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What If?

These notes entitled ‘what if?’ were the first 'articles' I started to write, even before The Magic of Being was born. Often I would ask the question to move the conversation into the imagination, to look into the possibility of an idea, a thought, to explore potential.



What if we all create the reality we really want, together?

Much of what I read at the moment is predicting a complete melt down of our current reality, with our monetary processes grinding to a halt and mass unemployment and homelessness across the world, more famine, more wars and so on.

Much of the advice being given is either ‘convert your cash for gold and start growing your own food’ to ‘relax, it’s fine it’s just a phase’.

Some of the more encouraging thoughts talk about our new capacity as creator beings to actually influence the result, by staying true to ourselves and creating the very reality we have all been working towards.

There are many energetic portals opening again this month (08/08/08 Lion’s Gate for example) which will make it even easier to realize our full potential.

When everything seems to be chaotic around us, and our bones are aching, or our job has come to an end (so where is the rent coming from?) it is our time to ‘relax’ into being who we truly are, and rather than going into fear, start looking to what kind of future we really want to be part of.

We still have a choice, that is clear, so what do you choose? What if we all choose to create a new reality where Love is all, and we live for each other in harmony. Sounds too idealistic, too good to be true? Well that’s the reality I’m creating, a loving society where we all work for the good of all.

How quickly will it manifest? I think you may be surprised how quickly we can bring about change, in my view now is the time to create our reality with the skills and deep wisdom that is at our fingertips (well in our hearts really), we all have the ability to do this and we just need the confidence that all will become clear if we just let go of the how.

Sit in your creation (in the future if it helps you see it more clearly) and look around, what do you see, who is there with you, what kind of plants and animals are there, how do we live together? You have created this, or to be more accurate, we have co-created this new world.

So when the old world looks grim, or you are having difficulties assimilating some of these energies in your body, go sit in your new creation and bask in your brilliance.

With Love,



What if everything is just fine?

magichandwhatif.gifThank you Universe for magically bringing me to realise that I am, and always have been, in exactly the right place.

Not long ago I set the intention that I would work for an Authentic company (see our interview with Neil Crofts), that I would work with people who share my values and, more to the point, who work energetically to bring about change in a sympathetic and caring way. Imagine my surprise when I realised I am already working for that firm.

On the face of it we are a large IT/business consulting firm with the usual focus on productivity and cost reduction for ourselves and our clients. Our behaviours to date would suggest we are heading in the same direction as any other technically focused company.

Then I attended a course run by one of our senior executives which made me realise a revolution was under way, the course was called Deep Democracy, and it is for many a life changing event.

"Deep Democracy has its roots in Arnold Mindell’s Process Orientated Psychology. Its scientific concepts and principals have been demystified in order to make it relevant and applicable to the layperson. This process has taken over fifteen years of intensive work by psychologists Myrna Lewis and her late husband Greg Lewis.

The work commenced in South Africa just after the transition from apartheid to the New South Africa, when Myrna and Greg were asked by a large utility company to facilitate change within a 5 000 employee strong division. Accustomed to the old, prejudiced way of functioning, the division needed help in becoming aligned with a different way of operating. Three years down the line Deep Democracy was recognised for enabling people to resolve their racial tension and work together through decision-making processes.

From this tension-filled soil, Deep Democracy has grown, and continues to evolve. Over the past decade Deep Democracy’s principles and methods have been used successfully in many countries from Ireland to India and in a variety of contexts from businesses to schools.

It has been used as a method for conflict resolution and mediation, organisational change and development, community development, leadership training and facilitation of group processes. It stands testament to the power of inclusion and diversity in real and sustained change".

It is an ‘energy’ based process that describes the ‘group consciousness’ and shows how to resolve conflict, particularly when we use voting as our democratic decision tool.

So amazingly I do work for a company who’s values and training include teaching our consultants how group consciousness works, and how to resolve deeply ingrained behaviours. In doing so we become more conscious of ourselves because the more successful we become as facilitators, the less ego we will bring.

So how great is that? What if you are exactly where you are supposed to be too?

How could you not be?

With Love,




What if we are not alone?

magichandwhatif.gifPsychic Abilities

Over the last two months I have been speaking with people who have been describing how we can get in touch with our souls, our higher selves, by improving our psychic abilities. Interestingly this subject opens up an area of discussion that many people find difficult, it’s too spooky or unproven for them. Meditation is fine, but when it comes to making contact outside our 5 senses, eyebrows are raised and the subject becomes rather ‘risky’.

Since my early childhood my Mother had often spoken about spiritual matters and had received healing on many occasions, so I was no stranger to 'the other side', at least I could accept life after death as an idea.

So in this edition we talk about the spirit world and how to draw their likeness (see June-Elleni’s book review The Art of Being Psychic), and we discuss angel drawings or images of our guides and how helpful they can be.

This kind of talk does not fit well with our world or scientific proof and logic, yet I find it impossible to venture into knowing myself without touching into these topics. More importantly I find them an integral part of my growing understanding of who I am and what I am doing on this planet.

Talking with ET’s?

