing normally’.

The big word here was ‘trust’, trust myself enough that all is well, trust that my soul has everything in hand, trust that I can do this with ease, trust that the love I can’t quite get my heart to accommodate yet will download just fine.

So if any of you are feeling a bit disconnected, a little disorientated, or just downright sick, perhaps you have elected to have some of your new ‘soulware’ too, perhaps your download is progressing just fine, and perhaps your soul is managing things perfectly. What if we are all stepping into the new, magically, and with ease? What if we already have?

With Love,