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An Interview with Tara Khandro  

By Colin Whitby

This month we have an interview with Tara Khandro who lives in Indonesia on the Island of Bali. Initially we published an article The Caravan of Joy by Tara and in our conversations we thought it would be a good idea to share some more of Tara’s thoughts and ideas in an interview, I hope you enjoy.

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Colin:- Tara thanks so much for your time today, I wondered if a good place to start would be for you to describe how you came to be living and working in Bali.

Tara:- I am very much a mystic traveller and I live my life in accordance with my Soul and it’s unfolding into Consciousness.  If I have any goal then it is to truly become the Light that IAM.  I’ve expressed this goal in many different ways.  I’ve been a tennis player, a video and commercial scriptwriter and producer; a drama therapist; an actor, director and playwright.  Currently I express as an integrative consciousness healer.

Colin:- What prompted the move from acting to the world of healing?

Tara:- I have been the victim of three violent crimes, all stranger perpetrated, and the last one was 10 years to the exact date of the first one. At the time of that last one I was working as an actor. I was asleep in my apartment and this guy broke in. He was standing at the end of my bed. I knew that he wanted to rape me.  He was blocking the door. Well, I had already experienced rape and I saw that he had no weapon. The only way out was to fight. When I regained consciousness, he was not there and I knew that I prevented my rape.   After I called the police I went into the bathroom to look at my face- my head felt like a hot air balloon floating above my body.

When I looked into the mirror my face was a blob of black, blue and blood. In the middle of this mayhem I saw two little black dots that were my eyes.  I looked into this darkness. I was very curious to know what was inside. As I looked into the mirror simultaneously I felt myself going down, down through my third eye, my throat and all the way down into my heart. As I continued to peer into the darkness I could feel the subsequent terror, rage, shame and grief that come up after one survives a violent crime. I descended past these emotions, as I wanted to find out what was at the bottom of this darkness.

I then, deep inside of my belly, saw a golden light; what is termed the “Face before you were born” in Zen, and I felt I wanted to stay connected to this Light. I intuitively knew that it would  lead me out of my own darkness and assist me in healing all the trauma from many lifetimes. This was the beginning of me moving into my own integration processes and the subsequent awakenings at many different levels of Awareness.  It turns out this was a Kundalini awakening, but I didn’t know that at the time.

Colin:-  Some awakening! So out of that were you attracted to any particular form of healing or theology?

Tara:- I haven’t had any formal training, everything I have done has come through my own natural ability of clairvoyance, curiosity and devotion. At that time I was doing yoga, reading Sufi books, and studying Zen Buddhism.  I later took initiation into many different esoteric and spiritual traditions. As an Indigo of my generation I came in with a lot of Awareness.  I used to sit in full lotus position at 3 years of age chanting, for example, and since my experience with the attempted rape I have been very much feeling the energies and going with them. I have been moving house much more than I could have imagined in these past five years.  So many of us at this moment in time   are sensing the planetary  and cosmic consciousness shifts taking place and we are letting go of any goals we may have and simply following our intuition.

Colin:- How long ago did your own travelling start?

Tara:-  I’ve travelled all of my life. About five years ago I had a big practice in the United States, I had clients in New York, California, and Kansas City. I turned 50, my intimate partnership of 12 years was completing itself and I felt the call to move to New Mexico. I conceived and began pre-production on a documentary about earth honouring traditions and the prophecies for this time, which led me to Peru. I discovered that this journey was not so much about the documentary  but about my own process.  I had worked with the North American native traditions but this was the first adventure and initiation into the South American tradition.

After I came back from my second trip to Peru I had some debilitating health issues which meant I had to slow right down. It also meant I had no income for a while, so a friend of mine suggested I go to South Korea to teach English. It was my cocoon year. I lived in a village in the mountains by the sea with butterflies, cows and elderly people. When the contract in Korea finished I was led to move to Bali. I asked the Universe to show me a place on the planet where “my seeds will bear fruit”, and where I ‘will become Heaven on Earth”. Through serendipitous events the answer arose as Bali.  I hadn’t been here before but knew something of their traditions and dance through the theatre companies in the early 90’s with whom we did a lot of work.

Colin:- That’s quite a journey. 

Tara:- I feel very at home here because it’s in the tropics and I was getting very burned out on cold weather. In fact the only time I visited the UK was in February when it was snowing, all the snow ploughs went out and some of them got stuck, it seemed like a big thing there.

Colin:- Yes we had a pretty severe winter this year and we got caught out again, I guess it’s having so many mild winters, when a hard one comes along we run out of resources like ploughs and salt. Good fun though, I love the sound of silence after it snows.

Tara:­-  That’s nice, here in Bali the New Year’s day is Nyepi  which is very quiet. A month before Nyepi the boys put together huge figures, effigies.  On Nyepi eve  at the main crossroad of every village, evil spirits are exorcised by setting fire to these figures of monsters and demons, called Ogoh-Ogohs. On New Year’s day everything is closed, the airports are shut down, and we are commanded to stay inside, not cook anything, just contemplate all day long.

Bali is one of the noisiest places on the planet, so to have a day of complete silence when all that can be heard are the roosters and the birds is amazing. It is possible to not only get in touch with your inner forces and understand them, but also to appreciate just what a force sound is, when it stops. So when snow has just settled it’s kind of nice to just listen to the silence for a while, when everything stops. Like Simon and Garfunkel said, ‘The Sound of Silence’.

Colin:- Whilst reading some of your material one of the things I was intrigued by was that you were the originator of the ‘Alchemy of Wonder’, could you explain a little more about that?

Tara:- Well alchemy is the process of transmuting lead into gold. This is a mystical metaphor meaning that we can transmute the lead weight of our pain and suffering into the golden Light of IAM.  The alchemy happens however it is supposed to work in the moment during the time we-the client, myself and Spirit- commune together. For instance if a person comes with a very conscious awareness that there is a pain or a block, or maybe some kind of catalysing incident like a loss or a breakdown, then we will work with that. Sometimes a person will have a “spiritual emergence y” which is happening more frequently as we move through our planetary Cosmic Consciousness shift.

One of the reasons I told the story of how I found that place of our eternal essence is because that is the first thing I do when people come, I get them into that place. I anchor them there so that they know and feel it, and it is from that place that they become empowered to transmute their lead into gold. And we are both guided by this illuminated Source as to how we are to move through our time together.

I am clairvoyant I can pass on messages or bring in other energies, so in a recent case with a client, Mother Mary came to assist. I passed on some information and she guided me as to some repatterning regarding the client’s mother and self mothering. Then I saw that there was some darkness in her womb. I asked if she had problems with her womb she said no and that two years previous, in Thailand that question came up. I went deeper to discover a past life that was seminal in my client gaining awareness and power for this life. We cleared that past life pain and came into a recognition of its gift for this life.  