I have always been open to discussions about visitors from outer space and the fact that there is so much evidence to suggest that this just might be the case. I have read some wonderful books and watched numerous TV programs about the Pyramids and their alignment with the stars, the many ancient buildings which we still cannot build today, and rather large lumps of rock half way up mountains - could they really be rocket take off pads?

Have you ever wondered why the Nazca Lines were drawn in Peru, for example? The Lines were first spotted when commercial airlines began flying across the Peruvian desert in the 1920's and passengers reported seeing 'primitive landing strips' on the ground below. No one knew who had built them, or indeed why, and since their discovery the Nasca Lines have inspired fantastic explanations.

So we have opened up these previously risky subjects for discussion on this site, we venture into the areas of ET contact for example, where I have personal experience of energies from many different star systems and can relate to the many stories and information that is coming through these days (have you been reading the channellings we have been posting from Celia Fenn or Karen Bishop for example?).

We may even find we can travel energetically with beings from many light years away, see them and speak with them (see my review of Elaine Thompson’s book Voice from our Galaxy).

So what if we are not alone, what if there are other beings out there, so many in fact that we would never be able to contact them all in a single lifetime?

What if we can meet them and travel with them now, what if we already are?

With Love,



What if we can GoDirect

magichandwhatif.gifWhat if a new service has been launched call GoDirect, where we can cut out the middleman and go straight to the source, literally?

In many spiritual teachings masters have been guiding us to connect to the source, to our God selves, through many different approaches which have developed into our current religions or healing practices.

Each of these religions then points to a particular set of principles and methods which often become the only way to relate to our maker. How many times do we hear ‘You can only find salvation though Jesus’ blasting from loudspeakers in our shopping precincts for example (and this applies to many religions, not just Christianity)?

Then we appoint a hierarchy of priests, brothers, sister, elders and so on, who are ‘closer’ to God than we, who we then aspire to follow.

As with many new ways of doing things the old ways may seem less appropriate now. Look at the way selling insurance has changed with telephone and internet services offering customers direct access to the companies concerned. Many insurance sales people found themselves looking for new employment as the whole way of doing business changed.

So it is with finding our God connections, we can choose to

What if there was a service (and there always has been by the way) that offers connection directly to source, that matches you and your own soul journey exactly, that will tune instantly to your requirements? What if you do in fact have a direct line to your own God self?

Well there is a free service available which you call directly through your heart. Why not picture a big telephone in your heart (mine looks like the one in the Batman TV programs, it’s Red and in a glass cover). Pick up the handset, no need to dial, you have a direct line remember?

Now open to receive, to be all that you can be, perhaps you’ll feel the love or source so strongly you’ll wonder how it was you’d forgotten it was there.

Call today – It’s free

Free Love – whatever next?


What if we do have enough time?

magichandwhatif.gifRecently I’ve been reflecting on how it is I still feel that I do not have enough time, I’m so busy. I started to look at the background of thought that seems to continuously play in my head.

When I’m booking appointments I seem to have a thought that’s saying ‘I’ll put this in my diary but who knows, things have a habit of changing, I may not make it’.

As a consequence my diary and appointments are continuously changing, especially those that I’ve ‘pencilled in’, those that I was not convinced about.

Could it be something to do with my intent, with my conviction? From where I sit it’s clear that the universe delivers faithfully what I’ve asked for, which is chaos. So I decided to observe this in action next time I found myself without time.

Why not take a moment and listen to your background tape, I wonder what messages you are playing?

An amazing example happened a few weeks ago. I had an appointment in Wales and literally had a train to catch. I had left home in plenty of time, I thought, but had forgotten how dense the rush hour traffic had become at that time of day. To make matters worse I kept getting stuck at red lights, and behind the world’s slowest drivers. Each incident added to my anxiety that I would be late and miss the train, there was simply not enough time to park the car, buy a ticket and so on. My back track had started planning my next steps, after I had missed my train, what would I do, phone calls to make and so on.

At this point I let it go, I just offered it up to the universe and said, what will be will be (enter Doris Day).. This did not change the fact that it would appear I did not have enough time, however there was another voice in the background that said ‘trust, be with the moment, go to the station and catch your train’.

I drove into the station car park with 1 minute to go before my train was due to leave, and still the background tape was advising against buying a car park ticket, after all I’d missed my train so what would be the point. Again my inner voice said ‘trust, buy your ticket, catch your train’.

This time I chose to listen to my ‘gut’ feeling rather than the noise, bought my car parking ticket then went into the station to buy my travel ticket.

As I looked at the departure board I noticed with a smile that my train was 10 minutes late, time enough to buy a ticket, get a drink and walk to the platform. I could not have known this ahead of time other than through my intuition.

If we put aside the thoughts that tell us we are subject to time and allow ourselves to be in the moment, everything begins to flow.

There are two key points to this, one is that if we keep thinking we do not have enough time, guess what, we run out of time; time and time again. The other is to listen to our inner guidance and not the noise of our thinking heads. Once we quieten the noise we can hear our guide.

Now it may result on us missing the train after all, there may be someone we need to meet on the next one, so don’t worry, we can never be on the wrong train, we’ll be on the train we are on, nothing more.

What if time is way more flexible than we imagine? Well just imagine time is more flexible and it will be!

With Love,