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What if your new body has arrived but you didn’t know?

magichandwhatif.gifLast year (2007) my new body arrived – it was during a particularly wonderful energy workshop with two of my favourite souls, when suddenly my child re-activated a part of me that had been switched off at the age of about 5 earth years (a magician), and a brand new body appeared (like a teenager but new, like the new me was born as a teenager).

I felt my new body outside me for a while, like it was waiting for me to ask it to come join me in this body. Being the sort of person who likes to take on a new challenge I could think of nothing better than to have a new part of me merge, so in the wonderful new energy came.

I have been feeling my new body ‘arriving’ more each day, it’s something worth doing if you have not done this yet. First acknowledge that it’s just waiting for you to ask, then each day ask for more to come in. I have found that I can now just think ‘new body’ and there it is, in every cell of my current one, building and weaving and creating a whole new me from the inside out.

So if that were not enough, I then start doing things with this new body, like touching other people with it. What I have found is that if I stand in my new body (and this can be right next to someone or thousands of miles apart –it works the same) and simply reach out and touch another person, I can reach right in and touch their new body (and help pull it in with them). It works better when they are conscious of this, but I’ve also found that it works when they are not (I now use this method whilst healing too).

My explanation for this is that we communicate at a different level when working this way, and all that is required is for the individual concerned to accept the energy (which is obvious, it flows right away) – with or without their brain giving permission (it’s their heart that I’m connecting with, to the source).

So here I am standing in my new body, right next to you. I can see your new body, and touch it, just lightly with my finger, like this. All you need to do is call it in, and there you are, brand new from the inside out.

Now you can go off and start touching your beloveds too, pass it on, it’s the thing to do you know.

With Love,