I make sure that everyone who I am gifted to commune with  gets rooted into their IAM Presence. Then they can begin to embrace, without judgment or fear, all that arises. They discover that the pain has purpose and meaning.  Through simply allowing ourselves to be open to receive we discover the most beneficial ways to  transmute the pain into consciousness, awareness and  release. Then we become more open and more Light.  

As a drama and movement therapist I worked within institutionalized settings. My mother is also narcissistic with a personality disorder.  I was also a step mother of a drug addicted teen and have had the privilege of working with chemical addictions, post traumatic stress disorder, sociopaths, personality disorders, autism, schizophrenics, manic depressive, etc. However, my service is to simply be present with whatever arises. I also naturally understand the psychology of the soul and its journey to individuate. No matter what the context-private clients,  drug treatment centre, United Nations conference- all those labels fall away, I take them to this place and anchor them in their True essence, and then the alchemy begins.

I offer them the chance to be aware of their own innate, divine alchemical power, and to do that with curiosity, and to wonder - ‘I wonder if I do this... what happens?’  When we relate to something that can be challenging, painful or scary with a sense of wonder from the inner soul part of us, that’s when the alchemy really starts happening. Your web site is the Magic of Being, so you know what it’s about, that’s when the magic starts happening.

The interesting thing is that most of this I’ve started doing intuitively, rather than following a particular method or teaching. It’s only later, when I meet a Tibetan for example, and they show me a method, that I realise I’ve been doing that for some time I just didn’t know it was a Tibetan practice.

Colin:-  So I guess that would explain why I have not been able to find out much about what you do on my internet searches, because that is not what you are about.

Tara:-  Well I’ve been officially facilitating Alchemy of Wonder for over a decade, yet I have been doing it all of my life.  I have not been able to traditionally market myself because I live in the moment. When my friends ask me what I do I say that ‘I devote myself to practicing to live radically rooted in the wily wonder of the wow of now’. Not a great marketing tool!’

Colin:-  That reminds me of the first interview I did for this magazine, where  Jane MacAllister Dukes  said the same kind of thing (JMcAD – Well it’s not about what I do, it’s about who I am being. So what I do is ‘I live who I am’. It’s about living my life in a particular way.)

Tara:- Wow that’s amazing. Yes. It is how we live our lives.  When I am with someone I will work with energy that is specifically for them, and when I work with a group the same thing will happen. So if someone needs some energy or work that is of a particular vibration or intensity, and that might be something that a practitioner of a particular healing methodology might consider too high for an individual at this stage of their healing, I will go with my intuition and know that the reason it came through was that it was right in the moment.

Colin:- For me that sounds exactly right, and just the way I like to work too. It’s been so great to talk with you today Tara, thank you so much for your time.

Tara:- You’re welcome. 

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An Interview with Tom T. Moore

By Colin Whitby

You may have read the earlier article by Tom or my own example of how using Most Benevolent Outcomes has worked for me. In our interview this month we are very fortunate to have a chance to find out a little more about Tom and how he came to use and write about The Gentle Way.

Colin:- Thanks very much your time today Tom, perhaps a good place to start our conversation would be for you to describe when you first became aware of your guardian angel and how this communication developed

Tom:- You have to appreciate that I am always looking for new things, one day whilst reading the Dallas Morning News a local astrologer was predicting that the Dallas Cowboys would not go to the Super Bowl that year, but they would go the following year, and at that time they had never gone, so that was quite something.

So I tore the article out and put it in my desk drawer as I had never read anything like that, and at the end of the season I pulled out the article and sure enough the team had not progressed to the Super Bowl. At that time I owned a small tour company and I reserved 300 seats to Miami a year in advance, and everybody thought that was funny, but a year later they did go to the Super Bowl and I became the first tour operator to run a trip there (and I made a lot of money).

About 14 years ago I was reading a magazine, the Sedona Journal of Emergence  and in the magazine they have a lot of channelled writing; one of the guys I liked to read was a man by the name of Robert Shapiro. One day I read one of his channels and he said that you can request Benevolent Outcomes, so I thought I’d give them a try and started experimenting.

At the time I didn’t have anything to go on except that one sentence, so I started requesting Benevolent Outcomes for the smallest of things, like parking spaces in front of the Post Office or outside a busy restaurant;  it worked perfectly. Eventually I got to know Robert Shapiro and he channelled an Indian shaman from the 1600’s by the name of ‘Reveals the Mysteries’.  One time I asked if it was my soul purpose to help Robert, and I was told no, which I thought was strange at the time.

In July 2005 my wife and I went to Sedona in Arizona to a seminar called “Increasing your Physic Abilities” put on by Dick Sutphen. Dick is a Master Hypnotist and has one of the greatest voices you’ll ever hear. He would put us under three or four times a day after which we would feel stoned, as we’d have been in an altered state so many times.

On the second day he gave us the chance to learn automatic writing so I thought it might be a good time to get in touch with ‘Reveals the Mysteries.’ So rather than doing the automatic writing I asked ‘Reveals the Mysteries are you there?’ and he said ‘Yes I am Tom’, so I though Wow, this is great!

Then I asked why I was the only one out there requesting Benevolent Outcomes, and he said ‘you are an Indian Shaman living at the same time as I am and your name is Still Water, and you have decided to re-incarnate into the 20th and 21st century in order to re-introduce people to the Gentle Way’.  He then told me I am here to write a book; I thought this was odd as I’m a business kind of guy, I distribute movies and TV programs, and I thought I’d be doing this until I retired, so this was something of a surprise. So that’s how it all started.  Robert Shapiro was the one whose soul contract was to remind me of what I was supposed to do.

Colin:- When you look back at these things and see how they all piece together it is kind of miraculous. So was the Gentle Way a particular philosophy or is it a result of asking for Benevolent Outcomes.

Tom:- Well that’s what Reveals the Mysteries calls it, The Gentle Way, and it really fits because you do wind up having a more gentle, easier and less stressful life. So requesting Benevolent Outcomes is just a more gentle way of life. As I was requesting Benevolent Outcomes I began to become more aware of things that were happening around me, how some of the outcomes were so intricate and how the pieces fell into place.

As an example, in the first book The Gentle Way, I wrote that I was sued for one Million Dollars because a TV network client of mine, a small Spanish TV network, did not adhere to their contract and wound up being sued by some producers down in Mexico. I had an attorney friend in Arkansas who was not permitted to work in Texas, but he answered all the pleadings that went on for over a year for free under my signature. Finally the attorney for the prosecution contacted me and advised that he was going to ask the court to force me to have an attorney, which could have proven to be quite difficult and costly.

I walked out of my back yard to drop off my garbage, and at the same time my neighbour was there who I knew was an attorney, so I asked him if he knew anyone who works out of Houston, Texas. He said that his nephew was an attorney down there and he gave me his details. The odd thing is I never normally see this guy, so this was quite unusual for me to catch him.

I contacted his nephew and he agreed to represent me, and finally the mediation was scheduled in Houston.  He was not sure if I would have to end up paying something after all. So I said for him not to worry as I had asked for a Most Benevolent Outcome; at the end of the mediation I wound up paying nothing.  The network had to pay over $400,000 to settle.

That shows the intricate ways of how the MBO’s work, how my neighbour turns up in the alley, how he has a nephew who is working in Houston who just happens to be working for the most influential U.S. attorney in Mexico. All these things just ‘happened’ absolutely perfectly.

Colin:- I’ve only just started using the MBO’s following posting your article and can confirm they do work. We had a meeting recently and one particular person was coming along who we knew would be difficult and could potentially prevent agreement being reached. On the day I asked for the Most Benevolent Outcome for myself and all those involved and for the results to surprise everyone, and it turned out he was delayed on the motorway and could not attend, so the meeting went well and we gained agreement.

Tom:- Isn’t it amazing the way it works? Also at the time I was becoming aware I noticed using MBO’s was raising my vibrational level.  I never thought I would be able to communicate with any kind of spirit telepathically, especially with someone who is alive and living in the 1600’s. I went from there to being able to communicate with any being who would want to communicate with me.

I continued with these communications in what I call “active meditations,” which is something I teach in workshops. Anyone can do it, and some people pick it up right away, although for most people it is something like riding a bike, or learning a new language; you do need to spend some time on it.

When I first started with these conversations with spirit I was around 30% accurate, and as I practiced the active meditations I knew I was getting a little better each time. When I would ask if I am getting better I would keep getting the message, “Practice, practice, practice.”

Even today Theo tells me to continue my practice because coming up after 2012 he’ll be able to speak to me in the middle of the day, with not too much of a problem.

Colin:- Yes there does seem to be a general view that our telepathic abilities are going to improve, but for myself I have a way to go before I can hear full sentences, I just get single words most of the time. My Guardian Angel gets my attention through numbers, so I see 11:11 on my digital clock or maybe 333 on a number plate on a car, that kind of thing.

Tom:- With numbers, as I have been travelling all these years, I would notice that my room numbers in hotels would always add up to 5, so I would always know that was Theo saying hello. So I would know was getting room numbers like 104 or 302, they sort of let you know that way that they are around. I have found that numbers and names are the hardest thing for me to get in my active meditations, and I’m still working on that.

Colin:- Yes I have difficulty with names too, although I am very lucky to have friends who can hear clearly and they will tell me what is going on when we meditate together. Once I have a picture or hear the words I can see and feel the situation much easier, I do tend to be able to feel energy rather than see or hear. Interestingly I have only just become aware of my Guardian Angel over the last two years, after a friend painted her for me. I do get the impression that she is highly entertained by my Most Benevolent Outcome requests, like she’s thinking ‘at last, he’s finally got it’.

Tom:- We’re making progress. In my weekly newsletter that is coming up next week I was asking Theo on behalf of one of my readers, if using MBO’s erases Karma. He said no, but it makes it a lot easier. So the analogy he used would be if you came up to a brick wall, the wall now becomes a mound of rubble; it’s still there but it is now possible to climb over.

So you still have the challenges that you have set up in your soul contract but they are much easier to go past or get through than they would have been.

Colin:-  One of the things I noticed, and you mentioned this in an example in your new book The Gentle Way II, is that you no longer feel fear. I was thinking of the example you used of when you went into an operation a lot calmer and a lot more relaxed because you are confident that the most benevolent outcome will happen.

Tom:- Just after I published the book I was due to go to speak at a big book fair in Washington DC and down to Houston to speak at a church.  But I had such a cough and I couldn’t figure it out as I didn’t have a runny nose or cold symptoms. Normally I would just ride it out, but as I had these appointments I decided to go to my doctor to get an inhaler or something.

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor expecting to get something to clear my lungs and he checked me out and advised me he wasn’t going to give me an inhaler, instead he sent me downstairs (into the local hospital) to check in for congestive heart failure.

So I said, “That’s great, at least I have on some clean undies today” and it ended up that they had to do three procedures on me, two to get me out of the hospital and a third one about a year later which meant I no longer needed to take any medicine for my heart.

Each time I had one of these procedures I would be absolutely calm, no fear whatsoever, because I would request a benevolent outcome for each procedure.

Colin:- Yes and as you say it builds so that you have a calmer way of being so to speak, perhaps it is as a result of the raising of your vibration, once you have made MBO’s a habit you are constantly in a higher vibration. One of the great things that struck me was how easy it is to understand, and by the number of people who you have commenting on your web site, it’s reaching a great many people.

Tom:- That’s right and the second book really came about because people would ask ‘how would I say this for this’ and I would respond with suggestions, but hey this is not rocket science, you can make these things up yourself.

People were also sending me in really unique stories, often using benevolent outcomes in ways I would never have thought of. So I was being asked for a book where the use of benevolent outcomes were grouped under one heading , like a reference book. So you will find stories from people under headings like Weddings, Shortening Waiting lines, On the Freeway that kind of thing, so that’s how I assembled the book for people to be able to use as a kind of reference book.

Colin:-  Well it certainly reads very well, and it’s great to hear so many success stories from people. One thing that I noticed was you describe a different way of asking for help for yourself, and another for when asking for help for other people. One was a ‘request’, and one was the ‘ask’, how do you understand the difference between these two methods?

Tom:- I was told that when I request benevolent outcomes for other people a whole different set of angels take care of all the requests for everyone in the world all at the same time, and there’s about a million of these angels. Our Guardian Angels are golden light beings who can take care of thousands of people in all of their lives at the same time. However this second set of angels are not golden light beings but they are able to handle the prayer requests from people all over the world, so when you are requesting a benevolent outcome for someone else you are tapping into those angels and not your own guardian angel.

Well when I was told this I said there didn’t seem to be much of a difference between ‘ask’ and ‘request’, and I was told ‘go read a dictionary’.  So I did and they are a little different.

This kind of evolved from living prayers, so I came up with a way to say these benevolent prayers for other people which is ‘I ask any and all beings...’ Now when you do that you are not limiting it just to one kind of being, it could be people, it could be dogs or cats, for example if someone was buried in the rubble of say Haiti or Chile, you say ‘I ask any and all beings...’ because it could be a dog or a bird that brings attention to the rescuers that there is somebody under that rubble.

Colin:- Another thing you describe in the book is that sometimes we do not always get what we expect, but that whatever it is, it is always for the good of all. So when it is a benevolent outcome it is taking other things into consideration that you may not be aware of.

Tom:- And the confidence comes from requesting benevolent outcomes over and over again, and for mundane things like the train ride into London or to get a seat on the tube (London Underground), so as you see it working you gain that trust so that when something does not seem to go the way you expect .

I give the example in my life where for years I and a friend in Paris had the rights for some books by an English writer by the name of Cheney who had written some spy novels set in World War 2 and we were trying to put together some financing to put the first two of his books on film as spy movies.

The strangest things would happen when I thought we had the finance lined up; we went all over the world to work on the finance and each time it would fall apart. Finally I asked Theo why I did not receive a benevolent outcome for doing those movies and I was told that it was not my soul contract; if I had gone down that path I would not have been able to write these books and to reach all the hundreds of thousands of people who I would eventually reach in this way.

The thing about requesting benevolent outcomes is that it keeps you on your soul contract, even though you may think you are supposed to be doing something else, yet there is something better that you are supposed to do.

Colin:- Well Tom thank you so much for talking with me today, I’m sure everyone will be keen to read your books and make a start using benevolent outcomes themselves.

Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO and speaker.  His books, The Gentle Way: A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe in Angels (ISBN # 1-891824-60-0, Light Technology) and The Gentle Way II: The Story Continues give many more suggestions for requesting Benevolent Outcomes.  Visit his website at  

Did you read about my own experience when I started using Benevolent Outcomes and Tom’s article Spiritual Path as Old as Atlantis?


An Interview with Lisa Hart

By Colin Whitby

This month our interview is with Lisa Hart who contacted us after reading our interview with Kamla Deva who told us about her passion for Colour Light Therapy. Here Lisa tells us how using Colour Light Therapy can change and touch young people’s lives and make a difference in the world.

Colin: - Lisa you mentioned that you are using Colour Light Therapy in a school in St. John’s Wood in London, how did that come about? Are you a teacher there or have you set up a special relationship with the school so that the children feel comfortable approaching you?

Lisa: - I started working at a school in St. Johns Wood as a Colour Light Therapist 5 years ago. It’s something I’ve set up part time at the school which involves the students making an appointment with me for treatments. The students know me as a Colour Light Therapist and Life Coach. It’s a safe place for children to share their feelings confidentially.

Colin:- That’s interesting, how did that come about?

Lisa:- I treated the Head Teacher and the Deputy Head. They were enlightened and impressed and wanted me to treat some of the teenagers to help with the stress of exams and stress at home. The Head Teacher thought that bringing Colour Light Therapy into the school would calm teenagers down and help raise their self esteem.

Colin:- What a great opportunity to be able to offer this kind of service at such an early age, to get them interested in this kind of work.

Lisa:- Yes. I feel touched knowing the Colour Light has helped them to grow and change their lives. Especially the GCSE students who tend to struggle with the stress of the exams. In a short period of time, their state of mind has changed; they have become calmer and have a sense of self belief, which was not apparent before starting the session.

Colin:- Have you noticed that more children are coming to see you now, has word got around and they have more confidence that you will be able to help?

Lisa:- Of course. In any school, word gets around relatively quickly and I have been noticing a rise in the number of students making appointments as they are confident I will be able to help.

Colin:- That sounds really good, perhaps it might expand out into other schools if word gets around, let’s hope this interview will help. It’s so nice you have that the heads of the school have recognised that it will help the children.

Lisa:­- I would be delighted to help children in other schools. I’m grateful that the Heads of the school believe and have faith in me.

Colin:-  Is it like many similar healing therapies where it may help people shift energies or emotions that were stuck, and reveal some unresolved issues?

Lisa:- All healing is different  and every healer is unique. I work in my own way, which is to facilitate the client’s issues. If the client wants to shift energy and release old patterns, with my knowledge and intuition I can point out the blocks and stuck energy, and help them move forward.

Colin:- So this is where your other skills would come into play such as your life coaching?

Lisa:- Life coaching is different from Colour Therapy, when I see someone for Life Coaching I normally don’t use Colour. Life Coaching involves the person sitting down and working together mainly with the mind.

Colin:­- When you are in the school, are the children allowed to come out of their classes to see you or  can they just attend during break times.

Lisa:- Quite often the children will have free time between lessons, and they will come and tell me how much time they have and ask if they can see me. Sometimes if it is urgent a teacher will arrange for a student to come and see me in lesson time.

Colin:- It’s wonderful you are able to introduce children to these kind of healing therapies so early in their lives. I notice that you have a number of other therapies and methods that you are trained in, so presumably that means that you can use the light therapy in conjunction with other techniques?

Lisa:- I don’t use other therapies with Colour Light, each one is individual. I wouldn’t want to combine different therapies together as it can have a reverse effect on that person.  

Colin: - Have you been doing this kind of healing for some time now?

Lisa:- I’ve been doing the Colour Light Therapy and Tachyon for about three years now, and Life Coaching and NLP for the last 10 years.

Colin:- So with the school work, presumably they are funding you for your work there?

Lisa:-  Yes they are.

Colin:- That’s quite a step forward for a school to take this kind of step. I suppose with colour therapy it’s not intrusive so the level of perceived risk is quite low for them.

Lisa: Colour Light is very gentle and I can only go as far as the person is willing to in relation to their healing journey.

Colin:­- Are there specific colours that help with particular issues, like if someone is feeling fearful for example?

Lisa:- If the client is feeling fearful or anxious then I apply yellow light to the fear zone area of the body.

Colin:- Do you treat traditional illnesses like Rheumatism, have you had success with these?

Lisa:- I have treated various people for rheumatism. I use the pain treatment which works very well.

Colin:- Do you use the same light treatment method as that described by Kamla in her interview?

Lisa:-  Yes, I use the same method as Kamla as she was my teacher.

Colin:- Do you think that it is important what colour clothing people wear, can it affect them?

Lisa:- It depends on the person, as everyone sees colour in their own, individual way. I personally think that if you wear a bright colour e.g. yellow, you feel and look both, happy and positive. Equally if you were to wear grey, you may feel and look miserable. I have discovered when I wear bright colours e.g. purple, turquoise or yellow, my energy is lifted, so yes, I do believe it can affect a person.

Colin:- Well it's been great to hear about a unique application of the Colour Light Therpay Lisa, thanks very much for getting in touch and sharing this with us.

Lisa Hart is a Life Coach and Colour Light Therapist working with teenagers in a State school in St John’s Wood, London. She is also an NLP Practitioner and Reiki Healer.

Lisa’s website is

Contact Lisa


An Interview with Ashanti (Rev.Karen Leys)

With Colin Whitby

Karen and myself were trying to remember when we first contacted each other, and I found it was way back in April 2007 when Karen was advertising the Jewels of the Soul session with Kimberley Marooney. Since then we have published two articles by Karen, and now this month we are fortunate to be able to bring you an interview with Ashanti (Karen’s Angelic name) following her ordination into the Angel Ministry (with Kimberley).

Our call was such a high energy experience for me, I really hope you feel some of that beautiful light as you read, it was my first introduction to the Seraphim in this context, and it was so powerful.

With Love,


Colin:- You have been working with Angels for some time with your vibrational elixirs, how did you first come to ask for Angelic help with these amazing liquids?

Ashanti:- Back in 2004, shortly after being made redundant from my job as a complementary therapist for people with alcohol & drug addiction, I was in a place of not knowing. Not knowing what I was now meant to do, how I was going to survive financially and really questioning my journey to that point. I felt anxiety and also anger. Anger at myself for believing that I was working for the highest good. Why had I been forsaken, left out in this now seemingly desolate space, drifting, not knowing what it was all for!

This particular morning as I sat in my garden on a warm, beautiful summers day, the air so still it was a feeling of a delicate, comforting blanket enveloping me, the birds sang, insects buzzed, slowly I was drawn deeper and deeper into the stillness, absorbing the life giving power of the sun, holding the quiet question “what am I meant to do, where is my life going now?”  With each breathe I felt myself expand into the depths of my Self, on each out breathe my consciousness heightened and clarified.  I felt a further question arise from within, I allowed ‘Karen’ to step back for this connection to higher realms to be undisturbed…. “What is it you want from me?” in the stillness came my answer came!

“You are to create elixirs to assist ascension”


“You must work in the angelic realms”

My first response to this was to reject this as the only angel worker I had heard of, I felt no connection or resonance with her or her work. Where was I going to find my next step? So really I was just the channel for these beautiful gifts to be brought through for us to use in our collective healing process, I just had to say YES to this call for assistance from the Angels. I said yes, then let go, trusting I would be guided each step of the way, my role was to listen, trust and act on the information given to me from the Angelic realms.

About two weeks later I was out with my sister, she wanted to show me a little shop where she had bought gifts for me, at the time I was thinking I was meant to open a shop selling things for people to develop spiritually! On walking in, the space felt chaotic, untidy and over filled. There was too much stuff, I didn’t feel I wanted to stay as I couldn’t really appreciate anything amongst the clutter.  As I looked beyond the abundance of stuff, my attention as drawn to a little corner with things littered from floor to ceiling.  Right there on the floor was a box, covered in dust, feeling discarded and forgotten!

Immediately I had a rush through my whole body, a knowing that this was why I was here.  The rush of excitement welled up as I reached down to pick this box up.  As soon a I held it and looked at the image I said out loud “this is what I have been waiting to find!” my joy was apparent to both my sister and the shop owner, although they couldn’t fully comprehend my excitement.  This box was Angel Blessings Oracle by Kimberly Marooney. I had never heard of Kimberly before this moment!

I began working with this oracle straight away, the support and guidance it offered was so profound each time I tuned in and meditated, drew a card that was exactly the qualities needed to work through the situation I was working with. Over time I began using the cards with my clients, each and every one of them found profound answers from within themselves through using this oracle.

It was sometime later I was prompted to remember the elixirs that I was to assist into Being in this realm. During a meditation I heard the voice once more telling me that it was time to source the crystals needed for this task. I was told the crystals I would be drawn to choose are the physical manifestation, the denser form, holding the resonant frequencies for each of the angels that were wishing to be brought into form through the elixirs.

Many months of searching finally led me to the most beautiful, knowledgeable and highly gifted crystal worker, Loren. Loren’s work with the crystals went so much deeper than simply understanding them as tools for healing, to her they were alive, held individual personalities, she enabled me to ‘see’ their form as those of the fairie realms! This was truly a gift. Once I had allowed the right crystals to choose me for this important task they arrived and the work could finally begin! 

Each elixir was born out of a process that began with a meditation on a specific crystal, during the meditation I would get out of the way and reside in a stillness and expansiveness to allow for my Highest self to guide my hand in drawing the angel card attuned to the crystal. This was the same process for each crystal and at points I found my intellect clamber in and question what was happening, but when I went to the book and read the guidance for that particular angel it correlated perfectly with the information I sourced on the particular crystal. The match and connection was undeniable! The truth of this process presented itself when I was working with the beautiful crystal heulandite.

As I held this stone, went into this space of emptiness I began to shuffle the oracle cards.  Hand over hand the cards were shuffled, immediately a card fell out onto the floor face up! “no that isn’t supposed to be how it is done!” I said so I picked it up and began the process once more. I shuffled for sometime until I felt it right to draw a card…. Slowly I drew the match for heulandite, with trepidation I turned it over………….  NO this couldn’t be, it was the same card that had ’thrown’ itself out in the first instance!  I roared with laughter at this lesson from spirit...Trust the process.  As I put the crystal onto the card to move onto the next something beautiful showed itself to me. Spirit were showing me in no uncertain terms how definately this was a match, the colours held in the crystal matched the colours of the image of the angel of Ressurection, the ArchAngel Gabriel, depicted on this card! From here on I did not question my role in this process and offered myself as the physical medium to facilitate the creation spirit wanted to manifest, I was just their tool for this job, all I had to do was listen and trust.

Once all the crystals had found their heavenly match the gem stock had to be created, again this was done through meditation, divine intention and trust.  At the perfect full moon, prayers affirmed and intentions set, the angelic guides for each quality were called. Archangel Gabriel the angel of Ressurrection, Stamera the angel of Forgiveness and so on until all were present with their physical partners — the crystals. Now the magik could combine! 

Colin:- When would someone use a vibrational elixir, how does this differ from a flower essence for example?

Ashanti:- These wonderful gifts can be used everyday. We are constantly moving through challenges & opportunites to witness and release our deepest woundings, if we choose to look!  The angels are constantly on call, waiting patiently to assist us with their loving touch.

These elixirs intensify the union of our intention with the deepest intention of our soul purpose.  We are all longing for union, and at this time in history this call has quickened, many of us our hearing the call of our Soul to move fully into the presence of God, the Divine, Source, call it whatever resonates with you, the destination is the same. I use them throuhout my day depending on what I am working on moving through.

For example the Elixir Forgiveness to Bliss the first level of process is the work to collapse & release the energy structures that have been created through the process of repetitive thoughts and emotional responses of anger, resentment, blame etc and behaviours in this life and the many we have experienced, plus the ancestral patterns of the ‘victim’ archytype that have been forged. At this monumental time we have the opportunity to clear these patterns!  Once this energy structure has collapsed and the resonance held in those energtic charges has dispersed, ‘space’ is left for the next stage of the process to begin. 

The tenderly powerful crystal Dioptase and the Angel of Forgiveness, Stamera are the symbiotic union of spirit and matter that hold the alignment with the frequency of Bliss. Now they can begin vibrating within the cellular structure, building and building until the resonance is in perfect alignment that the only possible outcome is the manifestation and experience of Bliss! Our energy filed has integrated the frequency of bliss. How wonderful that the angels have given us these gifts to assist so lovingly our process of Divine alignment!  This is the process for the 21 Angelic Gem Elixirs that have so far come into being. I have not completed the process of writing the channeled information for all yet, this is ongoing.

You asked about how they differ from flower essences which I also use in my healing process, although I find these are more gentle, and hold me when I feel I want to align not to go deepely into the shadows and clean house. I use Nancy Boyds essences, you featured her work here in this mag, we are good friends now, Nancy has loved and supported me through many challenges with her words and her essences. And I also use Maggie Smiths flower essences, she is a close friend and collegue of Kimberly’s. The Angelic Elixirs are so very powerful that it requires a Trust that you will be held so safely in your deepest pain, because this is where they take us, right to the core! Ouch!!

But it is so worth every ounce of the illuison of pain I have felt to expand, and expand into the fullest light I can possiby hold at each moment of my life here. When I use them I have on occasion within minutes felt my energy being shaken so deeply, tears, fears, anxiety all present themselves, deep meditation and trust is all I need in these moments to let the angels hold me in this process of transformation.    

Colin:- You have recently come back from America having been ordained in the Angel Ministry, what did that entail?

Ashanti:- Wow now that’s a big question, where do I begin? It was the culmination of the training programme, the first time I was to physically meet the other 20 Ladies from around this globe. We had been connecting each week through our web/phone classes and already felt truly connected. I have to say this has been the first programme/retreat I have been part of where it felt truely divine. By that I mean the illusions of the ego really were only in the picture to be healed. When they were to emerge, they were held by the angelic support that was present throughout for us to go so deeply through and beyond illusion, the dramas of ego came forward with so much honesty that the only possible outcome was loving release. 

The energy of this Ministry is so fine, truly authenticlly clear it goes beyond that which I have words to express. The retreat week was an intensive 10 – 12 hour day, moving through a process of deep soul excavation, using prayer, ritual, dance, music, meditation, the elixirs.

Day one for me began and moments into us beginnign to sing our Sister of the Seraphim song the tears began to flow, throughout this day I went deeper and deeper into the pain that was emerging and sobbed and sobbed so deeply for 8 hours at least straight!  This was so perfect to clear and the deepest levels the wounds I had been carrying throughout lifetimes.   

The night before the ordiantion we all finished the day with a Final Journey mediation, a journey into the death process. In this space Karen died, the Karen that had been the warrior on my journey to allow for the emergence of Ashanti. Ashanti is my God given name given to me from God just moments before our ministry baptism cermony on the ordination day. It came quickly, loudly and very unexpectedly! What perfect divine timing. I asked what it is that Ashanti is to bring to the world on the frequency of the sounding of the name?  I was told it is Great Peace. Ashanti has emerged to act as one of God’s guides, God’s light of peace through the darkness for all souls seeking to emerge, for all peoples struggling through the darkness.

Ashanti is a light to guide the way along the path to unity. Ashanti is a powerful light, yet so gentle a light of love of the divine for the many stumbling, falling as they desire to move  into the arms of their Beloved. Ashanti on that day assisted me to fully merge with the glory of my heavenly father/mother, I was led through a process, guided by what seemed like hours of powerful music, dance, stillness, tears, joy into alignment with Shekinah the Angel of Unity and the Angels of Liberation.They held me by the hand and guided me into a light so powerful I felt myself dissolve and merge into this light! Many more amazing experiences occurred for myself and I believe all the other ladies involved.  

Colin:- You were instrumental passing on the idea for the Angel Ministry, can you tell us a little more about this?

Ashanti:- I was to pass on the message for Kimberly at the perfect time for her to hear, I was being asked to pass on that it may be time to begin to develop a programme to teach others what she had been gifted with. Kimberly’s journey is a magnifcent journey to Soul, through the pains, challenges and illusions of the ego into the Presence of God. I was a messenger, stirring in her the next step of her soul journey, for this I am so joyful. Kimberly heard, trusted and pushed through ever deeper processes to bring this gift to the world, a gift so magnificent it must be shared.   

Colin:- As an angelic minister you became a member of the Order of the Seraphim, can you explain how you work with them?

Ashanti:- The order of the Seraphim, and the processes involved in the programme to be ordained as an Angel Minister have been the cullmination for me of many lifetimes journeying.  In this life I knew as a child as young a 6 or 7 that I was being called to be of service to God. At that time I was fearful and would prayer fervently that I would not have to be a nun, I promised God I would serve but just please don’t make me become a nun. Even at this young age I felt the conflicts of the dogma in religon and my own very personal expereicne of Jesus, the angels and Higher Beings, I knew and searched throughout my life for my calling, many times I considered other interfaith ministries, nothing felt right, then the pieces began falling into place beginning with the task asked of me with the elixirs up to the point of meeting Kimberly and passing on the message.

I have always been closely connected to the Angels, working with them throughout my life, now as a Sister of the Order of the Seraphim I am a living representative of the Seraphim Angel Lineage. The Seraphim represent the Supreme Authority to create in the materail world and as earthly members we work so closely with this order of Angels. “Seraphs are generally accepted to be the highest order of God’s Angelic Servants. The Seraphim are in direct communion with God and as such are beings of pure light and thought who resonate with the Fire of Love” (Angels: An Endangered Species by Malcom Goodwin) So who are the Seraphim Angels?

They are closer now to assist us with the acts of Divine Surrender – this is angel Zacharael into Freedom (from illusion) Angel Nisroc, to embody the Power ( to create Gods will) Sandalphon, then there is beautiful Hamied the seraphim assisting those with pure hearts & minds create and witness the Miracles manifesting, the opportunities, epiphnaies, many of which we are witnessing at this time in the fields of physics & medicine. These are the workings of the Seraphim as they shine their brilliance of Divine radiation onto the mind for its expansion to ‘grasp’ knowledge that has until this time been out of reach of the consciousness. Now with the expansion of consciousness new frontiers are being touched, explored and integrated as knowledge.

Then we have the Order of Love Seraphim who come to us as the qualities to support the 4 angels above. Our journey to Unity is held on the foundations of qualities that can emerge through each and every one of us, it is our purpose to BE- Come, that is BE the qualities coming into our consciousness at this pivotal time. These qualities must be integrated and without thought we just are them, to create the heaven on earth that is being spoken of in so many areas at this time.

As is my business mission statement I try to live by “we must be the change we wish to see in the world” Gandhi. I believe now the Seraphim are working so cosely with us all to bring this to fruittion. The Angels Love Seraphim that want to emerge through us to guide us to unity are:-

Depth ~ we must trust to go to depths so far avoided, to look into the shadows personally and collectively and shine the light of love onto this darkness.   

Worthiness ~ release all fears, beliefs and behaviours of unworthiness of the Love of God.

Humility ~ this angel assists us to find the openness to listen to Truth to receive Gods will by helping us to find our way out of the illusion.  

Devotion  ~ comes to us when we have moved into the soul yearning to serve with such deep dedication  and willingness, devotion opens the heart for us to hear our purpose.

Love  ~ guides us then into a deeper realtionship with the Divine through releasing outmoded behaviours & thoughts created in the illusion, in this process our angel of Connection move forward to assist this vibration to develop, strengthen  to move us into the arms of the serving angel of Liberation, to guide us into unconditional Love.  The Angel Benediction now guides our journey into the sacred templ of soul, then the Gifts of God will emerge.

With this connection to Divine power comes great responsibility, The Seraphim are urgently moving to reunite with their earthly counterparts, I was called and have stepped forward to assist them in manfesting Gods Love through my life. This supreme authority to manifest in this world on the surface can seem all about self service to create ‘stuff’.  No this is not the gifts that come with the Seraphim Lineage, it is about manifesting from the Supreme Authority…. God, it is about manifesting the most High in and through my life, this can only be so once the illusions of the ego have been fully held in the light of the Divine, then and only then can the manifestation of  unity emerge.    

For me, through me it is about manifesting the angelic qualities each angel is bringing to this world to enable the shift in consciousness, the transformation in our living reality. It is about sharing this insight and spiritaul asssitance with others to enable this transformation to occur, being a bright light in the dark night many are expereincing as we draw closer to 2012. 

Colin:- As we are talking I can feel a beautiful clear love energy flowing. Now you are ordained how will you bring this wonderful angelic energy into your own ‘ministry’?

Ashanti:- Oh yes, the energy is so clear, so fine and so powerful yet gentle in its intensity! When in this energy all time and space dissolve, the clarity brings forth soul intentions so effortlessly and will be carried throughout the rest of your waking day!

My ministry?  Well it feels it is to be the living light of the Divine for those lost in the darkness, a guide, a transformaitonal assitant in their healing journey, to be the courage, faith, hope and the Love that may be covered in their own lives at the time they come to me.  I, working now in close relationship with the Seraphim and all the orders of the Angelic realms infuse the space, the session with the exact angels and their qualities to assist those seeking meaning, purpose & love in their lives.    

I work part time as a counsellor and complementary therapist in a residential detox and rehab facility for those suffering with alcohol and drug addiction, and the powerful moments of love and clarity that have occurred time and time again touch through the presence of the divine qualities that are emerging through me constanltly hold me in gratitude. I also work a couple of days a week with adults with severe epilepsy, learning difficulties and physical disabilities. Carrying the intention of Divine presence where ever I go has had a profound effect my life and those I come into contact with. Many of the residents I find gravitate towards me as soon as I arrive, they calm if agitated if I stand with them in love, I feel deeply and truly blessed to bring such healing without the bells and whistles to these sensetive souls. The rest of the time I work with private clients, from all walks of life facing lifes challenges, so I am fairly busy already.

I believe my ministry will grow to also offer Divine ceremony: Weddings, vow renewal, commitment ceremony, Home Blessings, naming ceremonies, end of life assitance, pastoral/spiritual counselling,all tailored to the individuals own soul desires. Angel healings, blessings, readings, circles, workshops and articles on developing connections with angels through many avenues have been emerging in my practice over the past 3 or so years now after this amazing programme they are grounding in so much more solid foundations. 

Each Angel Minister is manifesting a unique ministry, the blueprint of their divine plan. Beautiful Saxon is such a powerful messenger, clearly receiving and passing on messages from the angels that bring so much clarity, support and love to our world.  SusanAnn has a voice that wraps with tenderness and love around the heart, both in speech and in song, as I close my eyes and listen to her love through her psalms and song I am immediately transported into the arms of my divine father/mother. There will be so many offerings coming to this earth through this amazing group of women who said yes to their soul callings, although this is not a ministry open to just women, come on guys, say yes!     

Colin: Thank you so much Ashanti, the energy we have been sharing during this interview has been simply divine. I'm sure everyone will wish you well in your new Ministry.

You can find out more about Ashanti at:-

Ashanti has also provided more information about the Angel Ministry in our Soul Search section


An Interview with Kamla Deva

With Colin Whitby

Our interview this month is with Kamla Deva who is based in my home city of Bristol here in the UK where she combines her teaching and therapy practice with a successful career in business.

Luckily she found some time in her busy schedule to speak with us about Colour Light Therapy.


Colin: - Thank you for agreeing to this interview Kamla, I know you are very busy. Perhaps I could start by asking you to explain what Colour Light Therapy is. 

Kamla: - Thank you for this opportunity to speak to you today Colin, and to your readers. I love to talk about Colour Light Therapy – it’s had such a huge impact on my own life and I just love to see the transformation it brings to my students and clients. Many of us have heard that we are all in essence beings of light. A natural progression from this is Colour Light Therapy - a holographic method using coloured light to release physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances at the cellular level. The great thing is it is gentle, yet profoundly effective and easy to learn. Healing happens at the deepest levels - at the very roots of emotional and physical problems.

Scientific research has shown that the cells of the body naturally communicate with each other through light, and we believe that the memories of past traumas are held in our cells and influence the way we respond, both physically and psychologically, to present events (see the article The Science of Light).

We use a specially designed pen light torch with 11 quartz glass rods of different colours to be applied  to the skin on specific points or zones, similar to those on the acupuncture meridians. Each colour has a particular frequency and will carry a special healing message, which the cells absorb and then transmit to each other. As the healing message is received, the causes of disharmony are released and the person begins to remember and resonate with their natural capacity for health and well-being.

Colour Light Therapy is used to relieve physical symptoms and also for people on a spiritual path, cleansing them of anything which prevents them from living in the light of their own highest potential.

Colin: I have heard of colour therapy before, how is Colour Light Therapy different from other colour therapies?

Kamla: Many people assume that Colour Light Therapy is similar to general colour therapy. Actually, it’s very different – it’s more specific and more direct than general colour therapy, as light is applied directly onto specific points on the body in a finely focused beam. It works faster and deeper than for example, applying a coloured scarf or a broad area of light to the body.

Colin: So where does this kind of Colour Light Therapy originate, and how does it work?

Kamla: The School of Awakening Colour Light Therapy method I use has its origins in the teachings of German Naturopath Peter Mandel. About 30 years ago, he invented a precision technique which he called Colorpuncture. He was invited to teach his revolutionary new method at a spiritual community in India which is where he met Sarita – co-founder of the School of Awakening. Sarita completely fell in love with Colorpuncture and was apprenticed to Peter for seven years learning and then teaching it. Later on she added some of her own techniques including dialoguing, emotional release, hypnosis, picture diagnosis, dream work and meditation.  While remaining true to the original treatments she learned from Peter Mandel, she felt that her support methods could facilitate people to heal faster and to have deep insight into the origin of their issue, as well as helping the client to realize their luminous potential. This deeply supportive and transforming healing journey is called Colour Light Therapy. It has been taught by our School since 1999.

Colin: Dialoguing, that sounds interesting, how would you describe that?

Kamla: I personally believe that Dialoguing is the key enhancement that Sarita contributed to Colorpuncture.  It’s based in hypnosis and is a technique which helps deal with any healing reactions someone might have to Colour Light treatments. The practitioner engages the client in a verbal dialogue whilst the client has his or her attention focused inside the body in places where they have become aware of sensations or emotions. This becomes a gateway for communicating with the unconscious mind and with the cellular intelligence of the body. It’s amazing what can come up in this process – sometimes it can be early childhood events or even past life stuff. Whatever it is, we use the dialoguing to bring awareness to the underlying root causes of the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem so that they can be released consciously, often with emotional expression. This means the body doesn’t have to do all the work itself on a physical level and you can avoid having to undergo a healing crisis.

Colin: So what kind situations would Colour Light Therapy be suitable for?

Kamla: Colour light therapy is extremely versatile. It can be used to treat a huge range of physical conditions – from a headache through to supporting someone healing from major illness. We find it’s great for balancing the emotions particularly when traumatic memories are ’trapped’ in the cells of the body. I especially enjoy working with people wanting deep personal transformation. Colour Light Therapy is an incredibly powerful tool here– it literally shines light into those dark ‘stuck’ places in our lives and helps us leave behind our old, unhelpful patterns, leaving us free to radiate our own light.

Practically everyone can benefit from Colour Light Therapy, regardless of their current state of health or well-being.

We’ve used it on children ranging from small babies up to teenagers; children are particularly responsive to Colour Light, they need less time on each point and have great results with even simple treatments. We offer a Foundation Course which includes a good ‘first-aid kit’ of treatments to keep children happy and healthy and I would also recommend the Prenatal series.

Colin: Can Colour Light Therapy be used alongside conventional medical treatment or other therapies?

Kamla: Yes, it is a complementary healing method. It supports the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. It works very well with many other alternative therapies, usually enhancing the treatment progress. It often brings to light the roots of our issues that aren’t accessible through many conventional talking therapies.

It is a very safe method too, however if anyone has serious health issues and is in any doubt about having alternative treatments, we always advise our clients to check with their doctor first.

Colin: Are there any particular Colour Light treatments you would recommend for this time of year?

Kamla: Yes, there are a number of treatments I can think of for the post Christmas/start of a New Year period. Many of us tend to over-indulge during the festive season - tucking in to rich food, downing a few extra glasses of wine, chomping through the chocolates and other edible presents - often with our feet up round the fire watching the TV. All in all, not the best thing we can do for our immune systems!

Luckily there are a number of Colour Light treatments such as the Immune Rejuvenation treatment and the Lymph Flow Rejuvenation (both taught on the Foundation Course) which are fantastic for helping the body to detox. The Immune Rejuvenation treatment is also great for boosting your immune system so that you keep healthy and resilient to the numerous cold and flu viruses common at this time of year.

And of course New Year is the time we make our infamous New Year resolutions - like giving up smoking or alcohol or sugar, losing weight, cutting the ties to an old relationship which is no longer serving us, taking steps to heal from a physical illness or a negative state of mind. There's a simple 3-session series called the Unhooking Series (featured in last month's issue) which is ideal for supporting people in releasing addictions, habits and other ties. It's one of my favourite sessions to give as it's so powerful - really cutting the roots of the problem which often go back to early childhood or even past lives.

There are many other powerful series of Colour Light Treatments such as Prenatals (dealing with issues arising from conception, time in the womb and birth), Male Female Balance (releasing negative imprints from mother and father), sexual healing series, holographic series (for dealing with psychological and spiritual  aspects associated with serious diseases or inner conflicts), and the Transmitter Relay series for releasing deeply held trauma and to help people find their light essence and true purpose. Sometimes though, a one-off session may do the trick - there's a great treatment called the diagnostic ellipse which can shed light on and shift a stuck issue.

One of my colleagues was feeling really down a couple of years ago. She was supposed to be going to see her mum for Christmas but felt really depressed for no particular reason she could think of. She didn't want to put a dampener on the family Christmas so she gave herself a 5 minute treatment for depression which she had learned on the Foundation Course, repeated it the next day, then went to another friend who gave her the diagnostic ellipse treatment and she was as right as rain! The treatment for depression involves shining an orange light (the colour associated with joy) on three acupuncture points on the head - it's so simple! It would give a boost to anyone suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder or in a milder form feeling a bit gloomy about the short hours of daylight at this time of year.

Colin: You said that Sarita developed this work into its present form, is it possible to experience Colour Light Therapy with her at the moment?

Kamla: Yes she is available throughout January giving sessions from her home just north of London. She's normally travelling giving tantra and meditation groups so this is a rare opportunity to have sessions with her. We're also planning to arrange some drop in clinics early in the New Year in London and Bristol (possibly other areas too) where people can experience Colour Light Therapy. We'll advertise these in the School of Awakening's free monthly newsletter which you can sign up to on our website. Of course, another way of experiencing and gaining a deeper understanding of Colour Light Therapy is to train in it -there's going to be a 3 day Foundation Course on 29-31 January in London where people learn the fundamental principles of this form of healing and about 20 really useful treatments for treating yourself and your family and friends. We’ll run some more Foundation courses later in the year and we also run a practitioner training if you want to practice professionally.

Colin: Well thanks very much for talking with us today Kamla, I’m sure this healing method will interest and benefit many people.

Kamla Deva has been working in the field of personal growth and healing for over 18 years. She has been teaching the Colour Light Therapy Training since 2006, has been a Practitioner since 1999, and completed her Colour Light Therapy Inner Mastery Apprenticeship in 2001.

She is a facilitator of Family Constellations workshops and sessions and is qualified in PSYCH-K, Angelic Reiki, Ito Thermie, Tachyon Holistic Wellness, Past Life Regression Therapy and Shamanic Energy work. Kamla also leads Divine Living Raw Food Retreats.

Colour Me Healing by Jack Allanach is an excellent introductory book, which can be ordered online direct from the publishers (see our recommended reading list here). Also available on our equipment list are two further books: Esogetics: the sense and nonsense of sickness and pain by Peter Mandel and Children of the Light by Dr N.F. Pagnamenta (email for an order form or download it here).